Issue: Ios 5 Auto Time Update

The ios 5 user guide says auto time update uses the local internet connection to set time. On my ipad it insists on defaulting to cupertino, ca (apple's home town). I live in arizona and my isp is the local cable co. Is this a bug? Am i the only one having this problem?

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How To Update Or Change Auto-fill Information?

How do i update or change my autofill information?

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How To Update Ipad 2 From Ios 5.0.1 To 5.1.1?

So i have an ipad 2 running 5. 0. 1 jailbroken. Is there any way i can update to 5. 1. 1 while staying jailbroken? Thanks

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Settings App Crashing After Update To Ios 5.1 On Ipad 2

I've searched the internet for any help concerning my particular problem, but with no luck. I'm positive the problem is not originating with some software update for some app, i use the settings app several times a day. A couple days ago i found that after the badge on the settings app appeared, (indicating that i should update to ios 5. 1) my settings app crashed upon my opening of it. It does this every time and within three seconds. I can only gain access to the settings app via safe mode. If anyone has heard of this issue, or at least something similar, please let me know. Updating my ipad 2 is currently not possible b/c i rely on my jailbreak to get pirated organic chemistry apps that are essential for my class this semester.

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From Time To Time The Ipad Screen Goes Black, Right In The Middle Of Whatever I'm Doing?

From time to time the ipad screen goes black, right in the middle of whatever i'm doing. It can happen seconds after turning on the ipad, or much later. Doesn't seem to be application specific. Only solution is to press the button at the bottom, which brings the screen back but closes the application. So i then have to relaunch the app. Annoying. Anyone else seen this behavior? It's a 3g model.

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Disable Auto Turn Off When Plugged In

I am using my ipad at work and have it on the apple ipad dock. The display goes to sleep and i have to reach over and hit the home button. While plugged into the dock, i would like to have it stay on as i keep my calendar open on it. Is there an option to not go to sleep while on ac power? I did a search on here, but no luck.

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Mail App With Auto Login

Does any on know of a app available that u put ur web mail address and password in ( saved and then just log in like outlook ) i travel a lot and have 5 email address.

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How To Disable Wifi Auto Join For One Network Only?

Does anyone know how to disable wifi auto join for one network only? I have a work network that requires strong authentication with a token to establish a vpn, if i don't turn off the option to automatically join all networks my ipad keeps trying to connect to this network and it locks my vpn account out. I want all other known networks to still join automatically. I could have sworn there used to be an option in each networks properties to disable this but it doesn't seem to be there anymore.

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Ipad 2 Not Auto Connecting To Home Wifi

My ipad 2 and iphone 4, keep needing to be manually connected to home wifi network, need to go into settings tap on wifi and then select network to join then wait each time. I have tried forgetting network then adding, re-booting ipad etc. Reset router, i am pretty sure its only been happening since the last os update 5. 01 i think. A major drag as now ipad is slower than windows laptop to get on internet!

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No Auto-correct On Ipad When Using A Bluetooth Keyboard?

I did a google search, and a search here first, and it seems like it's true. But a small annoyance, that there is no autocorrect on the ipad when paired with a bluetooth keyboard. Seems silly when this basic functionality has been added to the mac with osx lion. I didn't notice this at first until recently when i started to realize that i still make a few mistakes due to the keyboard on the solar keyboard folio being a little cramped. I assume there really is no fix for this? Sorry if this topic has been rehashed here but i couldn't find any threads when searching here.

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Auto Create Icons Only Themes A Few Icons And Leaves Out The Rest?

Well, since i like the edius hd theme so much i decided that i wanted to use it on my ipad aswell, so i started to port it. Since i'm way too lazy to redo every single icon i decided to do a few and let auto create icons take care of the rest. The strange thing is that auto create icons only themes a few icons and leaves out the rest. The custom ones work nicely but like i said auto create works only for a few.

I made a screenshot of what i mean, (you can see the file path and the file name of the auto create files aswell. ) You will notice that the two apps with custom icons in there (goodreader and dropbox) work just fine. Then you will see two icons themed by autocreatem (evernote and ipin) and the rest not themed at all (well, except for the effect of the iconmask. )

If anyone has a clue as to what could be the reason for that i'd be really grateful.

