What Accessories To Buy For First Time Ipad Owners?

There is about to be a disproportionate amount of first time ipad buyers (like myself). What type of accessories would you recommend that we should be looking at and thinking about? For those who have had an ipad over the past year, which accessories have you used the most and which ones are more niche or gimmicky. Discuss why certain accessories have been useful and what situations you have used them in. Here are a few accessories that i can think of to get the creative juices flowing and my brief opinion (if i am wrong please correct me).

Case/smart cover - how needed is this really? I usually like keeping my iphone naked.dock - what is the real purpose of this? A stand? A way to charge while upright? A stand while using a bluetooth keyboard? Keyboard dock- obviously this would come in handy for lots of typing. Bluetooth keyboard - could be used with a dock to replace the above item. Car charger - maybe not because of 10+ hrs battery life, but for those really long car rides. Hdmi cable - could be really useful for teaching or presentations. Usb/sd card adapters- for photographers to put pictures directly on the ipad. What else? What accessories do we really need?

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Screen Protectors Accessories To Buy In The Uk

There seems to be a lot of information on accessories available in the us, but have noticed a distinct lack of choice in the uk. I personally want to buy a skin, a sleeve and a screen protector. I contacted icarbons for a skin but they stated they didn't have any uk stockists, so have ordered directly from them.

Reading this forum, it appears that powersupport screen protectors are good (i already have one for my iphone) but again i haven't found a uk stockist. Also from here it seems incase sleeves are good. I ordered a belkin from amazon but am now worried it will be too loose for the ipad2. So. Does anyone have any recommendations for uk available accessories? Also, any knowledge on what the apple stores stock as i haven't managed to get to one yet.

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Accessories - Should I Buy From Apple Or Is There A Better 3rd Party Vendor?

Since this is my first big apple launch, i have a couple of questions about accessories:

1) should i buy from apple or is there a better 3rd party vendor?

2) what accessories would you consider to be essentials for someone planning to use the ipad on a frequent basis?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Spending Apple Store Gift Card To Buy Accessories

Someone gave me a $45 apple store gift card. If you had $45 to spend, what would you buy in the apple store for your ipad? I've got a nekkid ipad, no accessories that didn't come with it, so what's worth the money folks?

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From Time To Time The Ipad Screen Goes Black, Right In The Middle Of Whatever I'm Doing?

From time to time the ipad screen goes black, right in the middle of whatever i'm doing. It can happen seconds after turning on the ipad, or much later. Doesn't seem to be application specific. Only solution is to press the button at the bottom, which brings the screen back but closes the application. So i then have to relaunch the app. Annoying. Anyone else seen this behavior? It's a 3g model.

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Ipad 1 Owners Considering 2 Over 3?

I bought my original ipad a few months before the 2 came out. I knew the two was coming soon, but wanted an ipad for an upcoming vacation. After a year or so i've decided i would prefer 3g over wifi only, and i would be ok with the 16gb over the 32.

I will be upgrading my ipad once the new model comes out. If all or most of the rumored improvements turn out to be true, and the price points stay the same (or the upgrades justify any price increase) i will most likely go with the ipad 3. However, if the 2 gets the rumored price drop, and the 3 doesn't take a huge leap (for my needs), i may end up going with a 16 or 32gb 3g ipad 2. Anyone else thinking along these lines?

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Any Android Tablet Owners Waiting For The Ipad 3 Release?

Any android tablet owners on here waiting for the ipad 3 release? If so, what device do you have and what is it lacking that makes you want an ipad? I skipped the ipad2 and am now going to wait for the ipad 3 announcement to determin if next month i will be buying an 3rd generation ipad or an android tablet. I made the switch from iphone to android about 2 years ago and have had several android phones in this time without even thinking about switching back to an iphone.

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App Store Asking For Previous Owners´account Only When Updating Apps?

I sold my uncle my ipad 1 and deleted everything manually, even the apps i downloaded for free or purchased.I even switched the app store account from mine to his.He can purchase apps with no problem using his account, but when he wants to update any app it asks for my account and password.Won´t accept his.Is there a simple solution to this other than having him restore the ipad as set up as new?

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Uk: O2 3g - I Need First Time Setup Instructions

I've been asked to write some basic step by step instructions for one of the company execs who is shortly going to get a 3g ipad. We've got a corporate allegiance to o2, so will be using their micro sim, and also it is a little easier to activate the o2 sim on-device. The problem is, i can't remember the actual steps that happened when i first signed up. I think it was:

- Insert sim
- Connect to itunes and get settings and update

I get vague from here on. Do you have to go to the celular data section in the settings app, or does it just prompt you? Can anyone help?

