Issue: Missing Usb Cable From Ipad Package Box

In the box

Dock connector to usb cable
10w usb power adapter
Sim eject tool
(Wi-fi + 3g model only)

My ipad was just delivered and noticeably missing was the dock connector to usb cable. I called apple support which forwarded my call to sales, which was closed. Not really a huge deal since i suppose since i can use the one my iphone came with, just wondering if anyone else had this issue.

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Can I Add Apps Using Usb Cable To Pc Without Wifi From Ipad?

Can i add apps using the usb cable connected to my pc without wifi connected from the ipad? My pc has wifi but haven't set the ipad up to connect to my pc using wifi yet! I am using itunes and they are sync to one another but not sure how to get new apps and move them to the ipad using the usb cable abd itunes!

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Longer Usb Power Cable For Ipad 3 That Works

I have bought a few longer cables off ebay and so far none work - so i googled why and found out that the ipad 3 takes more power etc and cheaper cables don't work . So can someone recommend a charging cable that does charge the ipad 3 (fully to 100%) thats longer than the original 2-3 meters , i don't want to use a longer extension cable, i just want a longer usb cable that i can plug in the oem charger (powerblock). At the moment i have pinched my macbook pro cable to make it longer but really like that back for my computer and it's a heavy power cable.

So if anyone has tried and tested any cables that work properly and can recommend one that would be great. I have seen the griffen gc17120 advertised ? Has anyone tried this on the ipad 3? Any suggestions or recommendations and links are appreciated.

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Split Sync And Charge Usb Cable For Ipad?

As the ipad won't charge from puny 500ma usb ports on computers, can you get a double-headed cable? I'm thinking split the usb cable so the power pair goto a usb plug for the 10w wall-charger and the data pair goto a usb plug for the pc.Then just plug the apple connector into the ipad dock etc.I was going to make up such a cable myself unless anyone knows it can't work.

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Ipad Box Comparison Dimensions

Does anyone know where i can find the dimensions of the ipad 1 & 2 boxes? Are there any pictures comparing the two side by side? I'd like to know if the boxes are the same size and i can't find dimensions or side-by-side pictures anywhere.

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Syncing Ipad 2 With Itunes After Having Used It Straight Out Of Box

My girlfriend got an ipad2 a couple of months ago, and as it came with ios 5, it could be used straight out of the box. She set it up without a computer (yay, finally thats possible) and started using it. She's been using it ever since, no problem. Problem occurred when we wanted to sync it with itunes to make a backup + plus transfer some files via itunes to a movie player app. When i hooked the ipad up to the computer i only got two options.

1. Setup as new ipad - this will wipe everything off it, and is definately not a good option. Every app gone, every save file lost.

2. Backup from existing backup - obviously there is no existing backup, as this is the first time its being hooked up.

What do we do? Is there no way of making a backup based on whats currently on the ipad connected? I assume it's possible in some way, or else i must say i feel tricked regarding the "use straight out of box" that apple are so proud of.

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Warranty - Box Required For Faulty Device

When apple is picking up your faulty device, do you need to have it packed up in a box or are they going to have a box for you when the courier shows up?

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Otter Box Defender Case, Took It Off, Could That Cause Issues?

Just got it and the screen protector didn't go on so well so i took it off and i'm using it without the screen protector.could that cause issues with the plastic that touches the screen? Seems snug and screen protectors keep the screen form looking as good as it should. Worry or not?

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Ipad 3 Already Hitting Open Box Special In Best Buy

Walked in tonight looking for something else, and (as usual) walked through the apple section. Chock full of stock in new ones, and a handful of open box specials. Picked up the 16gb wifi the wife's been debating for $449. Looks like they're checking them and turning them back out for sale quickly.

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Email Disappears, Mail Box Empty After Jailbreaking?

I recently replaced my ipad wifi with a 3g unit.I jailbroke the unit and loaded all my programs on.I really didn't play with it in an "unjailbroken" state.Now when i go to my mail, it will show my email box empty.When i click refresh it will load all of me exchange email.After a couple of minutes it will all disappear and have to re-download it to make it show up again.I have deleted the account, and recreated it.Same thing happening.I have reset the network settings.Same result.Has anyone else experienced this.I am traveling on business and cannot hard reset it till next week.Anybody have any ideas?

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App Store Icon Missing

I jb my ipad 2 today nos issues all day but just a few mins ago i noticed the app store icon is missing. It does show up in sl search and also in safe mode but not on any of my screens i checked restrictions are off. Any other suggestions.

