Ipad Hacks - Locking Springboard Orientation

Anyone know of a jailbreak tweak to lock the rotation of just the springboard itself rather than the lock switch? Meaning it'll act the same as an iphone would where the only time it'll rotate is when you're using a app.

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Is There Any Way To Set A Different Springboard Wallpaper Per Orientation?

Is there any way to set a different springboard wallpaper per orientation? I'm jailbroken by the way.

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Locking Ipad Virus - The Judge Said: This App Goes To Jail

I recently did a jailbreak on my ipad and installed backgrounder and circuitous. Was using it for a few days with no problems. Recently i also installed installous and download a bunch of apps to try out and see if they are worth while to purchase on itunes. I'm getting the following pop up message which is locking my ipad and requires me to do a hard reboot. "The judge said: this app goes to jail. "

This seems happens only when i push the home button while trying to use backgrounder. The last time it occurred i was in safari with nothing else open and i was trying to engage backgrounder. Previously it happened in installous. Has anyone seen this? I did a search and nothing came up. Do i need to restore the ipad or would deleting installous and the apps do the trick.

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Bluetooth Keyboard Hacks

Are there any hacks for the bluetooth keyboard on an ipad to add better functionality?

Examples of what i'll love to have.
1. Cmd-tab to bring up the application switcher and switch to an application.
2. Cmd-shift-{ and } to switch between tabs in safari.
3. Cmd-return to push the send button in the messages application.

Basic things to make a poweruser, like myself, happy.

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Creating Folders On The Springboard?

Folks, i know this can be done because i have a folder with apps in it but i can't remember how i did it. Can someone please refresh my memory?

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Ipad Hacks - Airplay Mirroring On Ipad 1

Hey all. I'm sure this has been asked before, but i'm sick of searching the internet and finding nothing, so if i can't find an answer here, then i'm done. I didn't realize the ipad 1 doesn't support airplay mirroring prior to buying an apple tv, and now i've jailbroken and i'm desperately seeking some way to do this.

It's a non-jailbroken apple tv 2 with the newest updates, and an ipad 1 with ios 5. 1 and a tethered jailbrake using redsn0w. I've been to several websites with instructions that claim to work, but every time i pop open airplay, the "enable mirroring" switch is nowhere to be found. Is there an app through cydia i can get, or can i alter the ipad through root commands? I'm also willing to jailbrake the apple tv if i need to. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Just please tell me there's some way to do this, since this is pretty much the entire reason i bought an apple tv.

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Need Springboard Files / Size / Names For Ipad 2

Since the file names and dimensions differ from ipad 2 to 3 i've got some problems finding them for ipad 2 pngs.could anyone link the actual 5. 1. 1 springboard app files from ipad 2 please?

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Springboard Crashing - Ipad 1 Crashes From Random Apps

Here's the deal: i have a first-gen ipad, and have never had any real problem with it except for the occasional app crashes. I got ios 5 onto it the day it was released, and even that has been fine. Upon reading about "memory booster" apps, i downloaded one for all of my ios devices about three months ago. But i'm sure that it's used most frequently on the ipad. So yesterday, my ipad decided to throw down with those nasty buggers called "springboard crashes". (It's not jailbroken, either. ) It crashes from random apps: safari, coolpapers for ipad, appstore, dropbox, gamecenter, yadda yadda.

It always comes up as a springboard crash in the diagnostics tho. It crashes to an all black screen with the white spinner for about 10 seconds, then to the lock screen. And no matter which page of the home screen i was on, i'm always back the first when the crash/reset is done. People seem to have different ideas on what causes this: hardware, ram, software, virtual memory. But i wonder, does the process of freeing up ram via that kind of app have a harmful effect on our devices? I figure it does about the same as rebooting the device, but prolly kinda resets things in a more friendly manner for the ipad? I dunno how it works. Anyone have good input?

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Fixing Springboard Problem On Ipad 2 5.1.1 Jailbroken With Absinthe 2.1

The springboard looks fine until it is turned long ways so the home button is on the side instead of the bottom for wide viewing, then the icons aren't where there supposed to be and the dock disappears , i have a number of tweaks installed. I've gone back through uninstalling any that relates to the spring board but the problem didn't fix. I then went to my cydia installed themes and 1by1 uninstalled them all, then went to winterboard and checked my installed themes. I've attached a screenshot of installed winterboard themes and also a photo of the problem i'm having.

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Portrait Or Landscape? Which Orientation Everyone Else Uses?

