Video Screen Color / Speed / Size Comparison - Ipad 2 Vs. Ipad 3

After i put up my review of the new ipad i had some requests to do a comparison of the ipad 2 vs. The new ipad 3. So i did a quick video comparing the two (see below). I compared the screens, speed, and physical properties of the two. Let me know what you think - i'd like to know how many people have the more "pinkish/reddish" hued screen like i do vs. The yellowed screen.

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1080p Video File Size Is Huge?

Just encoded lord of the rings return of the king for new ipad.To take advantage of the screen i opted for 1080p & the file is 4gb.Definitely glad i went for the 64gb unit now.This thing is gonna fill up in no time because i like a few films for my traveling needs.

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Be Informed Before You Judge Screen Color

Many people are used to looking at monitor screens that are way too blue. And thus when they look at a white screen they think it is yellow. This is not my opinion, this is a fact. A vast majority of the monitors sold now-a-day are calibrated to a color temperature that is close to 9300k, which is way way too blue. A neutral color temperature, one that is neither too blue or too yellow, is 6500k. This is the standard color temperature for photographic work. Even high end monitors can have a very bluish color cast, reason being that if you are so particular about having a neutral color screen, you would spend the money on a colorimeter (spyder, eye-one, etc. ) To calibrator the screen.

The reason commercial monitors are calibrated to display a blue tint is that blue stands out more in the show room. If two monitors are placed side-by-side, most people would prefer the one that is more bluish. If you go into a store and play with the expensive monitors, you would find that most have setting for color temperature, and inevitably they are all set to 9300k and not 6500k.

Before you judge a screen that is too yellow, you might want to compare the screen to a calibrated monitor. Before you judge a screen that is "white", compare to a calibrated monitor to see if it is in fact too blue. From my experience apples does not play that 9300k games with their displays. All apple screens are close to 6500k because apple products are used by many graphics artists.

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What True Color Your Screen Is On A White Background?

This is a poll on what true color your screen is on a white background or reading anything on a white background.

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My Screen On My Ipad Has Just Frozen After I Installed Color Keyboard And Reboot?

Just this second my screen on my ipad has just frozen and all the icons are far apart from each other i installed color keyboard and then this happened after reboot, any idea how i can fix this?

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Can I Play Video On Ipad Screen While Connected To Usb Accessory?

Does anyone know if it is possible to play video on the ipad or iphone screen while connected to an accessory? i.e. Ipad connected to usb accessory in my car? My bluetooth audio systems has a 2/3 second delay from the ipad/iphone to the system so my daughter cant watch videos. I figured if i plugged into the usb, the sound is synced perfect, but the video doesn't display on the device screen.

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Video Apps Keeps Crashing, Screen Goes Blank And I Cannot Watch Videos?

The screen goes blank and i cannot watch videos to study. I have restored twice but it keeps happening. Any ideas? What other free apps can i watch videos i sync to the ipad on? That should read app not apps!

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Ipad Box Comparison Dimensions

Does anyone know where i can find the dimensions of the ipad 1 & 2 boxes? Are there any pictures comparing the two side by side? I'd like to know if the boxes are the same size and i can't find dimensions or side-by-side pictures anywhere.

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Ipad Vs Iphone / Ipod Vs Netbook Comparison Features

I am a bit disappointed in the results.

Comparison -

>>The iphone/ipod touch of course revolutionized the phone, mobile browser/internet, and mobile games. Pretty slick interface that is only now, 3 years later been matched by devices like the droid.

>>Multi-touch technology is pretty much a defining feature and its implementation is light years a head of everyone else's and is only second to something like the microsoft surface and that stupid thing cnn uses around elections.

With the exception of the ipod classic/nano and appletv, all apple products have multi-touch to some degree and it has revolutionized the way we interact with technology as consumers. So what do does the ipad have? Every signal apple product has a defining feature of some sort.

The ipad the best i can tell is simply just a super sized iphone. Which is not a bad thing the issue is that is really adds no new functionality. When the device was demo'ed, steve browsed the net and when to a website and show use that the device had no flash support (still). We have seen browsing the web on a multitouch apple device before steve that is what we all expected it to do at least but where is the new defining feature of the device?

Now apple basically put this out, as we all know, as their third way device. Between a phone and a computer mobile or otherwise.

The ipad vs a netbook.

- Similar specs -

An ipad and a netbook for the price comparison will afford you about the same 10 hour battery life. That is where the similarities end .