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Ipad 2 - Tv Show Goes Missing After Synch

I have the ipad 2, version 4. 3. 5, 32gb, not jailbroken. I have purchased and downloaded a tv show episode from itunes directly to my ipad. It plays just fine as a tv show in the videos application on the ipad. Until. I synch the ipad via usb to my pc. After the synch, the tv show no longer shows under videos on the ipad, and the tv shows label is not there. The tv episode does appear under tv shows in the itunes library on my pc. And i can play the show on my pc from itunes.

But it does not synch back to the ipad. In order to get the episode back on my ipad, i have to re-download it (via wifi) on the ipad; this takes about 40 minutes. After which it shows again under videos/tv shows. And, when i later again synch, the episode disappears again. Since i paid for it the first time, i do not have to pay for it again, but it is a nuisance to have to re-download it each time after i synch. I did a search in the forum, but did not see my precise problem mentioned.

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Calculator App Missing Onto The New Ipad?

Is it just me or has apple forgotten to install the calculator app onto the new ipad? I've managed to find the same one within the apps store but was it apples intentions on leaving this very useful app out?

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What's Missing From The Ios Version Of Safari That You Would Like?

Im was just wondering what you guys thought was missing from the ios version of safari. The obvious ones would be :

Ad blocking
Being able to see two pages side by side

But what others do you think is really missing? Also what would you like to see added in the future?

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Facebook App Missing Key Features

I think that everyone would like to have a share option on their facebook app when it comes to re-share some friend's post, instead of having to open browser and using normal facebook web page. Is there away for us to pressure facebook to update their app in order to enable these key features? On the + button when we choose like or comment, add a little share button too? I think that the app should be able to do everything you do on the website, otherwise there is no point in using the app. Is there another app for facebook more complete than the official facebook app?

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Issue: Missing Photos After Spirit Jailbreak

Has anyone experienced pictures missing after spirit jailbreak?

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The Status Bar Icons On The Left Are Missing?

There are weird things happening. 1. The status bar icons on the left are missing, 2. When i touch and hold on a link a blurry box shows up with the options.

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Issue: Wifi Missing After Installing Ratinapad On Ipad 3

I have this strange issue on recently jailbroken ipad 3 after installing ratinapad. The wifi icon is missing, tableview hover color non-gradeient black, uialertview is totally gone, only faded text appears, photos app crashing. Removing ratinapad didn't solve this issue. I tried respring, reboot, etc. None worked. I don't wanna restore, any workaround?

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Issue: Can't Set A Passcode - Option Is Missing Or Greyed Out

My boys can't keep off my ipad and the youngest loves the toy story digital book. So much so he tried to get on while i wasn't paying attention and looks to have kept trying the passcode until it erased itself. I've recovered the whole ipad but now can't set a passcode - in fact the top box 'use passcode' option is missing and the rest of the passcode options are greyed out? Any ideas or help?

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Universal Av Cable - Screen Goes Black

Hallo guys, i bought a universal a. V cable for my ipad so that i could connect it to the t. V, the are not original apple a. V cables, whenever i connect my ipad to the t. V using the cables, the screen for the ipad displays on the t. V only for some seconds and then goes black, is there any app that i can use to connect the ipad to the t. V using the cables, i will really appreciate for the help

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Charging Cable Extension For New Ipad

Does anyone have any recommendations for an extension to the existing cable. I think a usb2 extension might not have adequate power to charge and i'm not sure if the cable extensions that worked with previous ipads will work with new ipad. I basically want to be able to use my ipad while sitting on sofa or in bed whilst it is charging.

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Longer Charging Cable For Ipad 2

What is the maximum length i should use to extend the charging cable? Will it decrease the charging rate? Difference between cheap or expensive cables ?

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Issue: Restoring Content To Ipad 3 Missing Videos, Photos

I just bought the the new ipad after using the first generation model for a couple years. I backed up my old ipad to itunes and attempted a restore. I did the restore to the new ipad. But when the new ipad restarted, it gave the original options to treat it as a new device or to restore. After the restart, i chose a different option to treat it as a new ipad. It ended up restoring all of my apps. But i am missing many gb of content, including videos, photos, books, etc. Where did i go wrong? Do i need to start over? Call apple care?

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Issue: Ipad 2 - Magic Dvd Ripper And Missing Data

Hoping someone has come across this and can assist. I'm using magic dvd ripper (latest version) to rip a dvd that i legally own but when i review the rip via itunes, there's missing data. Specifically there's a scene where one of the actors is speaking in spanish but the english translation doesn't appear at the bottom of the screen (typically where subtitles would be located). It appears on the original dvd but not on the rip and honestly. It's not as funny without the translation. When i rip the dvd do i need to set it to have an english subtitle even though 99% of the movie is in english?