I was wondering which orientation everyone else uses.I have mine locked in landscape with the home button on the right.It never leaves that orientation.I just don't like using the portrait orientation.What about you?

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Issue When Scrolling In Portrait Orientation

This is odd. When i scroll in portrait orientation, it appears as if the right side moves faster than the left. The result (or perhaps illusion) is that the webpage appears slanted until the scrolling stops. It's hard to explain but i do know that it does not occur in landscape. Try quickly scrolling up and down in a multi-post thread. What an odd thing. Refresh issue i'm guessing?

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Having The Wallpaper Keep Its Orientation Or To Change To A Different Image?

Does anyone know if thereís a way to have the wallpaper keep its orientation or to change to a different image depending on the orientation of the ipad? Iím using this image of the inside of the ipad (ipad wi-fi wallpaper) as my wallpaper.But, when i rotate my ipad to be horizontal the image doesn't look right.Iíd like to be able to either: lock the wallpaper orientation so while the screen content rotates the wallpaper doesnít.When i rotate the ipad from horizontal to vertical (or back) the wall paper automatically switches from one image to the other.Yea, i know this is really a nitpick but itís at least worth asking.

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Springboard Crash - I Was Playing On My Ipad 2 Wifi When It Suddenly Decided To Respring?

This afternoon i was playing on my ipad 2 wifi when it suddenly decided to respring, being unjailbroken i was wondering if this was a bad sign or if it was normal as this has never happened on any of my iphones. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Wallpaper Won't Rotate With The Screen Orientation?

I just jail broke the new ipad.And it's my first ipad, so i've never run into this problem before, but the wallpaper won't rotate with the screen orientation.The photo app's wallpaper rotates from portrait to landscape and back.But the winterboard applied wallpaper seems to be stuck in eternal portrait.Has anyone encountered or even found a fix for this problem

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Do You Find Yourself Holding Ipad Primarily In One Orientation Or The Other?

Just my own curiosity, do you find yourself holding it primarily in one orientation or the other?

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Forcing Portrait Mode In Landscape Orientation On Ipad?

I was wondering if there is a cydia app (or other way) that will force certain applications to rotate into portrait mode while having the ipad in the the landscape orientation.For example, the app tiny tower will only display in portrait mode but i would like it to orient itself so that it is not displaying sideways while the ipad is landscape orientation.I realize this will scale down the app to fit in the new orientation but that's ok.The reason i'm asking is because i have a keyboard/case with my ipad and don't always want to be switching the ipad back and forth between orientations.

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Legacy Iphone / Ipod Apps And Landscape Orientation?

This is a silly question but if i use a legacy ipod touch or iphone app that doesn't take advantage of the ipad's full screen, it seems to always display the app as if i've got the ipad oriented in "portrait" mode, even if i'm holding it in the landscape orientation.I'd have to look at the app sideways to use it, which is annoying because my case props up the ipad in landscape orientation but is useless for portrait.Is there some way that ios can rotate the whole legacy app, am i doing something wrong, or is there no way to get this to happen?

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Ipad Screen Darkens In Portrait Orientation Using Polarized Sunglasses?

This is going to sound strange, but.I use my ipad a lot during my commute to the office, and noticed that when i am wearing polarized sunglasses, i can read the ipad screen in landscape orientation, but as soon as i turn it to portrait, the screen darkens to point where i can't really see anything.This effect goes away when i take my sunglasses off.Can anyone else confirm they have this issue, or do i need to be checked for some sort of "vertical orientation blindness?"

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Restore Not Possible / No Springboard - Stuck In The "apple-boot" Screen?

So basicly i got my ipad2 3g model, on 5. 0. 1 jailbroken, i messed around with it, in fact i messed around with lockdown pro thought i give it a try if its working on 5. 01 with the ipad2, but it kicked me into the safe-mode, but when trying to uninstall via cydia. The ipad resprings again, opening an . App was impossible even in safe-mode.

I had ssh access so dumb-me deleted the app, and since then im stuck in the "apple-boot" screen. I still have ssh-access until it reboots itself and i have to start over. So i thought, i could just restore to a stock 5. 01 ipsw since i got the blobs and stuff, but it always kicks me out with an 3149 error. I tried my mac, my pc, different usb-ports. Restoremode. Dfu . Bla bla all the usuall stuff. No success. When trying with tinyumbrella i get the 1600 error. My host-file is now "clean" and not redirecting to cydia servers or local to tu. Has anyone, any idea what else i can try? Actually i dont really wanna upgrade to 5. 1 now.

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