Itunes Hd Movies (uk)

So now we all have access to an apple product that's capable of playing back hd movies, what are the chances that apple (with the studio's of course) will allow hd movies to be purchased through itunes outside of the us? Similarly if they did, would you buy them?

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How Does 480p Movies Look On An Ipad 3?

In order to keep the disk space down, i was thinking of using 480p format. Will it look good just as on the ipad 2?

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Where On Ipad 3 Do I Send Movies From My Computer?

I am a brand new ipad user. Not use to apple or the products. I have some movies on my computer and have now used handbreak so that i can transfer them to my ipad3. My question is when i connect the computer to the ipad what do i do next? Where on the ipad do i send them to? I am confused between using itunes and iclouds does it go to one of these? Simple step by step instructions is what i need.

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What Apps, Movies, Music Etc Do You Have On Your Ipad?

In terms of movies, tv episodes, apps, music etc. I have all amy winehouse albums i ripped, some aloe blacc, adele, the specials, dinah washington, louis armstrong, ella fitzgerald, the crystals . A lot of jazz soul music. Then all the latest charts too. Haven't got any books yet (just bought a new book at airport without thinking i could get it on my ipad. Duh), haven't got any movies or tv series yet but tomorrow i'm going t learn to rip dvds and put on my king of queens and sex and the city series cos they are tv programmes i never bore of and will always watch no matter how many times ive seen them. Thought that would be a good idea. Might put on the golden girls too lol. Not sure what movies to put on as i'm not going anywhere so don't really plan on watching any, though i might find myself in a situation where i've a lot of free time . So might put on some movies just incase.comedies, dramas and horror. Maybe one of each for now.

The apps i use most include this forum, sketchbookx, note plus, skillz, stumble upon, bloomberg, email, calendar, read it later, skygo, mail online, movies by flixster, evermore, twitter, road trip. Looking to maybe get iworks. I'm so nosey and would love to know what you all have. (Also means i might discover an app or something that i haven't came across that i might love).

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Can I Stream Movies From Imac To Ipad 2?

I am thinking of buying an ipad, but there are a couple of tings that i would lke to know.

1. How is the ipad 2 for typing? I know that there is a touch keyboard, and i don't intend to write a thesis on it, but say for typing on forums like this one? I am on a lot of forums, or facebook etc.

2. With the latest os, can i stream movies from imac to ipad? (I have apple tv 2 if needed).

3. I already have an imac with 2tb hdd. If i just plan to use ipad at home for net abd documents, or on train journeys to watch the odd movie/listen to music, will i get away with 16gb model?

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Where Is The Location Of Rented Movies On The Ipad?

Where is the location of rented movies on the ipad? I know i can't transfer movies with itunes anymore but i want to know where the rented movies are so i can watch them on my computer.

Update: i figured it out. (Var/mobile/media/purchases)

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Is It Possisble To Store And Watch Movies From Sd Card?

Is it possible to store movies on a sd card, then use apples sd card adapter to just plug and play on the new ipad?

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Air Video - Can I Stream Movies That Are On My Windows 7?

My first question is about air video app. Can i stream movies that are on my windows 7 home premium to my ipad over 3g away from my house? I tried researching it but couldn't get a clear answer.

My second question is about remote desktop from the ipad. I've read numerous places online that you couldn't connect to windows home premium with remote desktop but is there a work around for that? Possibly use vnc? Not too familiar with remote desktop.

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Can I Put The Movies And Apps From Amazon Onto The Ipad 3?

I just got my ipad 3 yesterday.I was using a kindle fire up until then.Would anyone know if i can put the movies and apps that i bought from amazon onto the ipad?

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App For Transferring Video / Movies From Iphone 4 To Ipad 2

Other than hooking up to a pc/mac or the camera connection kit. Is there an app that will transfer movies from iphone 4 to ipad 2 for use with ipad imovie?

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How To Enable Apple Id Password To Purchase Movies, Apps?

My ipad 2 used to ask me every time before purchasing an app for my apple id password. I like this so my kids cannot buy whatever they want because they do not know the password. Now for some reason it is no longer requiring a password. Anyone know how to enable this so that songs, movies or apps require a password before completing the purchase?

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Ipad 2 - Using Usb Flash Drive For Watching Movies

I just got my wife a new ipad 2 and i had a couple questions for you ipad experts out there. We take a lot of trips and i was wondering if it's possible to watch movies off of a usb flash drive (to keep the kid entertained). I'm hoping this is possible because i could only afford the 16gb wifi version, and movies quickly use up what little memory i have. Another question is if anyone has used and likes a drop proof case for their ipad 2? I'm afraid of my 2 year old getting a hold of it and dropping it. Ps - my ipad is not jail broken if that matters.

