Having The Wallpaper Keep Its Orientation Or To Change To A Different Image?

Does anyone know if thereís a way to have the wallpaper keep its orientation or to change to a different image depending on the orientation of the ipad? Iím using this image of the inside of the ipad (ipad wi-fi wallpaper) as my wallpaper.But, when i rotate my ipad to be horizontal the image doesn't look right.Iíd like to be able to either: lock the wallpaper orientation so while the screen content rotates the wallpaper doesnít.When i rotate the ipad from horizontal to vertical (or back) the wall paper automatically switches from one image to the other.Yea, i know this is really a nitpick but itís at least worth asking.

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Is There Any Way To Set A Different Springboard Wallpaper Per Orientation?

Is there any way to set a different springboard wallpaper per orientation? I'm jailbroken by the way.

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Wallpaper Won't Rotate With The Screen Orientation?

I just jail broke the new ipad.And it's my first ipad, so i've never run into this problem before, but the wallpaper won't rotate with the screen orientation.The photo app's wallpaper rotates from portrait to landscape and back.But the winterboard applied wallpaper seems to be stuck in eternal portrait.Has anyone encountered or even found a fix for this problem

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Default Retina Ipad Wallpaper Files?

I'm traveling to china for the next month and came across a tip saying "lock your ipad, but make a wallpaper with your contact information in case it is lost.".Seems like good advice, so i'm doing it.I'm a big fan of the standard wallpapers though.Does anyone have, or know where to find the image files of the default wallpapers, in retina quality? This is the one i'm specifically after, but can only find in 1024x1024:

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Wallpaper / Status Bar Mods & Battery Life?

Been lurking for quite a while but not posting.I have what might/might not be an obvious question: does the brightness of your home screen wallpaper affect your battery life much? If so, is it a little bit or a lot? I have a jb ipad on 3.2.2 and a jb iphone 4 on 4.1 and i'm curious about the effect on both, although i wasn't sure which section to post my question in.

Since i discovered the screen dimmer app in cydia i've been enjoying leaving longer auto-lock times set, and just having the screen dim itself and then turn off the backlight at a preset time.I was too scared to jb til this summer, but now i could never go back! But since i also spend a lot of time doing icon grouping, theme and appearance modding and tweaking, and general jb experimenting, i end up spending a lot of time with the home screen wallpaper displayed while i f*** with various things.

Modding aside, i'm curious about this wallpaper brightness question whether the device is jb or not.On the jb side, i'm also wondering if status bar tweaks like colored signal, wifi and battery bars consume much more battery life or not.

Sorry this is a but long; any insight appreciated.Both my devices are still pretty good on battery but my old never-jb iphone 3g started dropping 20-50% an hour (depending on app or phone use) and heating up like crazy after about a year, so i'm still a bit scarred from that catastrophe and always thinking of ways to save battery.

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Image Signature In Ipad Mail

Does anyone know how to insert an image in ipad mail signature? Is it possible?

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Portrait Or Landscape? Which Orientation Everyone Else Uses?

I was wondering which orientation everyone else uses.I have mine locked in landscape with the home button on the right.It never leaves that orientation.I just don't like using the portrait orientation.What about you?

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New Ipad Safari Image Resize Problem

Loved the new ipad resolution but while i was downloading some retina wallpaper for my ipad on the ipad safari itself, i noticed that it resizes the image from 2048 x 2048 to 1024 x 1024! I thought it was the poster's fault for "accidentally" posting an old image but i checked the resolution on my computer and it reads as 2048 by 2048. If apple creates a "retina" ipad, why didn't they think about loading pictures on safari that are large than resizing it to smaller and losing its quality. Is there any way to fix it?

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Where Is Desktop Image Of Drops Of Water On Ipad?

I like the desktop image of drops of water on an ipad, and would like to use it on a macbookair, but can't figure out where it is, how to access it on on ipad. Normally, on an imac for example, i'd choose the hard drive then library and scroll to desktop images, and there i'd find the . Jpeg image. Can't do that on an ipad, can't find the hard drive. Any idea whether that image is accessible on an ipad? And if so, where is and how can i access it?

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How Can I Paste The Image In An App Other Than Mail On The Ipad 3?

