No Sim Installed Error On Your Ipad 2 After Updating To Ios5?

Anyone else has the no sim installed error on your ipad2 after updating to ios5? I had this issue immediately after updating to ios5 but it was still recoverable with some switching on & off the airplane mode. Yesterday was the last straw. It totally could not be turned back on again. Even with another sim card. I backed up my ipad and erased everything. Still nothing. Restored it back from my mac. Still nothing. Now it's at the service centre. Hope i can get a new one soon.

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In-store Replacement Ipad 2 - Still Have 4.3 Installed?

My ipad2 has horrid backlight bleeding. Apple-care already approved a replacement, but i'm reluctant to be given one with an ios version higher than 4. 3, just in case comex's jailbreak won't run on 4. 3. X. If i get a replacement unit today, does anyone know which firmware will be installed?

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Installed Ios 4.3, Cannot See The Gestures Settings?

I've installed the latest version of the ios 4. 3 ga released yesterday, but i am not seeing the "gestures" setting in the settings screen. Did they remove this feature in the final version, i know it was there in the beta's.

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Skype Works Differently On Ios5.

On ios4, i was having a voice chat with one of the members of iosx2.I got bored after a while, so i put on some music from music.App (deadmau5 of course).I asked him if he could hear it, and he said, yeah, he could.So i was like, "swell." Now, i tried the same thing with skype on ios5, and all it does is just end he call.Do you think this has something to do with ios5, or the new update for skype? I'd really like that feature back.

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Any Places In Nyc To Get A Screen Protector Installed?

Are there any places in nyc to get a screen protector installed? I have the sgp steinheil ultra crystal sp coming. I hate installing sp bc i am anal about dust and stuff. I find it especially hard to install on the ipad.

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Safari Crashing After Upgraded Ipad To Ios5?

Not long ago i upgraded my dad's ipad to ios5. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence, or not, but within the past few days, it has crashed constantly. The ipad particularly isn't crashing, but safari just closes and forces back to the springboard. Anyone know if this is a common problem?

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Issue: Ipad 2 - Very Slow Wifi After Update To Ios5

Is anyone else having this issue? I updated the ipad 2 on saturday and ever since the wifi connection is extremely slow when surfing via safari and/or mercury (ipad firefox). I've reset all routers & modems and rebooted the ipad 2 a few times but still no change. Any advice at all?

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Safari Download Manager Isn't Working On Ios5?

I see that safari download manager isn't working on ios5 is there anything that dose the job this tweak did my ipad feels rather unusable without it. Wasn't my choice to upgrade to iso5 gutted now. And i tried the download app on the app store and it doesn't seem to work i use it to download pdfs through deposit file type site.

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My Screen On My Ipad Has Just Frozen After I Installed Color Keyboard And Reboot?

Just this second my screen on my ipad has just frozen and all the icons are far apart from each other i installed color keyboard and then this happened after reboot, any idea how i can fix this?

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Using Iphone Sim In An Ipad

I have an iphone 3gs which my employer pays for. I've set up call forwarding on it, and use it for apps/data/email. I'd like to swap the 3gs sim into an ipad without losing call forwarding, but still get data on the ipad. Anyone have experience using an iphone sim in an ipad long term? Do calls still get forwarded?

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Three (uk) Sim Still Working After It's Expired

I bought a three sim with my new ipad from apple. It cost £5. It was a 1gb/1 month card that should have expired yesterday but it's still working fine. In fact i'm browsing now using it. If i visit the three page i get told "you don't have any allowance left to use". I haven't bought top ups. In fact i didn't register with three and they don't have my details. Any ideas what's going on? Do i have the everlasting sim card or is this just a normal thing? Fyi the sim had 750mb left on it yesterday, when it was still 'valid', because i'm only a light user of cellular data.

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Can I Use The Ipad Without A Sim Inserted?

