Ipad Case - I'm Looking For Impact Protection And Good Looks

I've read several topics below but didn't get a feel that many felt strongly about a particular case. I'm looking for impact protection and good looks. I currently have the apple case and like it ok especially the stand but it's just so blah! I love my speck candy for my ip and my hard snap on by incase for the mb. Thanks for your advice.

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Recommendations On Good Airplane Case / Accessories

I'm planning on buying the ipad 2, and right after that i'm taking a trip across the us so i'm going to need a really nice stand case for the ipad to watch movies on the airplane. I've read that some cases fall down or fold shut in turbulence, so do any of you have recommendations for a case and/or accessories? I've already got great earphones i plan to use.

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Good Ipad 2 Case That Can Slide Into A Bag / Purse And Still Give Easy Access?

I just ordered an ipad2 and am looking for a good case for it. I saw the griffin survivor case and it's definitely tough but not sure that's what i want for it. Also looking at a case like the targus slim cover but not sure how well it hangs onto the ipad. I want to be able to slide it into a bag/purse and still give easy access. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Applecare Protection

I'm going to buy an ipad 2 with applecare protection in america and get my brother to bring it home with him. I'm trying to find out for definite if the applecare protection is valid in the uk. If its not, could my brother who lives in america buy/register it and then transfer the applecare over to me. Basically if the ipad gives trouble can i walk into an apple store here and get it fixed.

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New Ipad - Impact Film / Photo Industry

I think the people who are underplaying the new retina display haven't quite grasped the amazing achievement it is. It has more pixels than my high res 15" macbook pro. There is only one computer in the entire mac lineup that has more pixels, and that is the 27" imac. This is unbelievable!

As a filmmaker (who dabbles in photography), i cant wait to see how the industry embraces this, especially as 4k and 8k technology becomes the norm. This must be a photographers dream. Their photos will look more clear on the ipad than any other device they own.

I am also curious to see how it performs as a secondary computer monitor. Current app solutions work over wifi and create some lag from what i understand, but i cant wait to see how innovative developers could improve this experience.

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Belkin Smart Case - What Case That Will Protect To Back As Well As Front?

Anyone got one of these belkin cases on there ipad. I got one when i first got my ipad2 and at first thought it was quite good, but now i am not so sure, what i am finding is that the lid does not fit properly when closed and as i am walking around carrying the ipad all i can hear is it clicking into and out of sleep mode because the front flap is not fitting properly when closed. Is this a known issue with these cases. Or do i just have a duff one. If they are all like this can it be fixed, if not what's the best option for a case that will protect to back as well as the front.

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Apple Sleeve Case Inside Other Case

I've got an ipad 32gb coming shortly, and it's coming with the apple sleeve. What i would like is another, heavier duty case to slide the apple-sleeved ipad into for more protection when commuting and such, without having to remove it from the apple sleeve. I don't really want a durable, pocket filled case for the ipad alone, because around the office i want something that covers it, as well as the flipback. Any ideas? I was thinking perhaps even a netbook case would do the trick, but i'm not sure if it'll be large enough.

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Folded Keyboard Are Good?

Found a folded keyboard, are they any good?

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Why Doesn't My Ipad Take Good Pictures?

Why doesn't my ipad take good pictures? And there is no flash? Is this normal or is there something wrong that i'm doing?

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What Is A Good Asking Price For Original Ipad?

Have the original ipad, 32gb/3g. What's a good asking price for it? I want to sell it, and get the new one. It's in excellent condition, it's always lived in a case.

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Do Many Apps Require 3g Or Is Wifi Good Enough?

I'm thinking of buying my first ipad but haven't decided if it will be a discounted ipad2 or the new one. I was pretty set on just getting a wifi only version. Are there many popular apps that users are using that require an internet connection that makes buying a 3g version a must. I have an android phone and i notice that even many games need that data connection just to upload high scores or use openfeint. So if i buy a wifi only model will i be limiting myself too much as to which apps i can run?

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Good Car Apps For Ipad?

Greetings. I just recently ordered a mount for my ipad. I was wondering if anyone could recommend good apps to use first the car? Anything from dinning apps to speedometer apps will do.

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Ipad Location Via Wifi Only, Any Good?

