Scrolling Stops Loading In Safari After Update

I have just noticed this since doing the update.go to a website, i used engadget as it's a good heavy one to test, the very start of the web site comes up, then start scrolling the screen down the web site to the bottom, then up again to the top, then down again. The loading of the site stops dead in it's tracks till you stop scrolling. I'm sure it did not do this before, yes, it slowed it down, but i'm sure it kept loading. It almost seems like today's 4. 3 update has changed something and now scrolling is taking 100% ipad power and no new data can be displayed till you stop. Is this just me, i can't go back to 4. 2 now to double check. Whilst 4. 3 does indeed render the web site faster which is great. I'm sure i used to be able to scroll down and the data kept coming in/being displayed, unlike now where the blue downloading bar stops dead till you stop scrolling. Anyone confirm this change?

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Issue: Ipad 2 Using Safari Browser Slow In Loading Web Pages

Anybody experiencing issue with safari taking its slow sweet time in loading pages? And i get checkerboard when i scroll up and down pages. Don't believe it's home network problem. Also don't notice similar lag when using apps or even viewing youtube vids. Ipad 2 is two weeks old, and i haven't done anything unusual to it. Any advice on how to address? Or is it expected?

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Scrolling Bounce In Safari Goes Away

Ever since i jailbroke my ipad2 (3g 4.3) occasionally the scrolling 'bounce' in safari goes away and i have to pinch to zoom all the way out to get it back. It's not that big of a deal but i just wondered if anyone else had this problem and what to do about it.

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Problem When Scrolling Up Or Down In Apps With Safari

When scrolling up or down in apps along with safari smooth at first but then skips like having to load info or something. Thought might be loading content but cont to happen when page fully loaded. It's almost like a hiccup when scrolling up or down.

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Glitchy Black Bars When Scrolling In Safari

Weirdness on ipad 2 in safari. On certain pages, like for example, i get random bouts of glitchy black bars at the top and bottom of the page if i scroll quickly, choppy black bar at the top if i scroll downward, and the opposite if i scroll up. Seems to happen on image heavy sites, not as much if at all on more text based sites like forums. Problem goes away after i clear the cache but comes back. Don't seem to recall this happening on ipad 1. Anyone else?

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Ipad 3 - Choppy Scrolling In Safari And News Reader Apps

Anyone having rather choppy scrolling in safari and news reader apps? I haven't used a previous ipad to compare but i assumed it would be nice and smooth like my iphone 4s.

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Issue: App Sound Stops When The Display Sleeps

When i first got my ipad, i could open ipod, pandora, and siriusxm and open the browser and the music would keep playing. Today, when i hit the menu button, the music stops with the app. Yesterday i bought the external display dongle to hook up to my tv, that's the only thing i can think that has changed. It's really a problem, the sound stops when the display sleeps, so i have to wake it up every minute. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Loading Videos To New Ipad 3 From Pc?

I just bought the new ipad yesterday and i'd like to load some movies that i have already download in my pc. How can i do this? They must be in mp4 format as i already know. Is that right? But how exactly ca i load them on the ipad?

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Loading The Ispw For 5.0.1 - Untethered Jailbreak

I have an ipad2 on 4. 3. 5(8l1) i want to have an untethered jailbreak. How do i load the ispw for 5. 0. 1 (which i downloaded) so i can launch absinthe? Or does absinthe work with firmware 4. 3. 5 (8l1).

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Amazon Website Keeps Hanging And Not Loading In?

Have been having problems all day today accessing www.Amazon.Co.Uk on my new ipad.The website keeps hanging and not loading in.I can access any other website fine and can access amazon using my laptop.It's really strange.Anyone having similar problems or know a solution?

