Dates Of Online Shipping Have Changed From Days To Weeks, How Do You Think Stores Are Going To Be Affected?

So as the dates of online shipping have changed from days to weeks, how do you think stores are going to be affected? Do you think they well get restocked quickly? I am not able to make the 5pm launch so i am hoping that by next weekend the stores should have new shipments in. (Hopefully they will be handled like the iphone 4 were they were still available later that day). I called target yesterday and they said they should get some more in on monday. But they could just be feeding me a line. Any thoughts?

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How Good Are Ipad Stock Levels In Stores These Days?

Have to drive about an hour tomorrow to my nearest apple store. Hoping they have all models in stock. Are they pretty well stocked now that the mad rush is over?

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Change Shipping Address After Order Was Placed

So, i placed my order on the 7th and on the 8th at night, i called them while it was still "processing" and changed my shipping address. My husband and i aren't going to be home tomorrow so i figured i'd have it sent to my parent's house, where they will be home all day. That was thursday. My order was in "processing" until sunday, then did not come out of "preparing for shipment" until yesterday. Well, today i get this email that says that they have "submitted my address change request to the carrier.

Once we receive a response from the carrier, we will notify you by email. " Needless to say, i haven't heard anything back after that. (Although i did get an email from a customer service management representative saying that he will be my contact at apple and if i need any further assistance, to contact him-not sure why exactly i got this email. I did email him back right after receiving it but never heard back. )

My question is, do you think my ipad will still be at delivered at my parent's house tomorrow (even though they are literally 5 minutes away from my house)? Has any one else ever had to change a shipping address and had any issues? I'm not sure why this address change is such a big deal since i changed it last thursday and it did not get sent out until yesterday. Plus, when i called that day to change it, they never said anything to me about it being an issue. They said it was all changed. Anyway, thanks for your help!

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Estimated Delivery Date 1-2 Weeks

Just ordered an ipad 2. Curious if they mean the estimated delivery date 1-2 weeks or will i get it a little quicker?

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Apple Executives Interpretation: Ipad Battery Life Is Not Affected

Apple vice president michael check mr (michael tchao) said the ipad (and the iphone and ipod touch), and other equipment power will be full of before, would advance shows power has 100% full of; at this time, equipment will continue to charge to 100%, and then a little release some power, then charge again to 100%, this program will continue to repeat until users unplug power so far, this can make the equipment to keep the optimum charging effect.

Check mr said: "the purpose of this circuit design is that as long as the users are willing to, then can always keep the equipment in the connection of the power plug state, this is ios has been one of the important characteristics have. "

But in a new generation of ipad launch before, the problem in the very great degree are not attention. The research firm displaymate ray sony pull (ray soneira), analysts said he found in the test, when the show has 100% after full power, ipad in fact did not full charge.

Check mr says, no matter in the cycle of battery which a process, the new ipad users can get apple promised 10 hours of battery life. He also said apple chose to not display the cycle battery state, is to avoid let users feel confused.

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Issue: Double Input Of All Calander Dates

I have a double input of all my calander dates, how do i completely scrub the calander on outlook then start again? It's like it's doubled everything i've inputed after i synced, this all happened after i used an app called facebook smartsync.

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Calendar Keeps Changing Dates / Times Of My Appointment?

I currently have 1 desktop, 1 iphone, 1 laptop and an ipad syncing through icloud. For some reason it's now started to randomly change some appointment times and days. Any ideas?

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Why Slider Changed On Ios 5.1.1?

Why was the slider changed on ios 5. 1. 1? Such a small change but weird, the slider is now gray instead of black. Matches the iphone now. I don't like it

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Accessories / Cases On The Apple Stores

Anyone at the apple stores seeing accessories? For you guys who have been to an apple store today, do they have any other accessories/cases out for it yet? I'm looking for a sleeve. I went by one last night (a bit of a drive) and just looked around at all the lines and such, and they let me in the store to look around. The only cases they had for sale for the ip2 was the smart cover. Anything changed today?

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Did New Update Should Have Changed 3g To 4g Icon Like It Did On Iphone?

Did new update should have changed 3g to 4g icon like it did on iphone? Mine still showing 3g.

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My Ibook App On My Ipad Appearance Has Changed?

It no longer has a center shadowed spine and it doesn't show page edges like it used to, it's just two columns on a plain page when in landscape position. I loved it when it looked like a real book, what happened? Can someone help me, i downloaded latest version tonight, and it still isn't looking like it used to.

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Where I Can Download The Videos That Play On Ipads In Apple Stores?

Does anyone know where i can download the videos that play on ipads and ipad2's in apple stores? I have been able to find the iphone 4 vid (demo. Mov) but zero success finding the ipad versions. Any help would be appreciated.

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Applecare Replacement Within 14 Days

Normally it will be a brand new unit, so will the receipt be required if they would give me a new device? I've been having a few problems with mines and will end up taking it to the genius bar, but sadly i don't have the receipt. The person that got me the ipad did purchase for me. Is this going to be a problem?

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How Long Are Ipad 3 Lines These Days?

I did get my new ipad 3 via fedex on march 16th, but i've then come to realize i want a 4g model. I'm planning on returning this ipad and cashing in, then buying my preferred model. However, i'm afraid of the lines that might still exist. Certainly i'm willing to wait several hours, but are these suckers in short supply like the ipad 2? Basically, just tell me what i should do. The nearest apple store is about an hour away, so getting this right on the first try is ideal.

