Connect Ipad To Hard Wired Internet

I am going to europe and the small b&b we are staying in only has hard wired internet. There must be some cord or something that i can get to connect my ipad to a hard wire internet connection. Wifi is not an option, so please don't tell me how easy it is to set up a wifi. What do i need to get to connect to a hardwire connection. I really don't want to lug my mac over there.

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I Want To Connect To Internet Through My Pc

I want my ipad2 to connect to internet through my pc which runs on lan at workplace. How do i set it up?

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Ipad Won't Connect To Internet Via Airport Wifi?

We've got an airport extreme that takes care of our wireless duties for our 16gb wifi ipad, macbook, and 2 iphone 4s.Since we've had the ipad, we've had no issues whatsoever.Then suddenly yesterday, it stops connecting to the internet "safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet".Absolutely nothing has changed.And all our iphones and the macbook are connecting flawlessly and able to access the internet.So i check out the network settings and compare them to the iphone.Here's what it shows.

Ip address is dhcp

Ip address is nnn.Nnn.Nn.Nnn (not gonna show you the actual #s!)

Subnet mask is nnn.Nnn.N.N

Router is blank
Dns is blank
Search domains is blank
Client id is blank

Compare the above to my iphone, which shows a router address, as well as 2 different dns addresses.Can anyone assist? As i said, it's worked perfectly fine up until the other day - and we haven't changed any settings, etc.

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Does Hard Reset Affect Jailbreak In Anyway?

Does a hard reset (holding home button and power button) affect your jailbreak in anyway? Say if i needed to do a hard reset at any time, would it wipe off my jailbreak?

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Is It Possible To Get A Wireless Hard Drive For My Ipad 2?

Hello guy's got a quick wee question.Is it possible to get a wireless hard drive for my ipad 2 so i can save all my word doc's onto that.When i get back in the house.Just not sure if it is possible to do this.

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Griffin Reveal Hard Shell And Sleeve For Ipad 3

Check out amazon for the griffin lan reveal hard shell for ipad 2. It fits the ipad 3 perfectly, is lightweight and has nice raised rubber edges.costs $12. Also the griffin lan sleeve for ipad fits the ipad 3 as well.costs $12. This is an excellent combo for the ipad 3.

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Import Photos, Export To External Hard Drive

I have been considering an ipad for quite some time now, and really only one thing holding me back. I'm a photographer and would love to replace my old macbook for an ipad for traveling only (imac at home) if i could import my raw pictures from my camera to the ipad and export my raw pictures from said ipad to an external hard drive where they will be archived for the rest of the trip. Is this possible with a jailbreak + ifile? I'm assuming the hard drive would need an outside power source, which i'm fine with.

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Importing Photos From Ipad To External Hard Drive

Is this doable? Cheaply? I've looked around for a while and it seems the only way to do this is to jailbreak the thing. I'm going on a trip, plan to shoot raw (22mb files) and i originally planned to put them on a laptop and keep shooting. Now, i'm curious to see if i can just get them onto an external hard drive some how without the need of a computer. I thought i'd import them to the ipad but it doesn't seem any easier to get them from there to a hard drive. I prefer ext hds since i've got 5 laying around. Also dropbox is a last resort since upload connectivity is sketchy at destination (also the huge amount of data).

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Backup Ipad To An External Hard Drive Without Using Cloud?

How do you back up ipad and iphone to an external hard drive without buying timecapsule or using cloud?

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Transfering Ipad Pics To New Reformatted Hard Drive On Macbook Pro

Well today it seemed my hard drive crashed on my macbook pro, the good thing is my ipad has been updated with all my current pics and apps and so forth. Anyways i'm now doing a complete restore of lion which is taking 5 hours and now i'm at work. So the big question when i get home and my computer is back up will i be able to transfer all my apps, pics and videos to my computer? As of right now i have icloud set up on my ipad for calendar, notes and reminders and everything else is set off. So please tell me when i get home 5 hours latter and plug my ipad into my computer it will just ask me if i would like to transfer all my data to my computer?

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Airport Extreme - Stream Videos On Hard Drive To Ipad Using Airplay?

I have an airport extreme, with a hard drive connected to it for remote access from my laptop.Is it possible to stream videos i have on this hard drive to my ipad using airplay? I searched a little on google for the answer, and my head was about to explode i was so lost.Any guidance is appreciated.

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Internet For An Ipad Without A Computer?