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Ipad 2 Stuck On Apple Logo With Loading Bar

I tried to update my ipad 2 to 5. 1. 1 and something went wrong. The ipad updated but it is stuck on the loading bar with the apple logo. The device is read on itunes but i can't sync or anything like that because it is stuck. Can anybody tell me how to get out of it. The loading bar will not load and it is stuck. I tried restoring but it keeps on becoming stuck like before. Sometimes it will load to half way and stay there for days, sometimes it wont load at all. Sometimes itunes also recognizes my ipad as an iphone why is that? It says "itunes could not connect to this iphone because of an unknown error, " what i don't have an iphone i have an ipad 2.

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Website Images Loading Incorrectly? Question Mark Icons?

Been on a few websites now and can't understand why i'm getting these question mark icons where an image should be, anyone have the answer?

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Scrolling Button On Ipad

What would you think of a scrolling button on the ipad? I was thinking it could be neat to have some kind of small button for scrolling up and down. It could be a neat option to have for big webpages. Wat do you think? Would apple ever add something like that to ios?

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Issue When Scrolling In Portrait Orientation

This is odd. When i scroll in portrait orientation, it appears as if the right side moves faster than the left. The result (or perhaps illusion) is that the webpage appears slanted until the scrolling stops. It's hard to explain but i do know that it does not occur in landscape. Try quickly scrolling up and down in a multi-post thread. What an odd thing. Refresh issue i'm guessing?

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Grey Bar / Line On Screen While Scrolling

On my ipad2, if i'm on the spy page of macrumors forum and i've zoomed into the screen a little bit, i get a grey bar on my screen while scrolling. Does this happen to anyone else or know why this happens?

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Scrolling Pictures / Photos / Stutters / Jerky

Scrolling through pictures in the photos app is ugly on ipad 2. Not sure how apple overlooked this one, but if you scroll through your photos (i keep my portfolio on my ipad), it's pretty stutters/jerky on the ipad 2, whereas it was perfect on ipad 1. I assume it's a software glitch, but it's not a very pleasant one.

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Ipad 3 Screen Scrolling Is Sometimes Jittery Or Stuttering?

Anybody else notice that screen scrolling is sometimes jittery or stuttering? This is not something i noticed on my ipad 2. I see it primarily in the facebook and twitter apps, although it appears to a very minimal extent in safari at times. I tried rebooting the ipad to see if that improved things, and it did, it was gone for a while, until a bit later after opening and closing multiple apps, etc. Anybody else seeing this?

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Wavy Scrolling On The Ipad 3 While Drag The Page Up Or Down?

What's with the wavy scrolling on the ipad 3? When you drag the page up or down, the page kind of bends in this annoying seasick kind of manner. My ipad 1 doesn't do this, inertia scrolls just like my mbp and mba. Running the same ios, my ipad 1 looks totally normal when scrolling. I asked an apple store employee what it was, he said he never noticed it before and figured it was a "feature" of the retina display. Huh?

I searched and it doesn't seem like there are that many threads on this, so i guess it's not bothering a lof of people, but this little "feature" alone made me put the 3 down and not buy it. Wish there was a way to defeat the waviness in settings - anyone else notice this or find it annoying?

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Ipad Scrolling Through Pages, Can I Do The Gestures As I Would On A Trackpad?

I might be missing something here, but when i'm using safari on the ipad2, i want to go back to a previous page, and do what i would do on my mbps, and use the double finger trackpad swipe, but on the ipad, it does nothing, i've enabled the gestures, but can't seem to do what i can on a trackpad. Maybe it doesn't, i don't know, i did try to use the app on cydia, but it didn't work either. Can i do the gestures as i would on a trackpad?

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Scrolling Quickly To The Top Of A Web Page During Browsing?

Using safari on the ipad. With a really long web page (e.g. Forum pages on avforums), say you're at the end (bottom), is there a quick way to get back to the top other than reloading the page?

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Strange Scrolling Effect When Swiping Though Photos In Landscape Mode?

I notice when scrolling through photos and home screens in landscape mode there is a slightly odd delay between the top and bottom.It's like the redraw rate is not even.Nothing bad just a little strange.Iphone doesn't do this.Anyone else notice this.It's subtle but there.Don't have ipad 2 to compare.