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Charge Multiple Ipads At The Same Time

How can i charge multiple ipads at the same time? What about syncing? I'd like to be able to charge and sync 20 ipads for my classroom. Doing them one at a time has been really tedious. Any suggestions?

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How Long Should I Charge A New Ipad 2 For The First Time?

After a lot of waiting i'll finally get my gsm 32gb ipad 2 tomorrow. But i was just wondering if there is any guides or charging it for the first time, i remember when i used to buy a new mobile phone, i was told to charge it at least 8 hours before i use it, even if the battery bar is full. How long do u guys think should i charge the ipad?

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Can Backlight Bleeding Get Worse Over Time?

I have a slight bit of backlight bleeding on the top right hand side (beside the rotation lock button) and to be completely honest, it doesn't bother me that much. It certainly isn't the worst and can really only be seen when the screen is black in that area.

Question, which may sound a little ott, but can backlight bleeding get worse over time? (Months, years etc) i don't want to return the ipad as it is really not that bad, but i would hate to think that this is a small annoyance that could get worse. My thinking is, it will stay as it is and not any worse, but would just like to clarify. Other than wanting to have some reassurance on this "issue" i am absolutely loving the ipad.

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Issue: Ios 5 Auto Time Update

The ios 5 user guide says auto time update uses the local internet connection to set time. On my ipad it insists on defaulting to cupertino, ca (apple's home town). I live in arizona and my isp is the local cable co. Is this a bug? Am i the only one having this problem?

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Anyone Use Their Ipad As Their Only Computer For An Extended Period Of Time?

Since ios5 is totally pc-free now, i'm seriously considering this option. This idea intrigues me, but i have my doubts. All i need it for is to keep my resume updated (pages), watch movies/tv (netflix), and browse the internet.

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Ipad 3 - Message: Apps Cannot Be Downloaded At This Time

For the past three days i have been trying to download about 20 updates from the app store, but. I keep getting the message that the apps cannot be downloaded at this time. My internet connection is fine, and i downloaded a book from ibooks with no problem. What do you think is going on.

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Issue: Calendar Event Time Not Match With Iphone

Why do times on calendar not match with iphone? When i add a calendar event on the ipad for say 09:00 am it will sync with mobile me and show up on my iphone as 11:00 am. Anyone have any suggestions? Ps: both devices are set to auto on time with the network.

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Battle Device That Allows You To Power The Ipad For A Very Long Time

My son who is afghanistan asked my a question about a battle device that allows you to power the ipad for a very long time. He been seeing a lot of them lately over there being used by personal to power the personal electronic devices that they carry with them.

Does anyone knows what type of power pack that he is talking about? Any help here on the idea he says flat squared unit that is about 6. Inches long -x-4. Inches wide-x-1. Inch thick and it will power the ipad for a week of heavy use. He is wanting to get one to give it to a friend as a gift who lost his when it was destroyed.

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Ipad 2 Reboots Every Time When Edit A Screen Shot

Just took a screenshot of my home screen. I want to crop it, but every time i push the edit button the ipad reboots. This only happens on this one photo. Anyone ever experience anything like this?

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Time Warner Cable App With Ptpp Vpn

Has anyone done this? I got it to work on 3g and external wifi, however i don't get any sound. Any ideas?

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Apps Crash All The Time, Safari Is Hardly Usable Anymore?

Apps crash all the time. Safari is hardly usable anymore. It will crash about every 5 minutes. I have tried everything. Any of you find a fix? If not, i hope apple gets their crap together and fixes with a ios update soon.

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Apple Denied Replacement For 2nd Time / Backlight Bleed

The geniuses at various apple stores have been telling me that apple will only replace a backlight bleeding ipad 2 only once and will issue a refund the second time you come in for the same problem. Have anyone had a apple genius deny a replacement? I didn't buy my ipad 2 at a apple store so the refund wouldn't apply to me.

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Apps Won't Open Or Load - Spin Wheel All The Time

I have been having an annoying problem with my ipad 1st gen. It's running with the latest ios. My problem is that it won't load anything. You can click into any app ( mail, facebook, weather, app store etc. ) And all it does is spin it's wheel. It never actually loads anything. I have reset it once, erased all content and settings once and it works properly for a short time then starts the spinning routine again?

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When I Change Playlists Or Some Apps It Takes A Really Long Time To Sync?

I'm wondering why when i sync my ipad to my mbp it take so long? I find when i change out my playlists or change out some apps it takes a really long time to sync (45+ min) at first i used usb the switched to wireless but i find both are slow. Am i doing something wrong? I manage my playlist manually, which i sync two or three with average 100 songs. I also have 68 apps installed as well.

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Has The Accelerometer To Run All The Time, To Decide Whether To Show The Lockscreen In Landscape Or Not?

