Full Keyboard Support In Safari?

I use a web app called hotschedules for work.An issue that i have is that this website requires the use of keyboard shortcuts in order to fully work.When i use a bt keyboard on the ipad i cant do the keystrokes required for the software to work.Any way to get around this and have full keyboard support?

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Will Ios Ever Support Flash?

Considering all the new tablets and devices running android as well as the enterprise friendly blackberry supporting flash, do you think the next ios will support it? And how many people already think it should? I cant help think ios does not support flash because "they" want the user to buy apps instead?, But i say why not have the best of both worlds, the control freak thing needs a rest, lol, start supporting flash please.What do you think, do you agree?

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How Good Is The Ipad Without Flash Support?

I need help deciding or not to buy an ipad, i want to get an ipad but what's holding me back is the support for flash on the ipad.Yesterday i went to best buy and i was testing the asus transformer pad which is a fine tablet and the new ipad, but the problem that is i could not take advantage of the browser on the ipad as i could not see some videos.All the sites i tested on the asus i was able to play video but not on the ipad.

What was all that talk about html5 and ipad supporting, how is it going? Out of 5 sites i visited only 1 played a video on the ipad and that's because the site converted to an ipad friendly version or something.This is killing me, i use the browser a lot especially at work but if i cannot see games highlights, news and such on the browser it's a deal breaker.Am i missing something? Is there a way to make this browser better?

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Will The Ipad Ios 4 Have Flash Support?

It came across my mind the other day.Will the ipad ios4 have flash support.Are there going to be added features to the ipad ios4?

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No Ios6 Support For 1st Gen Ipad 1?

Do you feel you are forced to buy an ipad 2 or a new ipad? No value with 1st gen ipad without ios6 is a big disappointment if you decided to sell it?

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Replace / Return Ipad Experience With Apple Support

I got my ipad two and well after 14 days (probably around 20) i realized there was screen bleeding so i wanted to replace/return it for a new one. Luckily, the guy who i was dealing with was really nice and gave me a brand new replacement on the spot. Right when i got home i check the replacement and there was one dead pixel and still screen bleeding so i booked an appointment right away. This time, the genius wasn't so nice.

I explained him my problem and how i had it for 3 days but was unsatisfied. He told me that he wasn't going to replace it, because all lcd's have screen bleeding and i was sure to get it again. He also explained how i needed at least 3 dead pixels to return it. I countered that the other guy replaced it with bleeding then he said that he still couldn't do it because i was only allowed to replace it one time?

I called bs and told him to show me that in writing, he said it was on the warranty on the site. So i went to the site, showed the manager and she said that i could either get a final replacement and accept it as is or return for my money. She tried to tell me if i return for the money i am blacklisted for ipad 2's and cant buy another one later on.

She then returned after and said i can return for money without being blacklisted. I didn't have any of the box contents but they never asked. So my money and a free charger/box going tomorrow to buy a new one.

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Ipad 2 :: Does The New Updated Player Support Lyrics Display?

I discovered that with the latest update of ipad software the original music player, that supported lyrics display, was replaced by a new version. Does the new player support lyrics display? If not, can one put back the original player?

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Looking For A Word Processor With Search, Replace, Column Support

I just purchased quick office looking for a good word processor. I am still looking. It is an ok editor but no comparison to a real ms word or even open office. No search, replace, column support, maybe i am expecting too much from apple.

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Ipad 2 Support Landscape Mode To Type Pages?

Does pages for ipad 2 support landscape mode so i could type in landscape? Is pages the best app for word processing?

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Full Sized Notification Center

Is there a tweak that will enable the notification center to be full sized?

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New Ipad 3 First Charge Will Be Full Or Half?

Im picking up my new ipad today :-) and i am wondering what are people's views regarding the first charge? Its my first ipad so can anyone tell me if it comes half charged (like my phone did) or fully charged?

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Using The Full Screen In Landscape Mode?

In an handful of apps (dropbox, email client, pdf reader), i can't seem to find a way to use the full screen with the open document in landscape mode - the file browser/inbox/whatever is also taking up 1/3 of the screen.Only in portrait mode does it disappear.Is there a way to do this in landscape mode?