Considering buying a wifi ipad2 as a gift for a friend.She won't need gps but the ipad will need to know where it is for some apps.I'm thinking star walk, planefinder etc.Does it 'find' itself ok? Does it update automatically if moved and tried using the same apps at a different address and wifi hotspot?

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How Good Is The Ipad Without Flash Support?

I need help deciding or not to buy an ipad, i want to get an ipad but what's holding me back is the support for flash on the ipad.Yesterday i went to best buy and i was testing the asus transformer pad which is a fine tablet and the new ipad, but the problem that is i could not take advantage of the browser on the ipad as i could not see some videos.All the sites i tested on the asus i was able to play video but not on the ipad.

What was all that talk about html5 and ipad supporting, how is it going? Out of 5 sites i visited only 1 played a video on the ipad and that's because the site converted to an ipad friendly version or something.This is killing me, i use the browser a lot especially at work but if i cannot see games highlights, news and such on the browser it's a deal breaker.Am i missing something? Is there a way to make this browser better?

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Good File Downloader App?

I am looking for a good downloader app for my ipad.I have had the app "downloads" for my ipod touch which worked fine for me and i know there is a downloads hd for ipad but it looks like a lot of people have problems with videos downloading.Atomic web browser looks really good but it doesn't say in the description what files types it supports.Can anyone tell me what file types it supports and if i can download music and video files in it?

Is that the app i should get or is there a better downloader? Also can the atomic browser be backgrounded while downloading something so like can i do something else while a file downloads? Also one more thing, with atomic can you extract files from a zip? Cause i download a lot of rap mixtapes and they all come in zip.

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Good Sources For Cydia That Don't Come Preloaded

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good, useful sources for cydia that don't come preloaded when you jailbreak.

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Regular Tasks The Ipad Is Surprisingly Good At

Today i found a task that the ipad actually proved surprisingly useful for: gathering information from lots of websites. I had to check through a list of suppliers provided by a website. I tapped each link, found the info, and if it was what i needed, i added the page to my reading list. Then i tapped back to move to the next site in the list.

Normally when using a desktop computer this can be annoying work, but somehow the ipad made it much quicker and easier. Maybe because navigating is just a matter of tapping, rather than dragging a mouse around, and i could hold the ipad in my hands, so had a better sense of immediacy. Anyway, are there any other regular tasks that you find the ipad is surprisingly good at?

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Is The Ipad Good For Gps Usage, Especially In A Car?

Im stuck between the 16gb ipad 3 4g or the 32gb wifi only ipad, i thought maybe one of the uses i could use 4g was for gps when i finally get my full license (as my sense of directions sucks), is the ipad an ideal device for gps usage ?

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Any Good Casino Slot Machine Apps?

Are there any applications that are the same as a casino slot machine? For those of you who know the game jackpot party, are there any applications that are that way? I love playing that game but obviously do not have enough money to go to the casino every day lol.

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Buying An Ipad With 3g, Whether It Is A Good Or Bad Thing?

I became an apple nut when i retired from teaching and discovered the ipad, then the imac, and then the chinese iphone stove: my first two ipads have been wifi, but as i read some of the speculation about ipad 3 and lte, i became intrigued about wifi with 3g.Fortunately\unfortunately?, My iphone cellular carrier is sprint.Most of the time wifi works great, but depending on where i am, it is exceedingly, painfully slow.I used my iphone as a hot spot for a month through sprint, but it was too slow and too inconsistent to make it worth the 30$.As i look to next week, i would really be interested to find out all i can about 3g models, carriers, and whether it is a good or bad thing.I really appreciate your input.

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Is There A Good Free Video Converter For Ipad?

I want to convert some flash videos i downloaded to mp4 so i can put them on my ipad.Are there any free programs that are available to do this? Like totally free? Not just a free trial version that only converts a few minutes of the video?

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How Early Will Be Good To Go To Apple Store To Buy Ipad?

How early do you need to be in line to get one from the apple store? I get off work at 6 am friday morning, and the nearest apple store is about an hour and 45 minutes away. I wouldn't get there till around opening. Do you think that would be too late? I could drive 45 minutes and stand in line at best buy, but last year they didn't even have the model that i wanted, so had to settle for a different one.