Unlike an ipad, a netbook runs a far far more robust os that allows for what . Multitasking. When i am basically being mobile and on wifi, i expect to have three things open at once. A chat client, a word processor and a internet browser. All of this can be done on my ubuntu installed netbook pretty pain free.

I don't really see myself taking notes on this device. I mean even if i did during a lecture, i would have to save my work, go back to the home screen, load up a browser to switch to the web. If i had another note to take, get out of the browser, load back up the iwork app, and type whatever and pray i didn't forget an important point. What if a friend im's me? Well get a push notification, exit my current program, and load up aim. All of this is a very memory intensive process is what in the long run, saps your battery life. Its just not practical as a mobile device me it seems.

Steve jobs may see a netbook as an inferior device but even without 130000 aps is still more functional to me as a mobile platform to take around with me. I don't see any major reason why i should get this device? Do you? The only real reason i can see anyone buying this is for an ebook reader. That's about it.

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Remote Desktop Client (rdc) Comparison: Logmein Vs Ignition

What's the difference? One is free with a $40 upgrade, the other is $99. I am planning to use this on my 3rd gen ipad for my imac and pc. If there is a better remote desktop client (rdc) than these two? I don't really want to mess with port forwarding, etc. I just want to set it up, and have it work. I am more interested in speed and quality (obviously, i guess) so any help would be appreciated!

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How Do We Know The A5x Clock Speed?

I keep on hearing from people that the a5x will be clocked the same as the a5? What i'd like to know is where people seem to get their sources from. Seriously, apple almost doubled the battery of the new ipad. There is no way the retina display takes up that much power, considering how even with 4g lte, battery life only goes down to 9 hours. My theory to explain this is that the a5x is clocked higher, maybe at 2 ghz. Apple has rarely, if ever, upgraded a product without upgrading the cpu, and i would think (not sure) that a quad-core gpu would need an enhanced cpu to feed it information.

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Speed On At&t Vs Verizon, Which Is Faster?

Which is faster on the ipad 2- at&t or verizon? I have both in my area and want to decide only on speed. Which is faster?

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Is There A Way To Speed Up Handbrake Or An Alternative?

I usually try to put some kids dvds on the ipad or mac air before a trip. I open them with mactheripper and then convert with handbrake. The process takes 3 hrs on a 2 yr old imac. Then i use iflicks for the metadata and even that takes forever. Is there a way to speed this up? Or is there a faster alternative even paid. I legally own these dvds so it's legit for me to copy them for my personal viewing.

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Slow Speed When Downloading App From Store?

Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing very slow app downloads? I am sure it was fine for the first few days of receiving my ipad 2 but it now takes 10-20 minutes to download and install any app.I am downloading direct from the app store on the ipad rather than via itunes on the pc.Connected via wifi and it's the 64 gb i have so loads of space free and all apps run very fast once installed.Strange.

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My Ipad's Clock Runs Fast, How To Get It Work At The Correct Speed?

I've found that my ipad's clock seems to gain time rather quickly. Over the past few months it has gained 11 minutes. Anyone know of any software issues or updates to the system that might get it working at the correct speed? The ipad is a wifi-only model.

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Blob's File Size

I saved the blob's for 5. 0. 1 to a directory i created named ipad blobs and the file size is 1. 52 mb. Just curious if i did it right and if the directory file size is correct. Is it ?

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What Size Ipad Did You End Up With And Why?

I think most of us are a little indecisive when it comes to dropping a significant amount of money on purchasing the latest and greatest gadgets. I had my last second decisions and still ended up rethinking my purchase. In the end, i'm satisfied. Why? I have the option of adding internet and enough room for the possibility of bigger sized apps. So what size(s) did you end up with? And why?

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What Size Flash Drive Will You Buy?

I am going to buy an ipad. But what size and type. Will you go for? I think i will go for a 64mb drive with wifi.

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16gb Is The Perfect Size For The Ipad?

Ok, i admit i created my thread title to get "32gb and 64gb owners that lack self confidence" in here but mainly i just wanted to encourage fellow 16gb ipad 3 owners. I just got down setting up my 16gb wifi only ipad just as i want it and want to share with you how it's filled. My main space filling app is called logos. It's a bible app that works in conjuction with software on my laptop. It takes up 5. 2gb because i downloaded 1290 resources that i own (bibles, commentaries, magazines, dictionaries, books, etc). I have 25 game apps including modern combat 3 (1. 8gb) and real racing 2 hd (1. 1gb) and dungeon defenders (949mb).

I have ibooks and khan academy and itunes u for more learning. I have netflix so that i can watch all the old shows i like to watch. And i have 462mb left over. I have a 64gb iphone where i keep my music and pictures. I never download movies.

