Issue: Intermittent Home Sharing Between Ipad 2 & Windows 7

I am trying to get home sharing to work between my ipad 2 and my pc running windows 7 home premium. I enable home sharing on both devices and the result is only sporadic ability to connect to the pc libraries or use the remote app on the ipad. I've gone so far as to completely uninstall and reinstall itunes (i'm now on10. 5. 2. 11) without any real change. I've check the network configuration and both devices are using the same dhcp server to obtain their address. I've even gone so far as to disable the firewall on my pc, without any luck. Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Home Sharing Ipad 2 With Laptop

I've just set up home sharing between my ipad 2 and my laptop but it is not working, re-started both devices, still not working.

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File Sharing Across The Home Network

I have an imac, an external wireless hdd (that i can see from the mac) and a wireless printer (again that i use from the mac).My ipod touch cannot communicate with any of these (or at least not that i have found), however if i got an ipad (16gb) i'd like to be able to view photos/videos, play music that is on the main house storage systems.

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Home Sharing Dvd Ripped Tv Episodes

I have several seasons of battlestar galactica that i have ripped from my dvds using handbrake with the apple universal preset. This content is shared via home sharing on my mac mini which i use as a media center/dvr (eyetv, etc. ). I am able to view this content on my macbook pro. With the introduction of ios 4. 3 i was expecting to be able to do the same on my iphone with home sharing, but this unfortunately isn't the case. None of this ripped content is even displayed in the shared library on the iphone.

However, if i change the type of video file from tv episode to movie in itunes this content becomes available on the iphone. What gives? Are there some metadata tags that need to be changed? If so, what? And what is the best software to do this? I can't be the only one experiencing this?

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Can I Access Ipod Classic Library On Ipad Via Home Sharing?

Can i access my ipod classic library on my ipad via home sharing? Air video app can access the ipod classic as a hard disk but it is pretty much useless to me as ipod classic stores media in random folders/files with random weird names. Any suggestion where i can access/play my ipod classic library on my ios devices?

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I Want To Use Android Or Windows 8 On The Ipad

I love ios, but i would also love to be able to use android or windows 8 (once it's out) on the ipad. I don't mean 'screen sharing' solutions, and i don't mean emulators like the cydia tweak 'dreamboard', but full oss, and when starting your ipad, you choose which one to start up to, like mac os x's 'boot camp'. Would be nice to get some replies.

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Windows Explorer Equivalent In Ipad 3

I am trying to organize my thousands of photo in ipad. There are thousand of apps for ipad but could not find anything. I don't even know where my hard-drive is, please help.

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Can I Mount Ipad As Drive On Windows?

The latest update to ios 5 failed and i'm stuck on the ipad's "connect to itunes" screen (pic of cable pointing to itunes icon). Itunes wants to reset the ipad to its original settings. I could lose a bunch of pictures from my recent vacation. I'd like to somehow get into the drive and grab all the pictures from the dcim directory. Is there a way to use the jailbreak tools to mount the ipad's drive into windows or linux? Then i can try to use data recovery software to recover my pictures.

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How Will Apple Counter Windows 8 Tablets?

How will apple counter windows 8 tablets? Or indeed do you think they have to? Apple has, in effect one tablet. Ok it comes in 3 memory sizes, 3g or not 3g and two colours. But in effect it's one model in one size with one speed. Windows 8 tablets will come from a whole range of high end pc makers, in a variety of styles, screen sizes and powers. Some based upon intel chipsets, others based on arm chipsets. Not only able to run tablet metro based apps, but also full windows apps if you, the consumer should need or wish to. Apple can see this coming with their, in effect single product, only make by themselves in the one size and design.

Do you think they are just not going to bother and assume they are untouchable in their current leading position, or do you think they are going to have to come out with a new product or products to offer consumers the choice that they will have from windows 8 models. In a years time there could be a whole line of various windows 8 tablets on display at best buy, all running metro, looking the same as windows 8 does on people's new home computers. Are apple just going to still have just their single model on a stand at the end of the long line of windows 8 models?

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Running Windows Machine Remotley From Ipad

I have been trying out a lot of the remote desktop apps and found this really cool one its called splashtop, it allowed me to remote to my windows xp machine and as long as i was in the same room i could actually use my mouse on my ipad i posted the video on youtube, for all you guys that still need to use windows.

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Can't Copy Files From Windows Itunes To Ipad

I plugged in my ipad 3 and the windows laptop with itunes on it picks it up fine and i can see the ipad in itunes ok but when trying to drag and movies/music etc the red circle with the line going through it appears and doesn't allow me to copy across. I have checked and done the authorize computer option and get the message already authorized. Really don't get what is going on, i can stream etc ok from the windows laptop but for same reason the above has started. I downloaded apocalypse now from itunes store on my windows laptop and was hoping to copy it across to watch on the ipad. Any ideas what's happening.