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Do I Need Internet Connection To Watch Rented Movies On Ipad?

I just bought an ipad2, mainly for traveling purposes. It's only 16gb so i want to be careful what i download. I've seen on itunes that you can actually rent movies. Do you need to have an internet connection to watch the rented movies?

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Free List Of Best Sites To Stream & Watch Movies, Tv Shows

Let's start a really big list of all the best site to stream and watch movies and tv shows for free on the ipad/iphone.get listing everyone.

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When I Sync Movies To The Ipad, The Video Cover Art Is Often Incorrect?

When i sync movies to the ipad, the video cover art is often incorrect. Sometimes the ipad has it right (that is, it's the same artwork as shows up in itunes), but other times it uses random cover art from other movies. Makes things quite confusing. Any idea what is happening here and how to fix it? Thanks for any help!

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Install Itunes Again, No Option To Move Apps Within The Ipad Through Itunes

I own an ipad 1 since quite a long ago, and i was properly using it with itunes on my laptop.
Unfortunately the hard disk of my laptop crashed, and after changing it i had to install itunes again. When i connected my ipad again to the laptop and itunes opens, now of course does not show under itues all the apps i had gathered. For example, i have found no option to actually move around apps within the ipad through itunes, since the ipad screen in itunes appears "greyed-out" - not sure if i am explaining myself. I am sure i am not the first one with this issue, any ideas?

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Lost Itunes On Computers, Only Itunes On Ipad 2

I gave my laptops, the only ones with my itunes collections, to an it firm so i could use them as business laptops also. They did not tell me they would wipe itunes off both so i also did not get time to de-authorize them. Currently i have nothing with the complete collection of apps, tv shows, etc. How to get it back and also deal with apple to get me to the proper number of authorized devices?

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What Is The Best Way To Upgrade Itunes From 10.1b To 10.1?

I'm running itunes 10. 1b on my ppc g5 ox 10. 5. 8. When i check itunes for updates to the new final 10. 1 version it says i have 10. 1 and am up to date. My question is what is the best way to upgrade from the beta to the final without loosing all my itunes app and playlist info, since i figure deleting and reinstalling would probably do just that.

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After Upgrade To 5.1.1 Can I Use Itunes To Sync?

After jb 5. 1. 1 can i use itunes to sync or not? I get tons of errors and messages saying the apps where not copied to itunes because i have no authority to have them etc.

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How Do I Sync Ipad 2 With Itunes And Pc?

I got ipad2 and it contains pics , music, videos, apps, etc. I gotta new pc and i want to take copy from i pad2 to the new itunes. I connected the ipad and sync but the data was erased from the ipad. Except for apps because i made "transfer" to the purchases before i synch. But all other data such as music and songs were erased from ipad. Help please i want to have copy from ipad to pc.

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File Transfer W/o Itunes

We want to give away ipads to customers but need the ability to upload documents (pdf) without configuring the ipad in itunes. We don't want to create an apple id for our customers. Of course without an apple id we can't purchase and download apps to do the file transfer. Any ideas on how we can do this?

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Updating From Jailbroken 4.3.3 To 5.0.1 Without Itunes

How i should go about updating my ipad 2 to 5. 0. 1. I'm in a bit of a pickle, in that i can't use itunes to update because the computer that originally synced with the devices crashed and i don't want to lose my media libraries. A couple questions:

How can i update from 4. 3. 3 (it is jailbroken with jailbreakme) to 5. 0. 1 safely and without losing my stuff? One of the limitations i have is that this bogus replacement computer has very limited data space and i'm working with a packed 64 gb wi-fi only model. Once i do update, can i just follow the guide to re-jailbreak, or do i have to do something else? On a related note, i have an iphone 4 that is also jailbroken at 4. 2. 6 (done with greenpois0n) for which i have the same problem.

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How Do I Add My Ipad To Itunes?

So, i set up my new ipad on its own and i've been playing with it since friday. Now, i want to sync my music and videos to the ipad for when i take it out of the home (i just use home sharing when home) but for some reason the ipad isn't showing in itunes. When i plug in the ipad, itunes wants be to either setup as new ipad or restore from a very old backup.

Why? I thought it could be set up on its own now and should just show up in itunes when everything is using the same account. Stupid thing. I don't really want to wipe it and start again.organizing apps on ios is a pita. Any ideas?

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How To Get The Tracks From Itunes On Pc To The Ipad 3?

I have installed itunes and icloud on my pc, and imported 5 tunes into itunes from my own cd. I have icloud and itunes on my new ipad, but how do i get the tracks from itunes on my pc to the ipad?