So there you go. I have more books loaded on my ipad than i will ever be able to read. More games than i ever have time to play (and gaming is one of my biggest hobbies). And in those 2 things, i'm 100% mobile since my games and books are downloaded. Now if i want to watch netflix, i have to be on wifi.

Point of this post: 16gb is perfect for meeee at this exact time and people need to stop coming on macrumors and hyperventilating that they won't be able to put 20gb of music, 20gb of movies, 10gb of games and 10gb of pictures/videos on their ipad.

I will say though since i find my iphone much more convenient to use i will always get the max capacity for it (64gb right now). But if someone wanted to buy a 64gb ipad to store most all their stuff and a 16gb iphone just for reading material i wouldn't say they made a bad decision they will regret. I would understand my needs are not their needs and be happy for them that they could afford an ios device.

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Keyboard Shrunk, How To Get It Back To Normal Size?

My ipad keyboard has shrunk, how do i get it back to normal size?

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Need Springboard Files / Size / Names For Ipad 2

Since the file names and dimensions differ from ipad 2 to 3 i've got some problems finding them for ipad 2 pngs.could anyone link the actual 5. 1. 1 springboard app files from ipad 2 please?

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I Need A Comparison Between 2nd Gen Ipad Vs. The New Ipad?

I know the new ipad is better but i need a comparison between the two ipads i know that the new ipad has the a5x chip and i need the other specs on the new ipad so i know what i'm buying.

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Shrink Photo File Size On Ipad When Email?

When you email photos from iphone or mac, the photo is automatically downsized to a filesize good for emailing.Not so true in ipad.I just emailed 3 photos from ipad, and the email was 3.1 mb.How can i send photos in a smaller size? Am i missing something?

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Ios 5.1 File Size Difference - Updating Via Itunes / Wirelessly Via Device

Why is there a dramatic size difference in the actual file size of the new ios 5.1 when updating it via itunes account vs updating via the actual device wirelessly? What i mean is this: to update via itunes - the file size is showing as 803mb.To update via the device (iphone or ipad) wirelessly w/o logging into itunes - the file size is showing as 189mb? Anyone know the answer? The above is definitely the file sizes i am seeing as noted for only the 5.1 ios update d/l.

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Verizon Vs. At&t Data Plan - Is It Worth It To Have Less Data But Faster Speed?

Obviously, verizon's lte network is far more comprehensive than att's counterpart. But verizon only gives 2gb for the same price as at&t gives 3gb. It is worth it to you to have less data but faster speeds?

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Facetime Video Quality Vs Video Recorder Quality

While in facetime app, the video quality looks kinda of reddish and not as clear as when recording video. I am of course shooting video of myself on the front camera. Why is that?

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Ipad 3 - What Is The Size Of The Ipad's Over The Air Update From 5.0.1 To 5.1.1?

What is the size of the ipad's over the air update from 5. 0. 1 to 5. 1. 1?

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Ipad 1 - Screen Goes Back To The Main Screen While Watching Youtube Clips?

I have my ipad since may 2010. It has been a pleasure and it goes with me every were. Lately though this strange thing happens. Say i am looking at youtube clips on facebook then suddenly after a few seconds the screen goes back to the main screen with all the apps. Is it breaking down? Have any of you had this happen?

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What Color Is Your Ipad?

I have a black ipad. I kind of got sick of the white look especially with my iphone being white. I feel like the black looks much sleeker, and blends in great with your background. Anyone think apple in a few years could introduce a third color for the ipad? I wouldn't mind seeing a silver device either.

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What Color Keyboard On Your Ipad?

I got bored with white, changed to black, now looking for something different. Any cool tweaks for new colors/styles - what color keyboard are you using on your ipad?

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What Color Will You Pick For The Ipad 3?

My ipad 1 was of course, black, then i switched to a white ipad 2. What color will you all pick for the ipad 3 (assuming it comes out in only black and white)?

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Backlight Bleeding - Will I Get New Ipad With Different Color?

My black 32 gb ipad 2 has backlight bleeding. It gives me the urge to return it to the apple store where i bought it. I also wanted a white one instead, but i settled for black because that was all my store had. My question is, would i be able to return it for a new one because of the backlight bleeding? And if so, would i also be able to get a white one instead?

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Red Color Display Faulty

My ipad is only a day old, and for some strange reason the display is not displaying the red colour properly. I also have noticed the all greens are displaying yellow and from time to time the screen flickers with red pixelation. Is there any fix for this i already restored the ipad to original factory settings but it still is the same.

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