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Can An Ipad Be Replaced Within 30 Days For A Different Color?

Can an ipad be replaced if purchased within 30 days for lets say a different color? I am not sure if apple's policy will allow a color swap within 30 days or the 14 day return policy is all you get.

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Replacement Within 14 Days Without Losing Return Window?

Replacement within 14 days without losing return window? Has anyone with backlight issues been able to get the genius bar to simply exchange their ipad so that you don't lose the 14 day return window? I'd like to get a replacement, but i am apprehensive about it because once i do that, i won't be able to return it if for some reason i decide to.

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Can I Do Ipad Replacement After 14 Days Return Period?

Im still comparing my ipad screen to my other monitors and screens in the house and it seems like its more yellowish than others, for instance grays seem to be much less grey than they normally are. Also this forum colors are odd. On my other screens there light blue and maybe slightly grey in areas but on the ipad the color seem pretty dull and yellowish.

If i took my ipad into the store and asked them if it could be replaced due to this can i only do this within the 14 day period? (I bought the ipad on launch day but now its been put away for my birthday present which is the 17th of june) if i receive it on my birthday il be out of the 14 day period. Does this mean i would not be able to ask for a replacement?

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Experience / Thoughts About Online Order

So while i sit here and use my perfectly lovely "old" ipad to type this, i wonder if i made a mistake getting up at 4am to order online. If i brave the crowded lines after all and get what i was after (because i am clearly insane, but something tells me you reading this can relate), will i be able to cancel the order. Anyone else dumb enough to have ordered with a debit card and worried the canceled order won't go through? I just can't be the only one wondering here.

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Ipad 2 And 3 Online Purchase Limit

I know that the purchase limit when ordering ipad 2s through the apple store is "two per customer per year", but i am wondering if anyone knows what exactly this means. Does it mean that the system will not allow the purchase of more than two ipad 2s purchased with the same credit card number, or more than two ipad 2s purchased for the same shipping address, or something else? I have a big family, and i am hoping that i will be able to get three ipad 3s through the online store when they go on sale next month. Does anyone know how this worked with the ipad 2 (as i'm sure it will be the same with the ipad 3)?

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Compatibility With Online Internet Forums?

Can one log on to an online forums such as this one and interact on an ipad? Is there any limitation?I understand one needs either wifi or 3g connections to get onto the internet.

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If I Cancel Online Ipad Order, What Happens With Applecare?

Quick question for the experts out there. Yesterday, i placed an order for a white ipad (64gb, wifi) on I also ordered a smart case and applecare. The current shipping estimate for the ipad is showing april 19th. The smart case and applecare already show as shipped.

I'm still searching locally to see if i can find an ipad, but my question is. If i happen to find one locally and want to cancel the online ipad order, what happens with the applecare? Can i apply it to an ipad i physically purchase to the applecare i ordered online or do i have to buy a separate applecare policy for that and return the first one? I believe that the applecare will be automatically registered to the ipad i ordered online assuming that order remains and is actually shipped.

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How Receipts Are Provided When You Purchase From Apple Online?

I received my new ipad from apple, but i don't think there was an actual receipt provided. I did receive an e-mail from apple to acknowledge the order. I just bought a squaretrade policy and they require a receipt. Just curious as to how receipts are provided when you purchase from apple online.

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How To Hook Ipad To Tv To Stream Online Videos?

Is it possible to stream online videos from an ipad, not technical enough to understand if it's possible due to graphics car, sound, heat element etc.And then is it possible to hook it up to tv?

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Why Do Some Online Videos Play On The Ipad And Not The Iphone?

I'm curious about something: why do some online videos play on the ipad and not the iphone? For instance, videos on the nfl site usually come up with a blank screen on the iphone, telling you to download flash (and of course we can't).However, the same blank screen and advisory on the ipad appears, but then the video comes up and allows you to play it.Does the ipad use different video codecs, etc.From the iphone?

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Uploading Photo From Ipad To An Application Form Online

How do i upload photo from my ipad to an application form online.

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Watch Online Stream Wmv File On Ipad?

Is there any way i can watch online stream file wmv directly on ipad without download them and then convert them to mpg4/mov format and sync onto my ipad? I want to watch the recording on the road via 3g connection.

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Dead Pixel - How To Get A Replacement, Online Or Take It Back To An Apple Store?

Ordered last week on the 20th, arrived today. Blown away by the screen, until i fired up safari and saw i had a group of dead pixels in one spot. What would be the best and quickest way to get a replacement? Should i just do the returns process online now or take it back to an apple store? (Nearest being nearly 100 mile round trip).

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Transfer Files From Pc To Ipad Using Online File Sharing Services?

I would like to transfer some word, excel, fotos, and other kind of files from my windows pc to the ipad.What is the easiest way to do this? Using an online file sharing service? Or how you best recommend me? What online file sharing services free you recommend me?

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Calendar Made 2 Inputs For Each Entry When I Made A Save Online

Just added my yahoo email calendar (i only use this one for kids birthday reminders for family and god children) and when i made a save online, it made 2 inputs for each entry. Any ideas why it would do this? I've gone back to the web version and there is only one there. Also, my ipad won't allow me to send invites to events to anybody. It just states something about not being able to change attendees. This option works fine on my iphone though. Again, any ideas why this might be?

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