Ipad Accessories - Anyone With A Colcasac Ipad Sleeve?

I will be getting my ipad with a smart cover soon, and am looking for a sleeve to put it in for travel. After researching for quite some time, i found colcasac (original ipad 2 sleeve.get your snug fitting ipad sleeve by colcasac). They look very good, but i can't seem to really find much about them. Anyone here have one? If so, how is it?

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Ipad Accessories - Byrd & Belle Ipad Sleeve

Has anybody else ordered one of these? I had a case with my ipad 1 and then changed to a sleeve for the 2. When it came to selling the 2 there were no more marks on it than the 1 so i think i'll stick with sleeves! These look pretty nice so i've ordered a graphite one with a brown strap. Will stick a few pics up when it arrives!

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User Experience: Ipad 3 - Incase Maki Sleeve

Bought my incase maki sleeve a month ago, when i bought an ipad 3. I know this was designed for the ipad 2 but according to incase site and others, fitted the 3 very well. I read the reviews i could find before purchasing, some good, others not good. So i expected the sleeve to be good, but as a stand, less stable. As some other people wrote about it, it takes some time to find the sweet spot to make it stand upright in landscape / movie orientation.

This worked pretty well in the beginning, but as the fabric has become a bit softer from use, it is now impossible to put the ipad 3 in landscape/movie. Spent about 10 minutes trying to make it stand up (this had worked before when it was new) but i couldn't make it stay put, always slided away and lifted the magnetic flap.

I warn you! This works only as a sleeve! Which is pretty sad because i bought it to not have to buy a smart cover, and spent $65 including shipping from us to sweden. To top this off, when i was in contact the only thing they offer me is exchanging it for a new one, and the support won't even read what i write. Returning the case will cost me about the same amount as a new one cost (international shipping from here is expensive). And what i want and what is the right thing to do is refunding me, this sleeve is purely designed for the ipad 2, it can't handle the ipad 3's weight.

I hope this will push them to do something. A non-satisfied customer. No more incase ever, awful customer support and 2, 5 weeks until they even shipped it without even letting me now.

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Griffin Reveal Hard Shell And Sleeve For Ipad 3

Check out amazon for the griffin lan reveal hard shell for ipad 2. It fits the ipad 3 perfectly, is lightweight and has nice raised rubber edges.costs $12. Also the griffin lan sleeve for ipad fits the ipad 3 as well.costs $12. This is an excellent combo for the ipad 3.

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Apple Sleeve Case Inside Other Case

I've got an ipad 32gb coming shortly, and it's coming with the apple sleeve. What i would like is another, heavier duty case to slide the apple-sleeved ipad into for more protection when commuting and such, without having to remove it from the apple sleeve. I don't really want a durable, pocket filled case for the ipad alone, because around the office i want something that covers it, as well as the flipback. Any ideas? I was thinking perhaps even a netbook case would do the trick, but i'm not sure if it'll be large enough.

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What Accessories Did You Get With Ipad?

For me the apple case and dock. The case is nice, it certainly fits snuggly, so much so that the dock is not going to get much use, in fact docking the ipod with it is kinda a pain, it's hard to remove the dock and grip the ipad due to the size of the device. I might take the dock back, the case does its job until i can find a better one. What does everyone think?

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Accessories On A Budget?

I am planning to get the 32 gb new ipad, wifi only, and i need to get ipad accessories on a budget, i know i need some sort of protection for it, an external keyboard, and some small external speakers. Can you recommend some good ipad accessories models to buy on a $75-100 budget?

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Which Ipad Should I Get And Which Accessories To Go With It?

Hey everyone, i have decided (after years of debate) that i am going to purchase an ipad before the month is out.My question is, which ipad should i get and which accessories to go with it.My budget is somewhere around the 350-400gbp mark, looking to use the ipad for internet, gaming, typing and general use at college to avoid hulking my laptop around with me.Thought i'd come and get some expert opinions here.

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Recommendations On Ipad Accessories You Should Get

I'm coming up on eight months of happy ipad ownership, which i guess qualifies me as a "veteran". So based on many months of day-to-day life with apple's magical tablet, here are my recommendations for those things you need to get the most out of your experience.

1) microfiber cloths. In order to save money, apple wisely chose not to include any kind of cleaning cloth in the ipad packaging. But the fact of the matter, after a few hours of swiping and poking - your gorgeous screen starts looking a little dingy. Buy a stack of "fleecy" microfiber cloths at wal-mart or target. Don't use kitchen towels, handkerchiefs (do they still sell them?), Or the tail of your t-shirt. Also - don't use the "smooth" type of microfiber cloths. They aren't as good as the fleecy kind

2) a carrying case/bag. If you ever plan on taking your ipad out into the wild, you need some sort of bag to protect it from the slings and arrows of daily life. And you need some way of holding so it doesn't slip out of your hands onto the unforgiving pavement. Buy whatever fits your aesthetic and budgetary style. A backpack, messenger back, briefcase or "murse" - doesn't matter.