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How Good Are Ipad Stock Levels In Stores These Days?

Have to drive about an hour tomorrow to my nearest apple store. Hoping they have all models in stock. Are they pretty well stocked now that the mad rush is over?

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Transferring File To Good Reader Via Web Browser?

I'm having trouble uploading files to good reader on my ipad using my pc browser.I can enter the ip address and view my files on my ipad.I can even select what filesi want to upload but the upload button is missing.On the other hand my laptop can do the transfer without any problem.In both cases i'm using firefox.It's obviously some setting in the browser that's not allowing me to upload via my desktop pc.Any suggestions?

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Good Experience With Ipad Order Delivery Service By Aafes

I ordered a white ipad 32gb wifi only from they were not available to order until 5pm and i don't think i placed my order until about 6pm ct and the wait was already 2-3 weeks and their page showed shipping early april. I just checked my order and it shows shipped the tracking number shows estimated delivery is 3/21 not bad for a 2-3 week wait and i only paid $589 with no tax.

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Is An Ipad 2 Plus A Desktop Mac At Home A Good Combination For College?

I will be starting college this fall at the university of houston. My parents want to help me out with some sort of computer for college and we are having trouble deciding between a laptop or ipad 2. I have a desktop computer at home that dual boots mac os x 10. 6. 7 and windows 7 home premium and each os has microsoft office. I am thinking that i will be able to go to lectures, take notes with an ipad 2 and wireless bluetooth keyboard but then come home and work on projects/essays/presentations. If need be, i could use iwork or quickoffice pro hd to start assignments and then finish them at home. The only problem is that it may be difficult when trying to study with friends and they all have microsoft office and i don't.

If anyone has any experience with this, i'd like to know how it went. I've been doing some research and i've read many articles saying that the ipad doesn't have a proper word processor and things like that, but the articles are from when the original ipad came out. Has the os been upgraded enough to the point where it could be used as a functional device for college classes? Just to summarize, i want to buy an ipad and the main purpose of this device would be for taking notes in lectures, then come home and work on assignments on my desktop computer. Is this a plausible scenario?

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Is A Case Necessary For The Ipad? If So Which One Do You Use?

I just got an ipad for christmas and i love it so far! I also got a smart cover for it but it doesn't feel like it's protected enough. Ive been looking for cases and i found 2 that i like that are in my budget (under $50). Here they are:

1. Merkury innovations dual flip stand case ($35)
2. Ihome slim fit folio case for ipad 2 ($40)

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Bananas Bulletproof Case

Anyone know where i can get this case either in the us or shipped to the us? Most of the stores listed on the site indicated they don't ship to the united states. I really like this case a lot.

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Sgp Vintage Case, Anyone Got One?

I'm seriously considering one of the above, my ipad is currently in a cheap silicone case purchased of ebay, and was looking at something a bit more special. I do like the look of the vintage leather sgp, does anyone own one?

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Help Me Choose A Leather Case

This leather case looks cool, and it marked as genuine leather. I have never got a case before, can you help me? I don't wanna it break for a few days.

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Ergonomic Case Recommendations

What cases would you consider "ergonomic"? That would include features like pronounced grips, handles, ect. I want something that is easy to hold for long periods of time, while still being functional and easy to travel with

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Any Case Recommendations For The New Ipad?

I got a 3rd generation ipad yesterday as an 8th grade graduation gift. And i'm having a tough time deciding what case/cases should i get: i need a folio case for when i have to take my ipad to school. I really want this case to: have a simple design, protect the back of my ipad from scratches, and if its possible to also protect the corners of the ipad. What folio case do you guys recommend me to buy? Also because folio cases can be really annoying for playing games my parents got me a smart cover, that i use when i'm home. But i feel i need a case to protect the back of my ipad but i also want to be able to use the smart cover with the back case on, what case should i buy?

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Using Case, Is The Ipad Really That Fragile?

A buddy from work told me that you have to have a case on an ipad. Is this true. My iphone has taken a tumble a time or two and has never spider webbed. Is the ipad really that fragile? I just hate to loose the sexy naked feel it has without the case. My buddy says the two best options are these:

Bear motion 100% genuine leather case and
Casecrown bold standby case

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