Problem: Ipad 2 External Keyboard Keys Type Wrong

I recently bought an external keyboard for the ipad, this used to work perfectly fine. I haven't used it in a while so i wanted to try it again for writing an e-mail. Now the keyboard is always qwerty instead of azerty. The settings are set to azerty but the keyboard won't follow unfortunately. It worked perfectly fine in the beginning but now obviously it doesn't anymore. Please help me.

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Ipad 3 - Keyboard Issue - Wrong Key Will Show Up

Having a problem with typing on ipad 3 keyboard. Sometimes i'll type on keyboard and either the wrong key will show up or you would hear the click sound and nothing shows up. Sometimes you'll press a key and the return key will show up when you didn't press it. I'm jailbroken but this was happening before too.

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Using Iphone Keyboard To Type On Ipad?

Does anyone know if there is a way to use my iphone to type on my ipad?

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Ipad 3 Keyboard Sometimes Doesn't Type A Letter?

Has anyone else encountered this problem with the new ipad ? Frequently, when i'm typing something some characters don't show, it's not any particular letter or number but it does happen frequently. For example, if i type "word" it may show as "ord". At first i thought i was just not actually touching the particular character that didn't show o i started (note: the word just before i in this sentence is supposed to be so but only the o is showing- that's exactly what i'm talking about!!) Has anyone else had this issue with the ipad 3?

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Can You Add An External Keyboard And Mouse To The Ipad?

They are chatting up how you can use the ipad for spreadsheets, etc.They are really focusing on the touch screen keyboard.If the ipad is a pseudo laptop replacement -- a device between iphone and macbook, it really would benefit from the ability to use a bluetooth keyboard, mouse with it.I'm guessing no, considering there is no option like this for the iphone and people have been asking for one.

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Ipad 2 Keyboard Not Working In Forum App To Type The Message

For some reason, i can't get the keyboard to type in the "message" field using the app for this forum. Anything i need to "enable" to get this to work? I can only post using the web-based site for this forum.

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Formatting Tags Appear When I Activate Capslock And Press Certain Keys

Formatting tags appear when i activate capslock and press certain keys.

[B][ /b]
[I][ /i]
[U][ /u]

I typed b, i, and u with capslock on to get those to show. Why is this happening? Is there anyway to turn it off? I usually press capslock to capitalize a single letter as a habit instead of using shift.

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Wrong Itunes Account On Apps?

Anybody got any idea why apps that i purchased on my ipad, that won't even run on iphone, are coming up with updates that are linked to the account for my wife's iphone. I can reinstall them under my account, but then i lose all my settings and files (like 8gb of pdf files). Apple support has been useless with this. I'm not paying for all these apps again just to save my info. On a side note, both accounts are synced to the same computer, and my ipad (1st gen) is jailbroken. Both iphone and ipad are on ios 5. Somebody throw me a bone here.

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Ipad Shipped To Wrong Address, Can It Be Tracked?

So, the ipad i ordered for my daughter in another state was shipped to the wrong address. Of coarse no one returned it. If the person who has it turns it on, can it be tracked?

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Cannot Type Fast On The Ipad

Can you guy type fast on the ipad? Is it just me, or what? I seem to type very slow with it, like stil using either only one or two fingers. Nothing more, compared to a conventional keyboard.

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App For Viewing External Photos

At work we got a new ipad 2. We got the one with the 16gb of internal memory. I, along with my boss, was going to use it separately and have our own pictures, etc to show clients. Our thought was to each have an sd card to keep our pictures on and we could swap them out as we needed. After getting the ipad and the sd card adapter, we realized you can only import or delete pictures from the sd card that have been formatted and taken by a digital camera. Extremely disappointing! Is there an app or some way to view the pictures directly off the sd card without importing them to the ipad? We want to be able to show pictures of our work to clients w/o having to use up internal memory. I think it is pretty crappy of apple to not even allow you to view images off of an sd card when so many tablets out there will let you do this. Can anyone help?

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Access External Flash Drive?

Well now you can access external hard drives on your ipad.But sadly need another device, like a laptop, to power the hard drive.Rather than using a hard drive would a usb flash drive remove the need for an external power source?

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Maps Crashes When Try To Type A Location With Letter B

So, on my ipad, anytime i try to type a location that starts with the letter b, maps crashes. It's so odd, i haven't tried a restore, but i was wondering if anyone else had experienced this at any point. It is literally the only malfunction i've had with my ipad other than occasionally massive power-points not being loadable on good-reader. It doesn't even really bother me, it's just so weird. I guess this probably doesn't need a whole new thread, but, still didn't know if anyone else had experienced this.

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Import Photos, Export To External Hard Drive

I have been considering an ipad for quite some time now, and really only one thing holding me back. I'm a photographer and would love to replace my old macbook for an ipad for traveling only (imac at home) if i could import my raw pictures from my camera to the ipad and export my raw pictures from said ipad to an external hard drive where they will be archived for the rest of the trip. Is this possible with a jailbreak + ifile? I'm assuming the hard drive would need an outside power source, which i'm fine with.

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Importing Photos From Ipad To External Hard Drive

Is this doable? Cheaply? I've looked around for a while and it seems the only way to do this is to jailbreak the thing. I'm going on a trip, plan to shoot raw (22mb files) and i originally planned to put them on a laptop and keep shooting. Now, i'm curious to see if i can just get them onto an external hard drive some how without the need of a computer. I thought i'd import them to the ipad but it doesn't seem any easier to get them from there to a hard drive. I prefer ext hds since i've got 5 laying around. Also dropbox is a last resort since upload connectivity is sketchy at destination (also the huge amount of data).

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Backup Ipad To An External Hard Drive Without Using Cloud?