May possibly be getting a 3g + wifi model off a friend, but i don't want to use the 3g portion. Can i use the ipad without a sim inserted? I heard that it'll keep bugging about no sim inserted, i know i can just pop one in but wondering if i can leave it without?

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How To Sim Unlock Ipad 2?

I have got an orange ipad2 on 24 months contracts.I am going on holiday for a month soon, and been informed that my ipad and iphone are both locked to orange network (cant verify this).How can i unlock them both possibly before i fly away?

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Sharing Micro Sim With Iphone 4s?

I have an at&t iphone 4s. If i bought a 4g ipad 3, would it be possible to swap the micro-sim out of my phone and into the ipad temporarily in order to use the same data plan for both? Most of the places i go have wifi, so paying $15 a month for 4g on my ipad is overkill, but it would be nice to be able to switch the 4g from my phone to my ipad every once in a while. Has anyone tried this? Did you run into any snags?

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Ipad 3g Data Sim Card In Usa

I am traveling to usa at the end of this month , and having with me my ipad 2 3g unlocked. I need to buy a prepaid data card for it, is it easy although i don't have an american credit card.could any one help me please to find out what is the easiest and cheapest way.

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Sim Card Not Supported While Connecting To Itunes

I recently bought an ipad in the uk from ebay (seller said it was a uk version)and a 3g card from apple for three pay as you go. When installing the sim and connecting to itunes it says sim card not supported. Anyone else had the same problem. I get pup ups in itunes about unable to update carrier settings but not sure if its just because it doesnt recognise the sim card. I have tried a factory reset with no luck. I have concluded either the sim card is broken (i doubt it) or the ipad is a foreign version. Even if it is it should still work as i belive there are no carrier locked iphones apart from the cdma versions.

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Updating From Jailbroken 4.3.3 To 5.0.1 Without Itunes

How i should go about updating my ipad 2 to 5. 0. 1. I'm in a bit of a pickle, in that i can't use itunes to update because the computer that originally synced with the devices crashed and i don't want to lose my media libraries. A couple questions:

How can i update from 4. 3. 3 (it is jailbroken with jailbreakme) to 5. 0. 1 safely and without losing my stuff? One of the limitations i have is that this bogus replacement computer has very limited data space and i'm working with a packed 64 gb wi-fi only model. Once i do update, can i just follow the guide to re-jailbreak, or do i have to do something else? On a related note, i have an iphone 4 that is also jailbroken at 4. 2. 6 (done with greenpois0n) for which i have the same problem.

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Keeping Sim & Data Plan After Selling Ipad 3g

I'm using my ipad 3g sim in my iphone to create a data-only phone. Using skype and textfree, you can basically get rid of your iphone att plan, saving lots of money. Now, i want to sell my ipad 3g. Can i still keep my sim and pay for the data plan every month? What happens when the guy who buys my ipad gets his own sim and data plan - am i screwed?

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Ipad 2 - Wifi Or 3g? Internet Work On T-mobile Sim?

I'm planning to get an ipad 2 since the price is dropping now but i don't know anything about ipad at all (i know, i'm still using an ipod touch 3rd gen).Which one should i get? Wifi or 3g? I'm on t-mobile plan and i don't know if i can put my sim in and get on the internet? I called apple and they said "no it won't work on t-mobile sim" but i read online and they said it does work with t-mobile.So it works or not work? .

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Verizon Pre Payed Data, Ipad Works On A Sim Always?

I'm trying to decide if verizon would be a better option, but i've been doing a little bit of research and i've read that the verizon ipad works on a sim always and if you don't use your account in 5 months the sim gets fried and you cant get a new one is this correct?

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Reuters Galleries App Not Updating

I installed this app a few days ago and love it, but it seems to always display the same pictures. The app says it should show the best pictures from the last 24hrs but it does not on my ipad. Anything i need to activate?

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How To Change Old Id/email For Updating Apps?