3) a "protective" sleeve. If you carry your ipad in a bag with other items - metal pens, rulers, etc. - You need something to prevent your ipad from getting scratched. I bought an inexpensive silicon case from monoprice - about $6, i think. Best of all, it slips on and off the ipad for those many instances when i want to enjoy my ipad in all its naked glory.

4) a stand. If you plan on doing extended reading, web browsing, video watching - you'll need some way of propping the ipad up at a comfortable reading angle. There's a host of different devices at a range of prices - including a bunch of home-made "free" ones. I like the twelvesouth compass. But get one that works for you.

5) a stylus. Yeah - i know steve jobs railed against styli. And for most things they aren't really necessary. But there's one exception to this rule: like a lot of people i a) read my ipad while i'm eating and b) often eat greasy food with my fingers. Tapping on your ipad screen with fingers coated into barbecue sauce or peanut butter will leave smear thats not easily removed with those microfiber cloths. I keep a nifty little pogo stylus handy just for those instances.

6) apple camera connection kit. If you like to take pictures with a digital camera, this is one item you've gotta have. There are workarounds - but these usually involve e-mailing pictures to yourself, which adds a whole lot of intermediate steps - including using a computer of some kind. The way pictures pop up when you plug in that little sd card is just magical.

7) a decent digital camera. Lots of people think the ipad needs a camera built in. I don't. Having travelled extensively with my ipad, i can think of few things more ridiculous than holding up an ipad to snap a picture of the mona lisa or machu pichu. Use a proper camera instead. They have proper flash attachments, decent size lenses, and controls that no on-board camera can possibly match.

8) a keyboard. Its possible to type using the ipad's on-screen keyboard. But anything more than a page is a pain. Instead, get yourself an external keyboard. Either a bluetooth one (which also needs a stand) - or the apple keyboard dock. There are pluses and minuses for either. But a keyboard makes the ipad into a real productivity machine.

9) apple tv v2. Playing your itunes library on your hd television, while using your ipad as the biggest, baddest, bestest graphical remote control is simply amazing.cover art and song data is displayed on screen - which adds another level of fun to a cocktail party or dance jam. The ipad/apple tv combo is also amazing for displaying youtube content and flickr photos on your home's biggest screen.

10) decent headphones. Strangely enough, the ipad comes with no included earbuds. And while the built-in speakers provide ok sound - its always going to be a little tinny. To enjoy top quality sound, while not annoying your neighbors or roommates, get yourself some decent cans. There is a $275 set of bose noise-reducing headphones i've been *** over. But in the meantime, some $75 relics from my college days make do.

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What Accessories Should I Get For 100 Bucks?

I just won on a lottery ticket. Since its extra cash i want to get something for my ipad i just bought, what should i get? Something other than skins or a case. Well unless the case is super sweet.

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Really Cheap Ipad 1 Accessories

Not that this is surprising, but ipad 1 accessories just got really cheap, so if you're looking to keep your ipad 1 until the ipad 3 comes out, but want some new toys for it, check it out. There's a 4. 5 star skin for $0. 99 that was $39, some nice leather cases that dropped from $79 to $19, etc.

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Ipad 1 Discounted Accessories

Obviously, with the ipad 2 being introduced and everyone gearing up for friday's launch, there's going to be a lot of accessories that are going to be needing to be sold off. I know various places (walmart, best buy, etc. ) Often have some pretty good discounts on accessories for prior ipods and iphones (the iphone is too new at walmart to compare), so i thought i'd start a thread for people to share some of the good deals they came across on accessories for the first-generation ipads.

Just after the holidays, i saw best buy had a number of griffin cases ridiculously cheap (originally $30-$40 down to $10-$15) and the same for a few belkin products in mid-january. Right now i haven't seen anything, but i'd love to get my hands on an official apple case if the price is right. Anyway, i thought this would be a fun way to share what's out there for those who aren't ready to abandon the first-generation ipads and are also pretty cheap.

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Gaming Accessories For Ipad?

I was just wondering, how you guys are playing games on your ipad? Do you use some additional accessories and which one do you consider the best?

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Spent Money On Accessories For Ipad 2

How much have you spent on accessories for your ipad 2 alone? After buying my ipad 2 four days back almost everyday i have been pumping in money for accessories. Seems the overheads on this is going to take a toll as equivalent to the ipad itself very soon. How much have you spent on all the accessories for ipad 2 till now? These are what i brought and spent.