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Where Is File Sharing In Itunes?

I keep reading about file sharing in itunes, but can't seem to find it anywhere.Can someone explain how to find it on itunes 10?

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Itunes Video Freezing Up In One Spot

The video for things in itunes keep freezing up. I let video podcasts load up, they go a bit, sometimes for 15 minutes max, then freeze. Then they won't restart or anything. I rented a movie on itunes, played it, and it froze halfway through. It would not let me go forward via chapters (skip over the frozen part), etc. I replayed from several previous spots, and it always froze in that one spot. I pause the vids on itunes even, to let them load more, but if i do, often they won't ever play again. Answers? I tried resetting to factory settings, but it did nothing. Regular audio podcasts are fine, just the video. Is there some proper way to load them up first?

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Issue: I Can't Access All Categories In Itunes

Only podcasts, itunes u and downloads are available. Please help me fix this.

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Issue: Ipad Ask Me To For Itunes Password Again & Again

I asked this at the apple store. The staff was unable to help me. My ipad asks me for my itunes password all day long. Sometimes, it can be 5 minutes after i signed in. I've signed out of itunes and rebooted the device. This does not help. I've upgraded the ios since i the problem started. This has not helped. I don't have any apps needing updates. This is extremely annoying as the screen focus is taken away in the middle of games and other activities. Can somebody please make this go away and never come back.

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App For Switching Between Itunes Accounts

Is there an app that let's me switch between itunes accounts easily?

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Issue: Reloading Itunes After Pc Crash

My pc crashed and i had to reboot and when reloaded back up my itunes wasn't on there. I downloaded itunes onto my pc and then plugged in my ipad2 and hoped the stuff on my ipad would transfer onto my pc itunes account but pictures transfered from ipad to pc and nothing else then ipad froze so had to reboot that. Gutted as lost everything on there, just hoping stuff i purchased on itunes account i can reload somehow as it shows on my itunes "purchased" waiting for apple to tell me if i can or i lost all that too.

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Changing Itunes Accounts On A Jb Ipad 2

Currently have a jb ipad2 5. 01, and use it for a lot of work out in the field (commercial real estate). Would really benefit from a 4g connection and thinking of upgrading to the new ipad once it's released and giving my ipad 2 to my dad (since my mom has commandeered the ipad 1 we got him for xmas) to use on their itunes account.

My question is can i switch the itunes account on the jb ipad2 over to their itunes account simply by plugging in it to their itunes and having and having itunes make the switch, preserving the jb? I understand that it would lose the media saved on it (it's my movies and music, not something he would be interested in anyway). Or would it need to go through a restore, in which case that will be forced to go to 5. 1 and no jailbreak until one was released.

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Can't Backup Content On Ipad On Itunes

I can't back up my ipad. My ipad 1 is currently jailbroken on ios 5. 0. 1 and since i've been told that ios 5. 1. 1 should fix some ram problems that i'm currently experiencing i thought it would be best if i upgraded my ios, (it's also untethred so i don't really have much to lose) but for some reason, i can't back up the content on my ipad on itunes.

I plug it in, i go to my ipad then i go for "backup" but then it says that itunes couldn't backup my ipad because (not my ipad) my backup is damaged or not compatible with my ipad. I'm not sure what this means but i'd really need to back it up (i apologize because i'm not sure this is the exact translation as my itunes is in italian, but it surely is a close one, maybe i used a word of too much but it shouldn't change the meaning).

Could it be related to the fact that (only when i reboot, either through sbsetings or normal reboot) all my apps are in the wrong place? There's no dock, all the apps are far away from each other and if i start one it shows as if it is an ipod app instead of ipad (the ipad kind of course, the ipod it shows as it should but instead of showing them in the center it shows them in the upper left corner), i can easily fix this by going into safe mode and getting out, no problem whatsoever after i do this (respiring doesn't work, same problem), i'm not an expert, that's why i'm asking here, i only thought it would be best to put all info.

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Syncing Bookmarks Without Connecting To Itunes

I'm looking for an easy way to sync and manage my bookmarks across my ipad 2, iphone 4, and my pc (will get a mac eventually!) Currently i'm using chrome on my pc and i love it, but i'm open to trying another browser if it syncs easier. I rarely physically connect my ipad/iphone w/ my pc to sync w/ itunes since the new update lets me do it wirelessly. I'd like to be able to bookmark things on safari on my ipad/iphone and be able to view them on my pc and vice versa. I've tried some bookmark manager sites but i'm not impressed w/ any thus far. I resorted to bookmarking via instapaper for a while, but it's still not what i'm looking for. There's got to be a better way. Does anyone know what it is?

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