How do you back up ipad and iphone to an external hard drive without buying timecapsule or using cloud?

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Ipad 2 Support Landscape Mode To Type Pages?

Does pages for ipad 2 support landscape mode so i could type in landscape? Is pages the best app for word processing?

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User Review: Choiix Smartcover / Folio Type Case

So today i walked into a local retailer just browsing for some cables and a case caught my eye. The clerk told me it was an ipad 2 case but we could try and see if it worked on the new ipad, and it did. As you can hopefully see on the pictures it's a exact copy of the smart cover (material even feels a bit nicer, the colorful part at least) but it's connected to a hardshell plastic back. The material almost fully wraps around the back giving me the impression it's very well connected to the plastic. It's very thin and seems to offer very decent protection, without covering the bezel at all.

Magnets work perfectly and so do the stands, it has the exact 4 folds a real smart cover has. Cutouts are very nice and everything is perfectly accessible, with only the mic 'cutting it close' (but still fully usable, i tested it). Personally i'm not to crazy about the white plastic, but it's fine. Also it has edges that a very similar in sharpness as a bare ipad has. The brand is choiix and i paid 24, 95 ($33) for it. This is my third case, i have the marware ceo ipad 3 thing and a geckocover hardback folio (which is pretty much is that poetic hard back one re-branded) and i think this will be my go to case for a good time to come. As always, third time is the charm.

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Using The Pivot External Display In Portrait Mode When Mirroring The Ipad 2?

I recently bought myself an ipad2 with av adapter.I use my ipad2 on an external display.This external display had a pivot function from landscape to portrait mode.My question is, does someone know how you can use the pivot external display in portrait mode when mirroring the ipad2? So you make full advantage of the external display when the ipad is in portrait mode.

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Ipad 3 - Find My Iphone App Shows Wrong Ipad

I just loaded the find my iphone app and when i finished loading it and tried to find my ipad 3, it shows my ipad 2 and couldn't find it. I returned my ipad 2 to best buy and had them restore it and clear my apps/info, then bought the ipad 3. Is there something i forgot to do when i got my ipad 3? Can you tell me how to change it so the app recognizes my ipad 3 now?

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How Are You Getting On With The Split Keyboard?

As the subject says, i was wondering how other people were getting on with the new split keyboard? So far i like it a lot, it's really handy for writing text without having to place my ipad on my lap or a desk.I'm using it right now in fact.The only problem i've got is that the "b" key is on the wrong side.I've used a ms natural keyboard for years and unfortunately they put the "b" key on the left hand side.Does anyone know if you can change that?

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Folded Keyboard Are Good?

Found a folded keyboard, are they any good?

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What Color Keyboard On Your Ipad?

I got bored with white, changed to black, now looking for something different. Any cool tweaks for new colors/styles - what color keyboard are you using on your ipad?

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Bluetooth Keyboard Hacks

Are there any hacks for the bluetooth keyboard on an ipad to add better functionality?

Examples of what i'll love to have.
1. Cmd-tab to bring up the application switcher and switch to an application.
2. Cmd-shift-{ and } to switch between tabs in safari.
3. Cmd-return to push the send button in the messages application.

Basic things to make a poweruser, like myself, happy.

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Does Anyone Know If The Keyboard Will Be Portrait As Well As Landscape?

Does anyone know if the keyboard will be portrait as well as landscape? I have seen no info or pictures.

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Can You Bluetooth A Mouse And A Keyboard?

Is it possible to bluetooth a mouse and a keyboard to an ipad at the same time? I am about to head out and get my holiday shopping done early and need to know whether or not to bother buying the mouse.I see they have a keyboard dock available, but it doesn't look very stable so i definitely want to get the bluetooth version.

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How To Bring Up Keyboard On Demand?

When iam in hotmail full site in the body area the keyboard does not show.How do i bring up the keyboard on demand?

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Is There A Way To Use A Ipod As A Keyboard For The Ipad?

I think i had a neat idea.Im using a apple bluetooth keyboard right now for my ipad.But the problem is, most the time im using my ipad to type, i need the screen, but i don't have a place to put the keyboard.Im not a big fan of the soft keyboard, its just to small to comfortably touch type and i wouldn't want my ipad bigger to accommodate that anyway.Is there a app that will let me tether my iphone/ipod to my ipad? I would love to be able to thumb type on my ipod and have it type out on my ipad.Hope someone knows how to do this, cause i cant find anything one it.

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Can I Use My Ipad As A Keyboard Instead Of A Display?

I know that i can use my ipad as an auxiliary display for my imac by hooking it up with bluetooth, i want to know if i can use my ipad as a keyboard instead of a display.The reason behind this is i have my ipad set up to have a keyboard in multiple languages and i want to be able to use this with my imac.

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Keyboard Dock Vs. Bluetooth Kb

Personally i think it's a little silly to buy the keyboard dock when you can just use a bluetooth keyboard and have more freedom.Then again, apple isn't exactly advertising this are they?

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Keyboard Just Split Down The Middle?

My keyboard just split down the middle.It's still usable but very small.Am i stuck with it?

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Keyboard File Location On 4.2.1?

I'm trying to theme my ipad keyboard.I'm on 4.2.1, and i can't find the file location for the keyboard.I've extracted every .Artwork file including shared~ipad.Artwork in the uiframework folder and can't find the correct file.In previous versions it was keyboard-common.Artwork but that i think has been gone since ios 3.Does anyone know the keyboard file location?

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Ipad Bluetooth Keyboard Switching

Planning on getting an ipad soon, but i had a question on how bluetooth keyboard works with it. Is it easy to switch the keyboard between driving, say, a mac mini, and the ipad? I'm wondering if it's a tedious process of having to delete pairings and repairing every time i want to change what i'm working on.

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