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Can I Stay At Ios 5 Or Move To Ios 5.0.1

And un-public version demo video had been published at pod2g's blog of 4s ios5. 0. 1 jailbreak but has been not released publicly so the question arise that would i stay on ios5 or move to ios 5. 0. 1, but as jailbreak has not come to common is there any suggestion?

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Uk: O2 3g - I Need First Time Setup Instructions

I've been asked to write some basic step by step instructions for one of the company execs who is shortly going to get a 3g ipad. We've got a corporate allegiance to o2, so will be using their micro sim, and also it is a little easier to activate the o2 sim on-device. The problem is, i can't remember the actual steps that happened when i first signed up. I think it was:

- Insert sim
- Connect to itunes and get settings and update

I get vague from here on. Do you have to go to the celular data section in the settings app, or does it just prompt you? Can anyone help?

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Currently On Ipad 2 4.3 Want To Update

Currently im on ipad 2 4. 3 jailbroken and i wanted to update to 5. 0. 1 jailbreak. Would i need to update the ipad first and then proceed with the absinthe jailbreak?

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Charge Multiple Ipads At The Same Time

How can i charge multiple ipads at the same time? What about syncing? I'd like to be able to charge and sync 20 ipads for my classroom. Doing them one at a time has been really tedious. Any suggestions?

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How Long Should I Charge A New Ipad 2 For The First Time?

After a lot of waiting i'll finally get my gsm 32gb ipad 2 tomorrow. But i was just wondering if there is any guides or charging it for the first time, i remember when i used to buy a new mobile phone, i was told to charge it at least 8 hours before i use it, even if the battery bar is full. How long do u guys think should i charge the ipad?

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Can Backlight Bleeding Get Worse Over Time?

I have a slight bit of backlight bleeding on the top right hand side (beside the rotation lock button) and to be completely honest, it doesn't bother me that much. It certainly isn't the worst and can really only be seen when the screen is black in that area.

Question, which may sound a little ott, but can backlight bleeding get worse over time? (Months, years etc) i don't want to return the ipad as it is really not that bad, but i would hate to think that this is a small annoyance that could get worse. My thinking is, it will stay as it is and not any worse, but would just like to clarify. Other than wanting to have some reassurance on this "issue" i am absolutely loving the ipad.

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What Accessories To Buy For First Time Ipad Owners?

There is about to be a disproportionate amount of first time ipad buyers (like myself). What type of accessories would you recommend that we should be looking at and thinking about? For those who have had an ipad over the past year, which accessories have you used the most and which ones are more niche or gimmicky. Discuss why certain accessories have been useful and what situations you have used them in. Here are a few accessories that i can think of to get the creative juices flowing and my brief opinion (if i am wrong please correct me).

Case/smart cover - how needed is this really? I usually like keeping my iphone naked.dock - what is the real purpose of this? A stand? A way to charge while upright? A stand while using a bluetooth keyboard? Keyboard dock- obviously this would come in handy for lots of typing. Bluetooth keyboard - could be used with a dock to replace the above item. Car charger - maybe not because of 10+ hrs battery life, but for those really long car rides. Hdmi cable - could be really useful for teaching or presentations. Usb/sd card adapters- for photographers to put pictures directly on the ipad. What else? What accessories do we really need?

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Anyone Use Their Ipad As Their Only Computer For An Extended Period Of Time?

Since ios5 is totally pc-free now, i'm seriously considering this option. This idea intrigues me, but i have my doubts. All i need it for is to keep my resume updated (pages), watch movies/tv (netflix), and browse the internet.

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Ipad 3 - Message: Apps Cannot Be Downloaded At This Time

For the past three days i have been trying to download about 20 updates from the app store, but. I keep getting the message that the apps cannot be downloaded at this time. My internet connection is fine, and i downloaded a book from ibooks with no problem. What do you think is going on.

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Issue: Calendar Event Time Not Match With Iphone

Why do times on calendar not match with iphone? When i add a calendar event on the ipad for say 09:00 am it will sync with mobile me and show up on my iphone as 11:00 am. Anyone have any suggestions? Ps: both devices are set to auto on time with the network.

