How Scratch Resistant Is The Screen Of The New Ipad 3?

First of all, the screen is amazing.I've had the 1 and the 2.The screen looks bigger because it's so sharp.So i have the iphone4, and for over a year i have had no screen protection, and don't have any scratches.I am careful.Thinking about going without a screen protector on the new ipad, unless the glare becomes annoying.How scratch resistant is the screen? I worried a screen protector will diminish the quality of the screen.

Also, when i restored the new ipad from backup of my ipad2, the available storage changed.My ipad2 showed i had 12gb available, and my ipad3 after loaded up showed 16gb available.The thing that changed was the "other", that is shown in itunes.Does anyone know what the "other" is, and how to delete it?

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Issue: My Ipad Screen Has A Scratch On It

I'm always really careful with any apple products i get and i have no idea how it got there, but there is a 1 cm long scratch in the upper middle portion of my screen. I've talked to some people and they say that it's to deep to polish out (i can feel it with my finger). Should i get a screen protector now? It's not really that noticeable while using the device unless for some reason you're right under a bright light, but still it's really annoying. Anyone else have any scratches?

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Reducing An Ipad Back Aluminum Scratch Using Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0?

Before i start i wanted to say i am writing this because when the subject of scratch removal comes up online, often there are a lot of well-meaning people that say things like "just live with them if you didn't protect your unit" implying it's your fault that apple made a product that scratches ridiculously easily; no, it's completely apple's fault and a shame the durability of their casings don't match their beauty (but perhaps soon they will - more on this later).

Within three weeks of getting my new ipad and with extreme caution of use, somehow i managed to create a 1" long faint scratch on the back of the unit. These kinds of scratches are unbelievably easy to make since the back of the unit is only anodized aluminum, a relatively soft metal with a coating that accentuates any scratch. I kept saying to myself that i was going to eventually apply a protective coat, but i wasn't fast enough. So i'd recommend anyone who cares about such scratches either put on a plastic coating like armorsuit militaryshield or get a case over the unit immediately after taking it out of the box (oh and by the way, some cases will themselves scratch the unit as will apple's smart cover around the hinges - even if apple doesn't admit it). Read more in the forum***

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Experience / Thoughts On Ipad 2 Screen Scratch

Just a quick one, not being anal but my ipad2 has somehow gotten scratched on the screen, i really don't know how because i pretty much babyed it. Just wanted to get your thoughts the scratches are not that obvious theres two of them and even though i don't think they are very deep i can still kinda feel them with the tip of my nail running over them. So my question, do i have to be concerned about them turning into a actual crack or can the ipad2 screen withstand a few scratches?

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User Comment: Ipad 2 Back Is Very Durable, Resistant

Is it me or is the back of the ipad 2 very durable, resistant and protective? I mean the ipod touch resists also a lot of falls, but the metal gets scratched a lot. My ipad is not the case. I haven't dropped it, but it got a lot in contact with keys or other sharp objects. I mean i don't see even a scratch.

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Does Bear Motion Case Stitching Scratch The Ipad Surface?

I received a bear motion case for my ipad 3 today and was feeling the inside of the case before i put my ipad in, and the stitching feels really rough. Has anyone that has used one of these on an ipad 2 had any scratches on the screen from this?

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Ipad 1 - Screen Goes Back To The Main Screen While Watching Youtube Clips?

I have my ipad since may 2010. It has been a pleasure and it goes with me every were. Lately though this strange thing happens. Say i am looking at youtube clips on facebook then suddenly after a few seconds the screen goes back to the main screen with all the apps. Is it breaking down? Have any of you had this happen?

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Screen Durability

I just pre-ordered the new ipad, which will be my very first ipad! I already own and iphone 4, and i had a screen protector on it until the apple store guy told me that the glass on the iphones are scratch resistant, and i was safe with a case that had a lip over the edge to keep the surface elevated.

He was pretty correct, because the only damage my iphone has encountered in 8 months is a mystery chip (honestly have no idea how it happened, but i got over it) and a recent hair line scratch that isn't noticeable at all. I'm assuming the ipad glass is the same as the iphone, which will make it pretty durable. I've seen a few comments in threads about dust from smart covers causing scratches on people's ipad screens?

I'm just wondering how likely that is, because i want to buy a screen protector (particularly the ultra optics from spigen but i'd rather wait for reviews to see how well it fits with snap on back covers, because i'm the sort of person who absolutely cannot handle bubbles in screen protectors. I just don't want my smart cover scratching up my glass before i can get my hands on a decent screen protector.

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Does Ipad Have An Hd Screen?

I was wondering does the ipad have an hd screen so that it can play hd videos from itunes?