I copy an image from a book in ibooks or a pdf in print n share on the ipad 3. If i paste in mail the image will paste. However, if i tap to paste it in a blank document in pages the insert dialogue pops up. A blank document in quickoffice does nothing when i tap.

If i copy an image from a pdf on dropbox and paste in pages the html is pasted. A paste in mail shows the image. Quickoffice shows the html. How can i paste the image in an app other than mail on the ipad 3? I would really like to be able to paste an image in pages.

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Ipad 2 - App Photo Stream Does Not See The Image?

I have turned all photo stream settings off, reset photo stream, turned them back on, copied an image to it.The mba iphoto and iphone 4 photo apps see the image in photo stream.The ipad 2 w/ios 5 photo app photo stream does not see the image.Other apps (for example ps express) on the ipad see the image in photo stream.I have restarted the ipad and the photo app.Any ideas?

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Issue When Scrolling In Portrait Orientation

This is odd. When i scroll in portrait orientation, it appears as if the right side moves faster than the left. The result (or perhaps illusion) is that the webpage appears slanted until the scrolling stops. It's hard to explain but i do know that it does not occur in landscape. Try quickly scrolling up and down in a multi-post thread. What an odd thing. Refresh issue i'm guessing?

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I Need An Image Viewer That Displays Images At Their Actual Sizes

Looking for an image viewer that displays images at their actual sizes rather than scaling to fit the ipad display. Any thoughts?

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Ipad Hacks - Locking Springboard Orientation

Anyone know of a jailbreak tweak to lock the rotation of just the springboard itself rather than the lock switch? Meaning it'll act the same as an iphone would where the only time it'll rotate is when you're using a app.

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Do You Find Yourself Holding Ipad Primarily In One Orientation Or The Other?

Just my own curiosity, do you find yourself holding it primarily in one orientation or the other?

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Forcing Portrait Mode In Landscape Orientation On Ipad?

I was wondering if there is a cydia app (or other way) that will force certain applications to rotate into portrait mode while having the ipad in the the landscape orientation.For example, the app tiny tower will only display in portrait mode but i would like it to orient itself so that it is not displaying sideways while the ipad is landscape orientation.I realize this will scale down the app to fit in the new orientation but that's ok.The reason i'm asking is because i have a keyboard/case with my ipad and don't always want to be switching the ipad back and forth between orientations.

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Legacy Iphone / Ipod Apps And Landscape Orientation?

This is a silly question but if i use a legacy ipod touch or iphone app that doesn't take advantage of the ipad's full screen, it seems to always display the app as if i've got the ipad oriented in "portrait" mode, even if i'm holding it in the landscape orientation.I'd have to look at the app sideways to use it, which is annoying because my case props up the ipad in landscape orientation but is useless for portrait.Is there some way that ios can rotate the whole legacy app, am i doing something wrong, or is there no way to get this to happen?

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Image For Testing Ipad Color Accuracy And Green / Yellow Tint

Recently, i've purchased the new ipad which had yellow screen in top right corner 2/3rds size of the screen. It looked like coffee was spilled on the screen (dm serial, btw). I couldn't stand it as i bought ipad mainly for reading so i've returned it and got a new one. Week 6, dn serial (by the way i don't believe there is any correlation between production week/serial number and the screen quality). This screen is much better. It has slight pinkish tint in low left corner (where things get hot after heavy use) but this tint is very subjective to viewing angle.

What bugs me a little is that it seems to me that the whites have slight greenish tint which is more apparent in grey pictures (like the slide-in keyboard) it may be placebo effect. However as i am also into photo editing i would like to have correct color reproduction (and the green tint can ruin skin tones). So the question is: can anybody post a link to some sort of test picture or pattern so that i can test my ipad for the green tint (if there is any, of course!)

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Ipad Screen Darkens In Portrait Orientation Using Polarized Sunglasses?

This is going to sound strange, but.I use my ipad a lot during my commute to the office, and noticed that when i am wearing polarized sunglasses, i can read the ipad screen in landscape orientation, but as soon as i turn it to portrait, the screen darkens to point where i can't really see anything.This effect goes away when i take my sunglasses off.Can anyone else confirm they have this issue, or do i need to be checked for some sort of "vertical orientation blindness?"