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Battle Device That Allows You To Power The Ipad For A Very Long Time

My son who is afghanistan asked my a question about a battle device that allows you to power the ipad for a very long time. He been seeing a lot of them lately over there being used by personal to power the personal electronic devices that they carry with them.

Does anyone knows what type of power pack that he is talking about? Any help here on the idea he says flat squared unit that is about 6. Inches long -x-4. Inches wide-x-1. Inch thick and it will power the ipad for a week of heavy use. He is wanting to get one to give it to a friend as a gift who lost his when it was destroyed.

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Ipad 2 Reboots Every Time When Edit A Screen Shot

Just took a screenshot of my home screen. I want to crop it, but every time i push the edit button the ipad reboots. This only happens on this one photo. Anyone ever experience anything like this?

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Time Warner Cable App With Ptpp Vpn

Has anyone done this? I got it to work on 3g and external wifi, however i don't get any sound. Any ideas?

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Apps Crash All The Time, Safari Is Hardly Usable Anymore?

Apps crash all the time. Safari is hardly usable anymore. It will crash about every 5 minutes. I have tried everything. Any of you find a fix? If not, i hope apple gets their crap together and fixes with a ios update soon.

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Error 1394 When Trying To Update Ipad To 4.3.3?

Alright, so today i decided i wanted to update my jailbroken ipad to 4. 3. 3, apple's newest software currently. (I'm currently on 3. 2. ) I went to the computer, downloaded the update and when i tried to update it, the process went to updating my ipad right before the "r" in restore, then my computer froze and shut down. Now, my ipad is in recovery mode. I tried about 3 times, but it still didn't work. So now, i'm using a different computer, but it won't even let me get past the "preparing ipad for update" screen. Every time i try to restore it now, it says "error 1394. " I then proceeded to use tiny umbrella to fix this, but when i turn on the tss server and try to restore it, it says "error 1640. " I already tried modifying the host files, but i still 1394. Also, when i had cydia on my ipad, i clicked "make my life easier. " If that helps at all. I really need help with this!

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Ipad 2 Pics Not Saving After 5.1.1 Update?

Ok my camera takes pics and i see the pic i've taken in the lower left hand corner but when i touch it to view or open camera roll the pics won't be there or saved! I can't use any pic app to save a pic? Or even in the email i save a pic and it will not save does anybody heard of this.

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Ipad 3 - Update To 5.1.1 More Quick And Smooth?

I just updated to 5. 1. 1 ipad 3, cause redsnow can downgrade, and pod2g says is jailbroken, so i have the impression is more smooth and quick, what about you guys ?

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Did New Update Should Have Changed 3g To 4g Icon Like It Did On Iphone?

Did new update should have changed 3g to 4g icon like it did on iphone? Mine still showing 3g.

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No More Landscape, Portrait Lock After 4.2 Update?

I downloaded the 4.2 update with no difficulty but immediately after, the physical slider switch on the top right edge of my ipad (above the volume rocker switch) no longer operates to lock the screen in the portrait or landscape mode.It now operates to mute the volume.How do i lock out the rotation of the screen.

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Keyboard Won't Update My Status On Fb?

Today i've started having a strange problem with my ipad, and i'm wondering if anyone else has had it.Everything seems to be working fine, except that i can't update my status on fb on it.The keyboard pops up for a second, but then goes back down.I can type in any other field, just not the status update field.I've tried both the atomic web browser (which we usually use) and safari, and they're both doing it.Anyone else experiencing that? Any suggestions? Interestingly, i wasn't able to get the keyboard up to post in this field either.Had to do it on a laptop.

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Apple Denied Replacement For 2nd Time / Backlight Bleed

The geniuses at various apple stores have been telling me that apple will only replace a backlight bleeding ipad 2 only once and will issue a refund the second time you come in for the same problem. Have anyone had a apple genius deny a replacement? I didn't buy my ipad 2 at a apple store so the refund wouldn't apply to me.

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Apps Won't Open Or Load - Spin Wheel All The Time

I have been having an annoying problem with my ipad 1st gen. It's running with the latest ios. My problem is that it won't load anything. You can click into any app ( mail, facebook, weather, app store etc. ) And all it does is spin it's wheel. It never actually loads anything. I have reset it once, erased all content and settings once and it works properly for a short time then starts the spinning routine again?

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