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What Is The Best Spray For Screen Cover?

I have always used zagg in the past but find i have to replace it every 3 mo or so. Any better brands? Something with anti-glare? What do you use?

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Issue: Yellow Screen

Looks like the new ipad has the same issue as the ipad 2 except its most likely not the glue this time.

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Do The Screen Protectors Are Necessary For An Ipad?

This is my firstly time owning an ipad and was wondering if a screens protector is a must. I was already planning on getting a case but that is basically for grip issues. Do you guys believe screen protectors are necessary?

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Zagg Hd Screen Protector

Has any one used the zagg hd screen protector? Im looking for a screen protector that wont take away from the clarity of the screen. I do prefer the spray on screen protectors over the traditional stick ons. So if anyone has any great recommendations from hands on experience with a screen protector you have had on ur device let me know.

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Advice On Ipad Screen Replacement

I'm on my third 1st gen ipad due to debris under the screen. I bought the original in june last year so it's still under warranty. The last replacement i got also had something under the glass and i decided not to send it back because of the hassle involved and the time it was taking, so, i took it to an apple store when visiting family because there is not one close to me and the chap behind the genius bar said he would replace it no problem and could see the fault. However, when he brought out the brown box and opened it up, it was far worse than mine you could clearly see three bits of debris under the glass, it wasn't even switched on.

He claimed it was the only they had so i refused it, for obvious reasons, and kept the one i have but he told me the fault was logged to the serial number of my ipad so replacing it else where would not be a problem. Anyone got any experience with this? I've yet to have it replaced in fear of getting a worse one. The thing which annoyed me more than anything was the fact i like to keep things original. In other words, the serial number of the unit matches the serial number on the box etc. Call me fussy, but i'm actually considering collecting these things (like people do stamps) so i would really like a new replacement that is how i would expect it to be for the 699 i paid for it. Warranty expires in june 2011, what would be my best manoeuvre from here?

I've spent thousands on apple gear over the last few years and i must say it's been a difficult process trying to get a 'new boxed' replacement for anything when a problem has come up. For example, the macbook sr i bought in late 2007, the keyboard was faulty from day one and i had to drive 20 miles to the local service centre so they could replace it. I'm going to buy an ipad 2 when they are available, but i still need to resolve the problems with the first one i purchased should i get on the phone screaming blue murder?

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Screen Bleed Replacement In Another Country

I'm from denmark, but i just bought a 16gb wifi ipad in nyc. It has some screen bleed, but nothing serious. My question is, will i be able to get it replaced in denmark, once they get the problem solved 100%?

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Yellowish Screen Replacement From Apple

I know the entire hype on this site right now is about the ipad2 but i am wondering if anyone has or had any luck in being able to get the ipad replaced? I have the original ipad 32 gb, bought it today, and i would like to get it replaced since the screen is slightly yellower (more saturated i guess or warmer?) My other ipad 16 gb has a nicer blueish screen. Can someone let me know how apple hands this?

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Screen Protectors Accessories To Buy In The Uk

There seems to be a lot of information on accessories available in the us, but have noticed a distinct lack of choice in the uk. I personally want to buy a skin, a sleeve and a screen protector. I contacted icarbons for a skin but they stated they didn't have any uk stockists, so have ordered directly from them.

Reading this forum, it appears that powersupport screen protectors are good (i already have one for my iphone) but again i haven't found a uk stockist. Also from here it seems incase sleeves are good. I ordered a belkin from amazon but am now worried it will be too loose for the ipad2. So. Does anyone have any recommendations for uk available accessories? Also, any knowledge on what the apple stores stock as i haven't managed to get to one yet.

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What Happened With Bleeding Screen Issue?

I think its pretty clear what happened with the bleeding screen issue. Wasn't there rumors of a postponed launch because of the production issues? I bet they decided to release the bad batch early and just let the people that dont care keep theirs while swapping out the others. Nothing to lose really.

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Issue: Can't View The Ipad Screen On The Tv

I just bought a cable for my ipad 2 that is running ios 5. 0. 1 and tried to connect it to my tv via the video and audio connections but can't view the ipad screen on the tv. Is there a setting or is this even possible?

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Issue: Ipad Already Has Junk Under The Screen

I just picked up my ipad 3g yesterday & noticed that it has particles in between the glass & lcd. It was like that when i bought it, as i've barely used it a few hours and sure haven't done anything to it. Only one of the particles is noticeable when the screen is turned on, otherwise i can't really see them. Should i take it back for a new one? I don't think it's unfair to expect pretty darn close to perfection for almost $700 out the door. Curious to know your thoughts.