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Air Video - Can I Stream Movies That Are On My Windows 7?

My first question is about air video app. Can i stream movies that are on my windows 7 home premium to my ipad over 3g away from my house? I tried researching it but couldn't get a clear answer.

My second question is about remote desktop from the ipad. I've read numerous places online that you couldn't connect to windows home premium with remote desktop but is there a work around for that? Possibly use vnc? Not too familiar with remote desktop.

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Media Sharing Between Ipad And Pc

I have ipad3 and i want to establish media sharing in my home network. I have a few dlna compatible device and ipad3 is one of it. The others are htdv and my smartphone. I understood that i have to install any media share server on my pc and media player on my ipad. On my pc i tried to install minidnla application and media tobm application. On ipad i tried to clients: fusion stream and mediaconnect. After i started all client/server from ipad it finds and recognizes media server but failed to find any files on my pc.could someone suggest which software are you using to establish media sharing between ipad and pc.

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File Sharing Remotely?

I have been working on this for a while: i have ipad and macbook pro.I have bought file browser, air sharing hd to try this, but still not succeeded.I want to have remote access to my documents on my laptop from my ipad at work using their wireless network remotely.I need to view docs, and make changes then save them on a file which is shared.I have tried ssh and port forwarding, but still can't do it.Is it even possible?

I have used drop-box which is fine, but there must be a way in this day and age to transfer and change files from my laptop? I have vpn and can get to control my computer remotely using port forwarding but, why can't i do this.

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Where Is File Sharing In Itunes?

I keep reading about file sharing in itunes, but can't seem to find it anywhere.Can someone explain how to find it on itunes 10?

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Sycning Ipad 2 With Windows Live Mail Folders

I was hoping someone could help this this. This is my first apple product so i'm not familiar with the ins and outs. I have extensive email archives set up in my windows live mail client. I've set up folder for individual users, like my wife, various friends, groups, doctors, that sort of thing. In total i have 16 folders, which makes it easier to go right to whatever correspondence i am looking for.

What i was hoping the ipad would do when i sync is create all the folders and move the related correspondence to each folder and store there so i would have that same convenient access on my ipad. But for some reason it didn't do that on initial sync, and i can't seem to figure out how to commend it to do that. Is there a way to get the ipad to sync up all the user added folders and their contents this way? I love the ipad and i believe they must have created a way to make this transition, that i must just be missing the right 'button' to push. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give.

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Issue: Ipad 2 Won't Sync With Itunes Using Windows 7

My itunes on my windows pc doesn't recognize my ipad2. If i go into "my computer" it shows up as a camera. I re-downloaded itunes. Shut down everything at least a hundred times. Re-downloaded the usb drivers, and spent 3 and a half hours on the phone with apple before it worked. Once. Now that my 90 days of tech support is over, it once again won't sync or recognize my ipad2. Apple says to by a mac and it won't happen. I'm at the point now of throwing the 800 dollar ipad2 out into the street. Can one of you ipad masters help me solve this problem?

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2 Ipads, 1 Iphone, How To Sync All The Devices To Itunes Using Windows Pc?

I have two ipads (an extra one bought as a christmas present) and one iphone, and i use a windows 7 pc.could anybody please explain to me how to sync all the devices to itunes on my pc without both the ipads having to have the same apps synced, is it at all possible to have different apps on both ipads? I've searched high and low and can't find an answer to this problem so any help is gratefully appreciated.

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Importing Windows 7 Live Mail Contacts To Ipad 3?

Is there an easy way to import windows 7 live mail contacts to my new ipad 3? I wish to import only the email addresses.Thanks for any suggestions.

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Sharing Internet Connection Over Bluetooth

Has anyone used sharing their internet connection over bluetooth to ipad using mac lion feature called internet sharing, i'm trying and paired my ipad but can't access net.

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Sharing Micro Sim With Iphone 4s?

I have an at&t iphone 4s. If i bought a 4g ipad 3, would it be possible to swap the micro-sim out of my phone and into the ipad temporarily in order to use the same data plan for both? Most of the places i go have wifi, so paying $15 a month for 4g on my ipad is overkill, but it would be nice to be able to switch the 4g from my phone to my ipad every once in a while. Has anyone tried this? Did you run into any snags?

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App File Sharing Without Itunes?

Is is possible, i want to go to any computer and transfer my video files to vlc/avplayer without that computer having itunes.Is it possible?