I have a friend that is getting an ipad and cable internet to run it. He doesn't have a computer, will a wireless router run without a computer? If so how do you give it a password? Any help would be appreciated.

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Can Ipad Use The Pc As Proxy To Surf The Internet?

Ipad connect a pc via usb cable, the pc has a internet connection. So, can ipad use the pc as proxy to surf the internet?

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Sharing Internet Connection Over Bluetooth

Has anyone used sharing their internet connection over bluetooth to ipad using mac lion feature called internet sharing, i'm trying and paired my ipad but can't access net.

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Compatibility With Online Internet Forums?

Can one log on to an online forums such as this one and interact on an ipad? Is there any limitation?I understand one needs either wifi or 3g connections to get onto the internet.

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How Do I Pair Blackberry 9700 With Ipad 3 To Use Internet?

Any suggestions on how to pair blackberry 9700 with ipad 3 16g wifi no 3g, so as to use the internet capabilities of bb.

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Cannot Pick Up Internet In Non Verizon Coverage (no Roaming)?

I have the new ipad. I live in a rural area so there is no native verizon tower there. I pick up data via the extended network up there. With some other lte phones i had issues where i needed to turn the lte network off to get coverage. With my ipad i cannot get coverage. Even with lte off i get "could not activate celluar network" but the second i hit a verizon tower i am on. I have tried to reset network settings, turn all options on and off etc but i think its a bug with logging into a extended network. Does anyone have any issues like this or things i can try?

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Do I Need Internet Connection To Watch Rented Movies On Ipad?

I just bought an ipad2, mainly for traveling purposes. It's only 16gb so i want to be careful what i download. I've seen on itunes that you can actually rent movies. Do you need to have an internet connection to watch the rented movies?

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Safari - Internet Screen Is Greyed Out On Any Web Sites

My internet screen is greyed out on any web sites i go to, such as google, or anything. The address bar, the back, and forward arrows are the only functioning controls. I tried to close out the safari, but apparently there is no way to do it, so it keeps coming back in the same state. This seems to have started when i tried to download the app for viewing shows, and it wanted me to log in with ipad account info, which hasn't been set up yet. I backed out of the process, i think, but since then i had this problem.

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Ios 6 Networking Issue - Wifi Will Not Load Anything From Internet

I just updated to ios 6 beta 1. My wifi says it's connected, but the ipad will not load anything requiring the internet. My computer can use the wifi internet just fine, but my ipad does not want to cooperate.

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Using Wifi Only Ipad Tethered To Iphone For Mobile Internet?

I want to get an ipad but am unsure of whether it is worth getting a 3g connection if i can just tether a wifi one to my iphone 4's 3g connection. Does anybody else do this? Is there going to be any noticeable reduction in picture quality for example? I tethered my macbook to the iphone's 3g connection when on the go, and it loaded photos pixelated.

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Ipad 2 - Wifi Or 3g? Internet Work On T-mobile Sim?

I'm planning to get an ipad 2 since the price is dropping now but i don't know anything about ipad at all (i know, i'm still using an ipod touch 3rd gen).Which one should i get? Wifi or 3g? I'm on t-mobile plan and i don't know if i can put my sim in and get on the internet? I called apple and they said "no it won't work on t-mobile sim" but i read online and they said it does work with t-mobile.So it works or not work? .

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Issue: Ipad 3 Loses Internet When Downloading & Updating Apps

I have been updating and downloading apps tonight and several times the app has frozen in the loading or waiting process. At the same time safari no longer works as it says it cannot connect to the server. The only way to fix it is to delete the app and do a soft reset and try again. Anyone else had this and know of a fix? Fyi ive had the ipad for 1 day after having swapped 2 already due to screen and sync issues.

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Tether Macbook's Internet To Ipad 2, Wireless, Usb, Adhoc?

I have a wifi ipad 2 but no wifi. I moved to manchester for university, so my accommodation only has ethernet internet. That's fine for my mac, but i need to find a way to tether my internet to my ipad! I done some googling, and from what i can tell, i won't be able to tether using usb. So that leaves either the built in wireless adapter, bluetooth, or creating an adhoc network. I'm not sure how to do either of these methods haha, if they are even possible! So could someone link me to a guide on how to set this up? I don't care what the method is, i just need wifi for the ipad so it can sync to icloud.

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Stream Subscription Based Music From The Internet To The Airport Express?