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Need A Quality 2 Or 3 Metre Ipad Charging Cable?

I got a 2 meter cable but charging from zero to a full charge takes three times as long compared to the 1 meter official cable supplied by apple. Its perfectly fine when the ipad is already charged as this cable holds the charge and slowly increases it, but i am just looking to buy a longer cable that is good as the official cable supplied by apple as i would like to charge it up faster as well as have the extra length.

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Component Av Cable No Longer In Apple Store?

It appears that after the new ipad announcement, the component av cable is no longer available in the apple store? Anyone know why?

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Email Problems: Cannot Send, Missing After Move To Folder, Reappear When Deleted

I've had quite a few problems with the mail feature recently:

1. Emails refusing to send. It stalls for five minutes, and then i receive a notice that a copy has been placed in my outbox. This just happened today and i tried restarting and rebooting as suggested in other threads, but the message still didn't send. I can tell this wasn't a bigger problem with my mail client since i managed to get the content on my pc through dropbox and copy it into a new message, which did send, and i could read my new mail fine. (Usually when i have these problems, i can save a draft and send it from another computer, but today i couldn't even do that. )

2. I tried to delete that message that wouldn't send from my outbox, once i'd sent a copy through other means, but it kept reappearing.

3. Emails going missing after i move them to a different folder. They don't show up in trash, they just vanish and i never see them again. Additionally, sometimes the move seems to fail- the message reappears in its original folder, or i get an error message. And sometimes "unsent" mails eventually send (i know because i get replies), and sometimes the recipient says they even got multiple copies, but these mails never show in my sent folder so i lose them.

4. This is more of a minor annoyance, but at times the text of an e-mail in the reply window becomes oddly formatted, so that i have to scroll horizontally and can't see all of what i'm typing.

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Time Warner Cable App With Ptpp Vpn

Has anyone done this? I got it to work on 3g and external wifi, however i don't get any sound. Any ideas?

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Ipad 2 - Replacement Board For Power Flex Cable

What is the name of the board that the power flex cable plugs into and can it be replaced? I think i broke the socket on this board trying to remove the old flex cable with all that tape around it. The copper that makes a rectangle around the socket has a small gap in the copper. I have ordered a new power flex cable and wont be able to test it until it arrives, but i have a feeling i'm going to need to replace that board.

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Extender Cable Will Work With The Apple Keyboard Dock?

Does anyone know if one of these cables will work with the apple keyboard dock? I added the keyboard dock as an accessory when i ordered my ipad.Now that i have it, i've discovered that i prefer typing in landscape orientation - something the keyboard dock doesn't allow.I also have a nice case that props up the ipad in landscape orientation.

I was thinking if the dock extender cable would work, i could leave the ipad in its case and still be able to get some use out of the keyboard dock.It would also be nice to finally be able to use my ipad with existing ipod accessories like my alarm clock and my stereo.Or should i just cut my losses with the keyboard dock and buy a bluetooth keyboard? Any particular models that work best with an ipad?

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No Admin Rights - File Transfer Via Cable And Tethered Program?

1) i don't have admin rights on the computers in my university. How can files be transferred via cable (cable - not using dropbox or similar) without installing itunes? Is there anything portable?

2) is there a program allowing starting a device with tethered jailbreak without itunes, installation and admin rights?

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Which Ipad Cable Can I Use To Stream Audio To Car Via 30 Pin Connector?

I bought a apple component av cable from amazon and it works well so i can stream pandora and other type of audio to my car.The issue is when i try to play a video i can hear sound but since the cable is meant for the tv i get the black screen that says its playing on tv.Is there any way around this? Or which other cable can i buy that can charge my ipad and play audio through the 30 pin connector.I know some of you will say why don't i use a the audio through the 3.55 mm jack and charge it with a regular ipad charger but i don't want too many cable around in the car.

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Issue: Attaching Composite Cable Video From Ipad To Tv Shows Black & White Picture

Yesterday it was working. Today when i attach the apple composite cable and switch the ipad video output to pal i can see on the tv a picture but black and white and it is rolling over. The sound comes through fine. In the old days tvs used to have adjustments to correct for the horizontal hold, but they don't any more, but that wouldn't fix the problem as it was working fine yesterday. My wife did watch something on tv since then, but she doesn't think she could have changed any adjustments. If it matters, the tv is a tosheba cf27g50.

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