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Why Sharing Data Connection Is Now Free With My Ipad2?

I own an ipad 2 wifi jailbreak with absinthe. I also have an iphone4 which is also jailbreak with redsnow. I found out that when i use bluetooth on my ipad 2 to use the shared connection with my iphone, my data is not increasing anymore on the used data for cellular plan under shared connection on my iphone! I also checked on my provider invoice on the net and there is no sign of data used! How that can happen? It only started to do that since i have jailbreak my ipad. I did not know it would do this, but it this normal? Does that mean that i kind of now have an unlimited 3g data using the shared connection through my ipad? I'm lost here.

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Photo Sharing Sites For Ipad Users

Found that kodak easyshare and flickr do not support the ipad for uploading photos to those sites. Are there websites or apps that would allow me to upload photos directly from ipad photos to share with friends and family?

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Screen Sharing Via Hdmi Is Great - Comments / Opinions

Screen sharing via hdmi is great - a whole new ipad dimension. Esp for some of the games. I'm not a serious gamer but games like angry birds look very good on my hdtv. The ipad interface screens and icon pages look extremely good. Photos are very good, video not as good as hdtv, but what do you expect, widescreen movies fill the screen and are very watchable. Ibooks looks gorgeous, text is nice, i have some old color illustrated picture books, wow. Internet is very sharp and clear. Screen sharing adds a whole dimension to access what is on your ipad, esp for groups. Hooked up flawlessly and just worked. Definitely a big step in the right direction for making ipad more accessible.

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Stream Wmp To Ipad? Aap To Access Windows Media Player Library?

Anyone know if there is an app that lets you access your windows media player library on your ipad? I know there are apps that have their own desktop streaming programs that will stream to the ipad but i am looking for an ipad program that can stream wmp library.Reason is wmp is already setup to stream videos to my other computers and xbox and would like to extend the streaming ability to my ipad.Anyone know of a way of doing this?

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File Sharing - Access Files On Mac Mini From Ipad 2

Is it possible to access files on my mac mini from my ipad (or vice versa)? I presume it would have to be done by file sharing, or is there any other way.

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Transfer Files From Pc To Ipad Using Online File Sharing Services?

I would like to transfer some word, excel, fotos, and other kind of files from my windows pc to the ipad.What is the easiest way to do this? Using an online file sharing service? Or how you best recommend me? What online file sharing services free you recommend me?

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Using Ipad As A Home Lte Router

I came upon this obscure little known law in canada whereas a provider cannot bill you for more than double the amount of your contract. i.e. If my home internet has a limit of 150gb for $50 p/month and each extra gb is $2, they can't charge me more than $100 total even if i use 500gb that month.

This got me thinking. I have an lte plan for my ipad with speeds way exceeding even my home internet (40mbps down, 25mbps up!). My ipad plan is $35 for 5gb. If this law applies here, i could disconnect my home internet and use my ipad as a router for my macbookpro and appletv. I could use as much data as i want and they couldn't charge me over $70 per month. Thoughts?

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Ipad 2 - Options For Watching Your Home Tv

What are the best available options to bring your cable tv channels directly to your ipad2? I currently have hd westinghouse tvs using at&t uverse tv service. Are there any options for this?

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Portrait Home Button On Ipad 3?

Ok so i saw a thread earlier that said about apple making a typo so i wen to look for it.When i was in smart covers i noticed the ipad in the picture had its home button and dock connector in portrait mode.Is this a fluke or is this a possibility for the ipad 3? Its a pretty big fluke if it is.

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Home Button Is Raised About 0.1mm To 0.3mm

I got another ipad 2 yesterday after returning my faulty one more then 3 weeks ago (the fourth faulty one). First of all i got this ipad 2 in the apple store and it only has a very small backlight bleed to it on the button right (no bigger then a tip of the little finger nail) so not as bad as the four ones before. (So it does look like the back light bleeding problem is getting better).

I noticed that the home button is raised about 0. 1mm to 0. 3mm, not much but still, not flushed as the faulty four and of course my ipod touch 4gen etc. There is just a little nick around the sim slot but that just looks like someone as fonncon wasnt paying attending at qc or inserting the sim tray. The black rim at the button right looks like it is slightly squad and there is a stuck pixel on white (so only can be seen on dark colours). I am worried that if i get a replacement it could be worst bleeding etc. What would you lot advice me to do?

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Replace Spotlight Screen With Settings From The Home

I think i saw this on a youtube video of someone's ipad where they swiped right from the home screen and instead of bringing up the spotlight search screen, it instead brought up the settings screen. Has anyone seen this and would know how to accomplish it?

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