In trying to update aps on my ipad 2, the window asking for my apple id password pops up, but has an old id/ email address that i don't have access to. How do i change this to reflect my current apple id so i can update my aps?

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Ipad 3 Is Frozen While Updating Itunes

My ipad is frozen while updating itunes. Itunes does not recognize ipad. Normal resets do not work. Holding the combination of buttons down to reset the ipad does not work. How do i get past this? The ipad screen shows the connect to itunes icon. Have reloaded itunes and that did not work either.

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Random Crashes On Ipad 2 After Updating To Os 5.1.1 Using Safari

Is anyone else having problems with os 5. 1. 1 and random crashes, especially with safari? This is frustrating on multiple levels since iths ipad is less than a day old and is a replacement for an ipad that died after 6 weeks. Is there something wrong with the current update? I'm currently restoring my ipad and will set it up as new, instead of from a backup.

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Photo Stream Stopped Updating On Ipad 3?

My photo stream on the ipad 3 (5. 1. 1) stopped updating. It works fine on the mac and on the iphone but the ipad does not update the stream. I already did a soft reset on and rebooted several times but it still won't update. Any idea why?

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Sms Messages Receiving And Ios 5 Updating For Ipad 2?

I can use my ipad2 to send sms messages, but i cant receive them. Any suggestions? And i just downloaded ios 5 system from apple. And it can work with my iphone4. But it cant work with my ipad2. What is the problem?

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Apple Wireless Keyboard Can Be Used With Ipad 1 Without Updating To Ios 5?

I have an ipad 1, with ios 4.2.1.Anybody know if the apple wireless keyboard can be used with it? Particularly without updating to ios 5.The reason i say that, is the last two upgrade attempts that i saw with the version 1 hardware got bricked.Really hard - that is, dead and buried.And the apple store is a long way down the road.

The reason for the above is that i have a customer who does not allow any portable machines on the premises that have working usb ports (dumb, i know, but the customer is always right - especially on payday), so my macbook air is out.My ipad would work to take notes in a conference, but not with me pecking out one letter at a time on a capacitive screen.Anybody got an ipad 1 with keyboard?

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Issue: Ipad 3 Loses Internet When Downloading & Updating Apps

I have been updating and downloading apps tonight and several times the app has frozen in the loading or waiting process. At the same time safari no longer works as it says it cannot connect to the server. The only way to fix it is to delete the app and do a soft reset and try again. Anyone else had this and know of a fix? Fyi ive had the ipad for 1 day after having swapped 2 already due to screen and sync issues.

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App Store Asking For Previous Owners´account Only When Updating Apps?

I sold my uncle my ipad 1 and deleted everything manually, even the apps i downloaded for free or purchased.I even switched the app store account from mine to his.He can purchase apps with no problem using his account, but when he wants to update any app it asks for my account and password.Won´t accept his.Is there a simple solution to this other than having him restore the ipad as set up as new?

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Ios 5.1 File Size Difference - Updating Via Itunes / Wirelessly Via Device

Why is there a dramatic size difference in the actual file size of the new ios 5.1 when updating it via itunes account vs updating via the actual device wirelessly? What i mean is this: to update via itunes - the file size is showing as 803mb.To update via the device (iphone or ipad) wirelessly w/o logging into itunes - the file size is showing as 189mb? Anyone know the answer? The above is definitely the file sizes i am seeing as noted for only the 5.1 ios update d/l.

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"verifying Ipad Restore With Apple" Fails When Updating To 4.2

Anyone else getting a failure here? Just sits forever in itunes then gives error "the ipad "ipad" cannot be restored at this time because the ipad software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable. "

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Applist Error In Cydia

Keep getting the above in all cydia functions at present. Also get a runtime error info plist not found after respringing. Am on ipad 1 on 5. 0. 1 untethered. Any ideas.

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An Unknown Error Has Occurred

I've closed all the apps, tried restarting. Nada. Whenever i try to download something or update an app, i get "an unknown error has occurred" after inputting my pass.

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