Leather folio frappedesign - 69. 00 $
Wrapsol front + back protector. - 34. 00 $

Cygnett anti-glare screen protector (temporary until ps anti-glare arrives) - 16. 00 $

Square trade ipad 2 warranty - 71. 00 $
Glove for ipad philips reversible sleeve - 20. 00 $

Incase travel kit plus for extra protection when inside a backpack or laptop bag. - 59. 00 $

Data jack anti-dust kit for ipad - 10 of these for 10. 00 $
Now looking forward to buy portenzo ipad case. 60. 00 $
Boxwave stylus for work, using in the leather folio - 15. 00 $
Targus stylus for home day today use. - 15. 00 $

Total around 369. 00 dollars. Whats your inventory?

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Recommendations Accessories On One Hand Use Of Ipad 2

I made a list of one-hand straps and gizmos that are available for ipad (below). Most ipad 1 models can't be used with ipad 2. I'm looking for additional recommendations and field reports on accessories that you have used. This will be of interest to educators, medical staff and others who want to use an ipad 2 while walking around. I plan to use mine in classrooms and with kids.

My particular need is to have something that will let me securely balance the ipad 2 on one hand while i operate it with the other. I also want to be able to lower the ipad down to my side while i walk around the classroom. A perfect solution would also include a mechanism can easily be used by a child (e.g. If i hand it off to an eight-year-old, i want it strapped to his or her hand or better yet secured with a lanyard behind the neck). Ideally, the whole mechanism can be readily removed for travel and for use when i'm not teaching.

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Recommendations On Cool Accessories For A Noob

I am a total noob to my ipad 2 very excited but i want to get some cool accessories. My son-in-law told me about the camera connection kit - so that is on my list. I am also going to order a case in the next couple days before it gets all scratched up. Any recommendations? 3rd party the best? Any advice for a noob would be appreciated.

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Screen Protectors Accessories To Buy In The Uk

There seems to be a lot of information on accessories available in the us, but have noticed a distinct lack of choice in the uk. I personally want to buy a skin, a sleeve and a screen protector. I contacted icarbons for a skin but they stated they didn't have any uk stockists, so have ordered directly from them.

Reading this forum, it appears that powersupport screen protectors are good (i already have one for my iphone) but again i haven't found a uk stockist. Also from here it seems incase sleeves are good. I ordered a belkin from amazon but am now worried it will be too loose for the ipad2. So. Does anyone have any recommendations for uk available accessories? Also, any knowledge on what the apple stores stock as i haven't managed to get to one yet.

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Accessories / Cases On The Apple Stores

Anyone at the apple stores seeing accessories? For you guys who have been to an apple store today, do they have any other accessories/cases out for it yet? I'm looking for a sleeve. I went by one last night (a bit of a drive) and just looked around at all the lines and such, and they let me in the store to look around. The only cases they had for sale for the ip2 was the smart cover. Anything changed today?

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Companies For Ipad 2 Cases Or Accessories

Anyway, i was wondering if anyone knows of any companies that have already announced cases or accessories for ipad 2. I know at zagg you can pre-order the invisibleshield and the zagg mate. I take the best care of my electronics and i want to be able to protect my ipad 2. I will not be getting one of the apple covers because i can see it causing more damage along the side of the ipad than protecting it.

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Experience With Ipad 2 Accessories Items

Here is something i liked to add about the ipad2 and it so called accessories items. When i upgraded to the ipad2 model i bought a smart cover & a few other access items items along with i finding out i did not like the whole smart cover idea and a couple of the whole cover the ipad combo unit's that some of the company's had put out for the ipad2. What i really wanted in the long run after using the other products on the ipad through a trial & error testing time frame was a simple hard rubber cover for the back like i had for the ipad first generation model i had. That i had spent money on product's that i did not need in the long run .

Now i searched long and hard for a simple hard rubber case for me to hold onto when i was holding it in my hands. And i think i found one after seeing one on a friends ipad that he got off of amazon and holding it and playing around with it for a few mins on my ipad2 and i going to send off for it and i give you a review after a couple of week's of using it. It a simple hard rubberized back cover that has super hard rubberized gripping surface and the right cut outs for the different areas for the ipad2 to function.

I know this sound's silly to some out there but i'm not a big fan of the so called case of the otter box and other's because of the way they are the ipad and the grip. I have ra in my hands and at times i found a basic hard rubber back cover was the best gripping surface for me to hold the ipad when it out of the bag i have for it. Plus i clean the screen every time i put the ipad away in it bag so the so called screen unit's i do not use along with a good carrying case to tote it around outside the house on a daily business. So i let you know what i find out on the one case here in a few weeks of testing it .

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Recommendations On Good Airplane Case / Accessories

I'm planning on buying the ipad 2, and right after that i'm taking a trip across the us so i'm going to need a really nice stand case for the ipad to watch movies on the airplane. I've read that some cases fall down or fold shut in turbulence, so do any of you have recommendations for a case and/or accessories? I've already got great earphones i plan to use.