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Visual Eye Candy / Screensavers / News / Info / Image Live Streaming Apps

Having just got an ipad 2, i setup a wall mount for my ipad1. Right now i just have a clock on display, but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for visual eye candy/ "screen-savers" / or news/info/image live streaming apps that would be cool on it?

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How To Change The Facetime Icon?

Can anyone help me on how to change the facetime icon? I know it goes under bundles.

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How To Change Old Id/email For Updating Apps?

In trying to update aps on my ipad 2, the window asking for my apple id password pops up, but has an old id/ email address that i don't have access to. How do i change this to reflect my current apple id so i can update my aps?

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Change Shipping Address After Order Was Placed

So, i placed my order on the 7th and on the 8th at night, i called them while it was still "processing" and changed my shipping address. My husband and i aren't going to be home tomorrow so i figured i'd have it sent to my parent's house, where they will be home all day. That was thursday. My order was in "processing" until sunday, then did not come out of "preparing for shipment" until yesterday. Well, today i get this email that says that they have "submitted my address change request to the carrier.

Once we receive a response from the carrier, we will notify you by email. " Needless to say, i haven't heard anything back after that. (Although i did get an email from a customer service management representative saying that he will be my contact at apple and if i need any further assistance, to contact him-not sure why exactly i got this email. I did email him back right after receiving it but never heard back. )

My question is, do you think my ipad will still be at delivered at my parent's house tomorrow (even though they are literally 5 minutes away from my house)? Has any one else ever had to change a shipping address and had any issues? I'm not sure why this address change is such a big deal since i changed it last thursday and it did not get sent out until yesterday. Plus, when i called that day to change it, they never said anything to me about it being an issue. They said it was all changed. Anyway, thanks for your help!

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How To Change The Order Of Bookmarks In The List?

The ipad puts recent bookmarks all the way down at the bottom of the bookmark list, which is impractical. A new bookmark should appear at the top, not at the bottom of the list. Is there a way i can change the bookmark order, placing a new bookmark that appears at the very bottom, up at the top of the bookmark list?

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Possible To Change Keyboard Layout, If I Jailbreak?

I'm really annoyed at the choices of what keys are available on the keyboard - i need access to certain common keys without having to switch to the other keyboard. If i jailbreak, is this something that can be changed?

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Ipad 3 - Change The Pitch Of A Song?

Does anyone know of a free app that allows you to change the pitch of a song on your ipad?

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Tripit App - How Do I Change The Order Of Downloads?

I am on vacation and have all my plans in the tripitapp, but when i tried to download an update for it, it got in line behind the 30 gigs of tv shows in itunes that is downloading. Now i can't open the app until it finishes downloading and applying the update, but with the connection speeds in patagonia it will be sometime next year. Is there any way for me to move the app download so that it downloads first and doesn't wait for itunes to finish?

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How To Update Or Change Auto-fill Information?

How do i update or change my autofill information?

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Ipad Is Stuck In Potrait View And Will Not Change?

My ipad is stuck in potrait view and will not change.Is it broken? I moved the slide switch and unmarked "lock screen rotation" in settings, but, it still does not slide to landscape.

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Youtube Locked In Portrait, Unable To Change?

Not sure if anyone can help but youtube is locked in portrait and i am unable to change to landscape.Have checked the ipad settings and no lock is on.

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Google Earth - Change The Gesture For Rotate To Three Fingers

Is there any way to change the gesture for rotate to three fingers? Does anyone else find it annoying that every time you change the zoom, you end up rotating a bit because your two fingers don't go in and out in a perfectly straight line?

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Itunes Country Change Not Showing On App Store

Yesterday i have updated my itunes country from switzerland to uk. The change has been confirmed successful, however, when i view app store or ibooks i am still seeing the german featured items. Any ideas?

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Change Video Format From Dvd To Watch On Ipad 2?

I have hundreds of movies on dvd and would like to transfer a couple of movies when i take the ipad with me on my travels.What format does the ipad accept and can i sync them via itunes.If i need to change the video format can you give the name of the app to do this.

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