I just purchased an apple airport express.I will be using it with my new ipad 2.What i need to accomplish is using my ipad2 to stream subscription based music from the internet to the airport express, and for the airport express to connect via toslink cable to the dac in my audio system.What i am not sure about is how to set up my airport express to accomplish this.I do have a wireless network in my home, but wish to keep the wireless connectivity between the airport express and the ipad2 separate from it.

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How Do I Connect Ftp With Ipad?

I installed the app 'speedreader'. To use your own files on this app, you have to connect your pc (laptop) with the ipad 2, using a ftp server. I tried several things but unfortunately i'm a ftp noob so could not get connected to my ipad. I'll post here the instructions of the app and hope you could explain to me, what i should do:

How do i send books to speedreader? Speedreader uses the file transfer protocol (ftp) to communicate with a computer to receive books over the iphone or ipod touch’s wifi connection. First connect your device to the same wifi network your computer is on. If you do not have a wifi network, please see mobilestudio’s adhoc wifi help page on how to create one for free. After connecting to a wifi network, use any ftp client to connect. Tap the wifi icon at the top of speedreader to find out what address to use to connect.

For this case i installed filezilla on my laptop. When i start the program it asks for a:

Server address:

What should i fill in here, when my ipad wifi connections has the following details:

Ip address: 172. 29. 146. 218
Subnetmask: 255. 255. 255. 252
Router: 179. 29. 146. 217
Dns: 172. 29. 144. 1

I tried several thinks but the program keeps saying: "error: connection to server lost". Is there maybe a better alternative? Via goodreader? (I have the latest version of it!). Hope to hear from you fellow users! Really looking forward to your reply. Thanks very much in advance!

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I Want To Connect To Ipad From A Pc Or A Mac

I have been handed the roll of the ipad admin. I have roughly 30 users on the road all over the world. I need to be able to connect to these ipad from a either a pc or a mac. Is there any software out there that will let me do this? I really like logmein and showmypc for pc. And i see that logmein has a option for ipads and it's $29. 99. But, this allow me to connect from a pc to a ipad or just from the ipad to any other mac or pc.

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Wi Fi Connection Stopped, Will No Longer Connect

My wi fi connection had worked perfectly up to now but it will no longer connect. It just sits with the small circle turning but will not connect. My sons ipad 2 connects fine as do two other laptops in the house but my ipad just refuses. I did a complete restore but it cannot access the itunes store and when you reach the choose a network stage at the settings after the restore then the same thing is happening. I have searched for answers but i am now at a complete loss on what to do.

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Ipad 1 Won't Connect To Computer

When i plug it in it won't make the noise on the pc it doesn't say anything in itunes and the ipad doesn't even say "not charging" can anyone please help? It an ipad 1g 16gig wi-fi + 3g at&t.

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Ipad 3 Can't Connect To App Store

I have some problems with connection to the app store with my new ipad3 on my wi-fi work network. Every time i want to download an app i get a message: "cannot connect to itunes store" home on private, there are no problems. I can install apps on an ipad2 at work network! Is there a good explanation for this problem?

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When I Connect Through Facebook For An App. It's In A Different Language?

I just got the new ipad (new from the apple store) and grabbed some games (words with friends, family feud etc.).Whenever i choose to connect through facebook with one of these, the facebook screen that pops up is in a different language.Strange because everything else is in english.It looks like it's using facebook mobile to do this, but when i actually go to m.Facebook.Com it's in english also.Not a big deal i suppose as all i really need to do is enter my facebook email and password and hit ok, but it bothers me that it's doing it.Im a complete noob at this, so maybe theres just a simple setting i have to change.

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Syncing Itunes Doesn't See The Ipad When I Connect It

I've had my ipad since january and at the time had a different computer. Since then a friend gave me a newer computer and hadn't synced my ipad with the new computer since i got it. Well the other day i went to sync it and because it was the first time syncing it with the 'new' computer, it asked me to install something so my pc can see the ipad and i accidentally said no forgetting i was supposed to say yes. Now i can't sync the ipad. When i go connect the ipad to the pc, i get a weird connected sound but nothing happens & then when i disconnect it, i get the usual disconnect sound when you disconnect something that's usb. My itunes doesn't even see the ipad when i connect it. Is there any way i could fix it without having to reinstall windows? I've tried uninstalling itunes & reinstalling it with the newest update but that didn't help.

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Issue: Ipad 2 Cannot Connect To Itunes Store

Can someone tell me what's going on i tried to update a app and it said "cannot connect to itunes store". I also tried to download a new app same thing. I've reboot twice and signed off internet any suggestions?

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