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Backup Message: Your Ipad Disk May Be Full

I have been using my ipad 2 for over 6 months, and one of the first apps i purchased was penultimate. I have synced penultimate with evernote and dropbox because i also have a work ipad 2, and i wanted to be able to share the notebooks with both ipads. Everything has been working well, until just this week. When i ask it to back up my notebooks to dropbox, i receive this message "this operation could not be completed. Your ipad disk may be full. " I don't even know where to check into this. I have looked at my storage, and i am just at 50% space on my ipad, and only 5% on my dropbox, so i am thinking it is referring to something else. What could this be?

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Ipad 1 - Cannot Read Full Pdf Files

I have an ipad 1. I have a problem reading pdf files emailed over to me. When opening the attachment it shows only the top 3/4 of the page. I cannot access the rest of the page. On my ibook i can see the entire page. The same happens with my google email account. The screen cuts off the right-hand side of the page so i cannot forward emails. Is there a way to get more screen area?

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Jailbreak - Possible To Port The Full Siri To The New Ipad?

I recently jailbroke my new ipad and i was wondering, since it has siri dictation, it therefore has the siri activation keys or whatever they're called that are used by the iphone 4s - which were required to get an iphone 4 with spire to work with siri. Wouldn't it be possible then to port the full siri to the new ipad?

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How Do I Do A Full Wipe Of The Ipad To Restore Everything To Normal?

I am having an issue with my ipad. I got an ipad 3 from my mom, who very quickly after buying it felt like she had no use for it. I was trying to restore my backup from a former ipad on to it, but something froze in the middle and now all i have on my screen is the apple logo and the loading bar, empty and not moving. I am having trouble restoring it, it keeps coming up with errors. How do i do a full wipe of the ipad to restore everything to normal?

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Wifi With Apple Laptop Not Connected To The Network While Still Getting Full Signals?

I've had my ipad for about seven months and am quite attached to it.So much so that i gave up my laptop.I have 3g that i use outside my home.I have a wife network set up at home.Up until recently i've had no problem anywhere in the house having a strong connection.Now, unless right near the source, it shows connected to the correct network and there are three, full strength, bars but i get a message that it is not connected to the network.I went to the apple support for ipad and followed their directions checking everything out.All conformed.There was a comment that some 2.4gh phones could interfere with the signal.Since i'm sitting close to the router and it is working, that may be the issue because we do have new handheld phones in the house.Does anyone know a work around, if that is the problem, to solve this problem.

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Ipad Battery Lasts - 1000 Full Charge Cycles

A properly maintained ipad battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 full charge and discharge cycles.You may choose to replace your battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs." Somehow, i always thought it was 200 full cycles.Maybe that was just my old macbook pro battery.


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Verizon Lte Full To No Bars / No Service And Then Back When Riding In A Car?

I have a verizon ipad 3 with lte.I find that the lte signal is pretty stable when i'm not moving, but if i try to use lte while i'm riding in a car i encounter frequent (every couple minutes) situations where i go from full lte to no bars/no service and then back to full bars.I don't have this problem if i'm using 3g.

Unfortunately the dropout is enough to screw up whatever i'm doing at the time.I thought it was maybe just my town, but i travel a lot and have the same problem in other cities such as salt lake city.Do i have a defective ipad or is lte doing this because all of the bugs haven't been worked out yet in the new network?

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Scrolling Bounce In Safari Goes Away

Ever since i jailbroke my ipad2 (3g 4.3) occasionally the scrolling 'bounce' in safari goes away and i have to pinch to zoom all the way out to get it back. It's not that big of a deal but i just wondered if anyone else had this problem and what to do about it.

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Safari Private Browsing?

Ios 5 brought a private browsing option that can be enabled through settings and can be permanently on (the top bar in safari will now be black) but the history option still remains.Facebook and google images to name two seem to evade the private browsing and go in the history.

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Problem When Scrolling Up Or Down In Apps With Safari

When scrolling up or down in apps along with safari smooth at first but then skips like having to load info or something. Thought might be loading content but cont to happen when page fully loaded. It's almost like a hiccup when scrolling up or down.