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Currently On Ipad 2 4.3 Want To Update

Currently im on ipad 2 4. 3 jailbroken and i wanted to update to 5. 0. 1 jailbreak. Would i need to update the ipad first and then proceed with the absinthe jailbreak?

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How To Update Ipad 2 From Ios 5.0.1 To 5.1.1?

So i have an ipad 2 running 5. 0. 1 jailbroken. Is there any way i can update to 5. 1. 1 while staying jailbroken? Thanks

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Error 1394 When Trying To Update Ipad To 4.3.3?

Alright, so today i decided i wanted to update my jailbroken ipad to 4. 3. 3, apple's newest software currently. (I'm currently on 3. 2. ) I went to the computer, downloaded the update and when i tried to update it, the process went to updating my ipad right before the "r" in restore, then my computer froze and shut down. Now, my ipad is in recovery mode. I tried about 3 times, but it still didn't work. So now, i'm using a different computer, but it won't even let me get past the "preparing ipad for update" screen. Every time i try to restore it now, it says "error 1394. " I then proceeded to use tiny umbrella to fix this, but when i turn on the tss server and try to restore it, it says "error 1640. " I already tried modifying the host files, but i still 1394. Also, when i had cydia on my ipad, i clicked "make my life easier. " If that helps at all. I really need help with this!

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Ipad 2 Pics Not Saving After 5.1.1 Update?

Ok my camera takes pics and i see the pic i've taken in the lower left hand corner but when i touch it to view or open camera roll the pics won't be there or saved! I can't use any pic app to save a pic? Or even in the email i save a pic and it will not save does anybody heard of this.

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Ipad 3 - Update To 5.1.1 More Quick And Smooth?

I just updated to 5. 1. 1 ipad 3, cause redsnow can downgrade, and pod2g says is jailbroken, so i have the impression is more smooth and quick, what about you guys ?

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Did New Update Should Have Changed 3g To 4g Icon Like It Did On Iphone?

Did new update should have changed 3g to 4g icon like it did on iphone? Mine still showing 3g.

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No More Landscape, Portrait Lock After 4.2 Update?

I downloaded the 4.2 update with no difficulty but immediately after, the physical slider switch on the top right edge of my ipad (above the volume rocker switch) no longer operates to lock the screen in the portrait or landscape mode.It now operates to mute the volume.How do i lock out the rotation of the screen.

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Keyboard Won't Update My Status On Fb?

Today i've started having a strange problem with my ipad, and i'm wondering if anyone else has had it.Everything seems to be working fine, except that i can't update my status on fb on it.The keyboard pops up for a second, but then goes back down.I can type in any other field, just not the status update field.I've tried both the atomic web browser (which we usually use) and safari, and they're both doing it.Anyone else experiencing that? Any suggestions? Interestingly, i wasn't able to get the keyboard up to post in this field either.Had to do it on a laptop.

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Itunes 9.1.1 Software Update Bug Fixes

Just to inform you there has been an update to the itunes software. Here is the update information:
Itunes 9. 1. 1 provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

• addresses several stability issues with voiceover
• addresses a usability issue with voiceover and genius mixes
• addresses issues with converting songs to 128 kbps aac while syncing
• addresses other issues that improve stability and performance

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Issue: Ios 5 Auto Time Update

The ios 5 user guide says auto time update uses the local internet connection to set time. On my ipad it insists on defaulting to cupertino, ca (apple's home town). I live in arizona and my isp is the local cable co. Is this a bug? Am i the only one having this problem?

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How To Update Or Change Auto-fill Information?

How do i update or change my autofill information?

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After The 5.1.1 Update Ipad 2 Won't Save Pics

Ok i just noticed that my ipad 2 after the 5. 1. 1 update won't save pics of any kind, it won't save them through the camera or any other type of app? And help would be appreciated.

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