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Dual Ports Charger / Power Accessories

I have both and iphone 4 and an ipad 2. Is there a wall-wart and/or car charger with dual ports that will charge them both at the same time? I have looked at the ones but they don't mention the ipad. Obviously the power draw of them both at the same time from the same power source is somewhat of an issue, but nothing that cant be solved with any sort of "smart" charger. I have been googling and have not come up with anything. Has anyone tried the radtech ones with iphone and ipad? If so, how does it work?

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What Accessories To Buy For First Time Ipad Owners?

There is about to be a disproportionate amount of first time ipad buyers (like myself). What type of accessories would you recommend that we should be looking at and thinking about? For those who have had an ipad over the past year, which accessories have you used the most and which ones are more niche or gimmicky. Discuss why certain accessories have been useful and what situations you have used them in. Here are a few accessories that i can think of to get the creative juices flowing and my brief opinion (if i am wrong please correct me).

Case/smart cover - how needed is this really? I usually like keeping my iphone naked.dock - what is the real purpose of this? A stand? A way to charge while upright? A stand while using a bluetooth keyboard? Keyboard dock- obviously this would come in handy for lots of typing. Bluetooth keyboard - could be used with a dock to replace the above item. Car charger - maybe not because of 10+ hrs battery life, but for those really long car rides. Hdmi cable - could be really useful for teaching or presentations. Usb/sd card adapters- for photographers to put pictures directly on the ipad. What else? What accessories do we really need?

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Ipad Accessories - Mic Stand Adapter

Has anyone seen a mic stand adapter for ipad? I want to use my ipad for sheet music display and with some of the remote control mixing apps such as presonus.

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Ipad Accessories - Anybody Have Belkin Folio Case?

How is this case anybody have it? I currently use a black smart cover and black smart feather back and i love the slim look, however i want a case that i don't have to slide into a sleeve when i put it into a suitcase or backpack. I like this case because it does not cover the bezel, and has the auto-wake and sleep magnets. What do you guys think?

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Ipad Accessories - Sena Florence Case

All in all i'm impressed - very nice build quality and color. This is my ipad 2 that fits very well -no telling what friday will bring - all the holes match up perfectly. Very nice case for business. High quality leather and stitching. Small flap to keep closed kinda novel approach, no magnets in this one for cover on/off.

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Ipad Accessories - Using Sd Card Adapter With Ios 5

Has anybody had any luck in getting the sd card adapter to work with ios5?

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Ipad Accessories - Beats By Dr. Dre Solo Hd

I have been thinking about getting a pair of beats by dre solo hd headphones. Does anyone out there own a pair of these? Is it worth the money? Can someone just tell me their experience with these headphones?

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Dixons Tax Free And Availabilty Of Accessories

I might be flying to madrid in a few weeks time from heathrow. Does dixons tax free stock the ipad there and do they have lots of accessories (e.g. Camera kits?).

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London Drugs Store Clearing Out Ipad 1 Accessories

Was in a london drugs store yesterday and they had a bargain bin of computer and ipad accessories. They had a bunch of ipad skins and sleeves marked way down. I grabbed an icon leather sleeve with a soft interior that fits my ipad 2 nicely for $5. Also got my brother a hard speck case for his mbp. Original sticker said $65, got it for $5. Going to throw it in to his b-day gift. Just a heads up if you're canadian, can't guarantee all stores have a bin like this, could have been just the store i was in (heritage, calgary)

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Ipad Accessories - Logitech Ultrathin Vs Apple Bt Keyboard

I'm trying to decide between a good keyboard option for my ipad and having trouble deciding between these two. I like the apple bt keyboard as it's a full size keyboard, i can pair it with the incase origami workstation and just leave it in my bag for when i want to use it. The logitech keyboard is great too as it has the dedicated ios keys and it has a sleek, thin profile. Though i probably won't use the cover functionality as most of the time i don't need a keyboard. Interested to hear your opinions.

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Ipad Accessories - Perfect Compliment To Smart Cover

I just bought a green belkin snap shield from best buy and it is the perfect compliment to the smart cover. It snaps over the corners so you still have the entire black bezel to hold, plus when the smart cover is closed it is actually resting on the screen so the magnet can hold it tight. Lightweight and durable and covers the entire back. It's hard plastic the fits the new ipad perfectly. I would definitely recommend it.

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List Of Companies That Sell Ipad Cases / Accessories

Companies that sell ipad cases/accessories

Ifrogz, plaid doctrine, ichair (, logiix, sena, vaja cases, stm bags, sf bags, bluetrek, modulr, padbracket, zagg, scosche, meelectronics, iballz, apple store (us), belkin, griffin, case-mate, speck, switcheasy, incipio, proporta, pdo, incase, macally, bodyguardz, invisibleshield.

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