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Safari Crashing Then Close Automatically

Since this morning, safari on my ipad 1 (v. 4. 3) will open for a second then close automatically. I have tried to open it many many times and the same happens every time. All other apps were originally ok, but now some others are doing the same too. (Since restoring)

Here is what i have done so far to try and resolve the problem:-

1) deleted history & cookies.
2) powered off numerous times and left off for a while.
3) restored the ipad and reinstalled a back up. (See note below)
4) removed the apps that i installed over the last few days
5) soft reset (pressing home & power button at same time)

Unfortunately, i did a back up this morning so can only restore my ipad to the backup of this morning which seems to have have the same problems. Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? I thought possibly restoring to an earlier ipad back up but was unsure how to do that as i only have the option of restoring to this mornings back up.

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Safari On Ipod Touch Keeps Crashing

I've got an ipod touch g4 and everytime i go to safari, it opens, shows my history for a fraction of a second then closes. It also won't open itunes and or youtube, but skype, spotify, and twitter are working (although certain links from twitter don't work). I've gone to settings and cleared history and cache. When i go to clear cookies, it closes and sends me back to the home screen. I updated the software and restored factory settings. Does anyone have any ideas please?

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What's Missing From The Ios Version Of Safari That You Would Like?

Im was just wondering what you guys thought was missing from the ios version of safari. The obvious ones would be :

Ad blocking
Being able to see two pages side by side

But what others do you think is really missing? Also what would you like to see added in the future?

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Private Browsing For Safari On Ipad?

Is there any sort of private browsing for safari on ipad? I don't think apple will let firefox or any other browsers onto the app store (the joy of a closed ecosystem), so i'm looking for any way that i can browse privately without having to go to settings and clear everything afterward.

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Cannot See Facebook Friends List Using Safari?

When using safari to get on to facebook i do not see my friends list at all.I went into my account settings see if i could set it up in t there.But i don't see it in there either.Can anyone please tell me how to set it up so i can see my friends list on safari.

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Safari Cannot Download .mid Files?

I have a new ipad2.As a musician, i have used safari to locate .Mid and .Kar files, but when i try to download them, safari says it cannot.I don't know why.Then how do i get these files? I have purchased garage band, but i have not yet started working with it.Itunes?

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Ios 5 Safari Crashing On Ipad 2?

Safari keep crashing back to my home screen since i updated to os5 when i go back in to safari its almost were a left it apart from what i was typing but its really annoying must of happened 10 times today.Then i was replaying to a pm on the forums and it happened every time i tried to reply so i had to move back to my pc i couldn't even post this message on my ipad.

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Glitchy Black Bars When Scrolling In Safari

Weirdness on ipad 2 in safari. On certain pages, like for example, i get random bouts of glitchy black bars at the top and bottom of the page if i scroll quickly, choppy black bar at the top if i scroll downward, and the opposite if i scroll up. Seems to happen on image heavy sites, not as much if at all on more text based sites like forums. Problem goes away after i clear the cache but comes back. Don't seem to recall this happening on ipad 1. Anyone else?

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Scrolling Stops Loading In Safari After Update

I have just noticed this since doing the update.go to a website, i used engadget as it's a good heavy one to test, the very start of the web site comes up, then start scrolling the screen down the web site to the bottom, then up again to the top, then down again. The loading of the site stops dead in it's tracks till you stop scrolling. I'm sure it did not do this before, yes, it slowed it down, but i'm sure it kept loading. It almost seems like today's 4. 3 update has changed something and now scrolling is taking 100% ipad power and no new data can be displayed till you stop. Is this just me, i can't go back to 4. 2 now to double check. Whilst 4. 3 does indeed render the web site faster which is great. I'm sure i used to be able to scroll down and the data kept coming in/being displayed, unlike now where the blue downloading bar stops dead till you stop scrolling. Anyone confirm this change?

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What App Let Me Play Video In The Safari Browser?

I am new here on this site. Can someone give me advice on what to do or what apps to download to play video in the safari browser. I still struggle with this, and would be glad if one of you techo's can give me a step by step advice. Thanks in advance (maybe too straight forward for some of you, but not for me. )

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New Ipad Safari Image Resize Problem

Loved the new ipad resolution but while i was downloading some retina wallpaper for my ipad on the ipad safari itself, i noticed that it resizes the image from 2048 x 2048 to 1024 x 1024! I thought it was the poster's fault for "accidentally" posting an old image but i checked the resolution on my computer and it reads as 2048 by 2048. If apple creates a "retina" ipad, why didn't they think about loading pictures on safari that are large than resizing it to smaller and losing its quality. Is there any way to fix it?

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