Has the accelerometer to run all the time, to decide whether to show the lockscreen in landscape or not? So usually the accelerometer in ipods or iphones is turned off while locked, i think.Wont this make battery life much shorter on the ipad?

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Stream Video From Ipad To Apple Tv And Send It To Airport Express At Same Time?

Just bought myself the apple tv 2 to watch the bbc iplayer app on the big screen.It works great.I have an older bang and olufsen sound system which doesn't have optical audio.So i cant connect the apple tv sound directly to it without using some kind of converter.However i would need costly cables too, so the airport express may be the better and slicker solution.We all want "slick", right.

Will i be able to stream video from my ipad to the apple tv and then make the apple tv send it to the airport express at the same time? This is two streams simultaneously.

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Why Should I Buy The New Ipad 3?

I love the look of the new ipad and all its features but i can't seem to justify buying one. I have a kindle for book reading, my iphone for music, surfing the web, playing games etc. The only thing that tempts me is subscribing to magazines and reading them on the ipad. The iphone screen is too small to read for long periods of time. What have your experiences been with the 3rd generation ipad and what would you suggest?

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Where Can I Buy The New Ipad 3?

I would like to pick up a new ipad this week does anybody know who might still have some stock? Have tried the apple store online and its showing a 2-3 week wait , all of the argos store i have tried do not have any and the same with comet & currys. I have tried the reserve and collect on the pc world website but for some strange reason it does not matter what postcode i put in it says my local store is in livingston where as i am in stafford st17 and they won't have any either. My nearest apple retail store is birmingham but its a bit of a trek although would have thought they would have some? So can anybody tell me where i might be able to go and pick one up pf the shelf?

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy The New Ipad?

So i regret being hesitant and not pre-ordering it when i could. I leave for a trip on saturday so i would really like to get it on friday so i could enjoy it on the plane and in the hotel. My question is where is my best chance to get one? I'm looking at getting the 32gb model+lte with verizon. Here are my choices all within 10 minutes of me:

Apple store
Best buy

I think verizon would be a good place to go but i have no idea if they will even be carrying them on launch day. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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Buy At&t Or Verizon Model For Use In Uk?

All, i'm working in new york currently and hope to pick up an ipad 3 and take advantage of the £/$ ratio. Apparently both at&t & verizon shops will be selling them and i figure it might be easier to get one from one if those, rather than an apple store. If i get a "4g" model, which version should i go for to use it in the uk, at&t or verizon?

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What Accessory First You Will Need To Buy For The Ipad?

As all of us have different needing, what kind of accessory you think you will need immediately with the ipad. If more than one witch one is the first you will buy with the device.

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Need Opinions On Which Ipad Would Be The Best To Buy?

So i will be buying my first ipad sometime between now and the end of august. I wanted to get some opinions on which ipad would be the best to get. I know the ipad 2 is cheaper than the ipad 3 but i have also heard that the new ipad doesn't run games as quickly as the ipad 2. I just want to get some input from the community. All information and opinions are appreciated!

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Need Help Deciding On Which Ipad To Buy?

I've always been a windows user, but think i might like the compactness and "all in one" of the ipad. Problem is i spoke with an apple representative online, one in a store and a personal friend of mine who has an ipad, and they all gave me different answers. For background, i have a 5-1/2 year old daughter so my husband and i both tend to take alot of pictures. Then there's the videos (school plays, dance recitals, school sporting events, etc). With that said, i don't know if i should go with the 16 gb, 32 gb or 64 gb. Also not really understanding the whole 4g lte/wi-fi with cellular thing. This is what i would need the ipad to do for me in deciding on gb at least:

1. Movies. Uploading a couple of movies (toy story, cinderella, episodes of spongebob, etc. )

2. Pictures. Need to hold about 500 pictures.

3. Videos. Need to hold about 5-6 hours of video.

4. Transfer. Can i transfer pictures/videos/movies from the ipad to a windows 7 laptop, or even better yet, burn it to a cd?

5. If i get the wifi with cellular (4g lte) does that mean i can get an internet connection anywhere? i.e, while driving, in a hotel, at someone else's house, my backyard?

6. Is it user friendly? Other than my laptop, camera, camcorder, i'm honestly just not technology savy. My cell phone is even barely used, so the whole "app" thing is mind boggling.

Many thanks for any help.

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Check Best Buy For Expired Reserves

I randomly called my local best buy yesterday and asked if they had any 3g ipads in stock. I didn't expect them to since i had called multiples times earlier in the week with no luck. When the guy came back on the line after checking the stock, he said they had none but had a couple expired reserves and one of them was a 16gb wifi model. He set it aside for me and i went and got it. So check your local best buys for "expired reserves. " I don't know of that's official best buy lingo but that's what the guy in customer service called it.

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