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Universal Av Cable - Screen Goes Black

Hallo guys, i bought a universal a. V cable for my ipad so that i could connect it to the t. V, the are not original apple a. V cables, whenever i connect my ipad to the t. V using the cables, the screen for the ipad displays on the t. V only for some seconds and then goes black, is there any app that i can use to connect the ipad to the t. V using the cables, i will really appreciate for the help

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Joystick That Adheres To The Ipad Screen

Anyone got this joystick that adheres to the ipad screen. What games work best with it?

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Jb Ipad 1 Screen Mirroring Ios 5.0.1

I've jailbroken my ipad 1 in order to use screen mirroring at school but it does not seem to be working straight 'from the box' as many sites have been implying e.g. 1, 2, 3 (notice that in the instructions they only talk about multitouch). Then, i wanted to try the . Plist editing method, but i don't see the display-mirroring boolean string in the . Plist in my ipad. I assume that this method was only good for previous ios versions. So, what now? Any ideas? I could not find anything specific to ios 5. 0. 1 online.

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Pinkish Hue On The Bottom Of The Screen

I know there are always a bunch of posts like this right when a new idevice comes out but i think i have one that i haven't read up on before. It's not a yellow distortion on the screen but instead a pinkish hue on the bottom third of the screen. I can't tell if it's going away with the more i use the ipad but i was just wondering if anyone knew if this was also just glue and is drying.

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Ipad 3 Yellow Border Around Screen

This is my second ipad since the first one had quite a few dead pixels. The yellow tint is not all over my screen, however i can clearly see that it is a border around my screen. To make it clearer, my ipad looks like this: obviously it is not that yellow, but it is similar to the color as a yellow tint. Just want to know what is wrong. I could post the actual pic on my ipad, but a camera would be hard to capture it.

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Black Screen On Google App

When i open google app icon screen is black. I can see att symbol in left upper corner and time in middle and battery lift in upper right corner but rest of screen is black. I can get to google groom safari no problem- just wondering if there is a solution.

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Ipad Screen Is Smashed, Is Replacing Possible?

I don't have apple care, is replacing the screen possible and if so, how? Or do i need to purchase a new ipad?

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Screen Freezing When Sending Mail

Please can someone tell me why is it when am trying to send a mail is the screen freezing up and it will not correct itself even after switching it of and it resets itself?

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Ipad 3 Screen Bleeding Nightmare, What To Do?

So i had an ipad 2 which i gave to my brother and i absolutely loved it! I used it almost exclusively for movies and reading (often in dark lighting conditions) and i never had a screen bleeding problem. But i gave it away and i decided to buy a new one after much consideration and i cannot find one without significant screen bleeding! This is a huge problem for me especially since 85% of my use is in little to no light (usually reading or watching netflix in bed. ) But even at 50% the screen bleeding is really visible and distracting to me.

I swapped it out once at the apple store and was having the same issue and then made an appt at the genius bar at a further apple store because the one i was at had no appointments for the rest of the day. The associate basically refused to look at it and said it wasn't a "known issue" after looking on the computer for like 10 minutes. They said they would "do me a favor" by swapping it out one more time. I said thanks and took the replacement (with a lot of bleeding) but i bought it that day so how was an exchange a favor? I could just return it and but it again, right?

Anyway, the money is tight but i've been saving/budgeting this for a while now and i have never faced this issue with my last ipad so i'm really frustrated. What have you guys done? Does this ever go away? Do all ipad 3's have this? Do you guys think it's acceptable? I may just return it and wait a month or so to buy a new one. I attached a photo of the one i have now but i would appreciate any suggestions you guys have!

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Be Informed Before You Judge Screen Color

Many people are used to looking at monitor screens that are way too blue. And thus when they look at a white screen they think it is yellow. This is not my opinion, this is a fact. A vast majority of the monitors sold now-a-day are calibrated to a color temperature that is close to 9300k, which is way way too blue. A neutral color temperature, one that is neither too blue or too yellow, is 6500k. This is the standard color temperature for photographic work. Even high end monitors can have a very bluish color cast, reason being that if you are so particular about having a neutral color screen, you would spend the money on a colorimeter (spyder, eye-one, etc. ) To calibrator the screen.

The reason commercial monitors are calibrated to display a blue tint is that blue stands out more in the show room. If two monitors are placed side-by-side, most people would prefer the one that is more bluish. If you go into a store and play with the expensive monitors, you would find that most have setting for color temperature, and inevitably they are all set to 9300k and not 6500k.

Before you judge a screen that is too yellow, you might want to compare the screen to a calibrated monitor. Before you judge a screen that is "white", compare to a calibrated monitor to see if it is in fact too blue. From my experience apples does not play that 9300k games with their displays. All apple screens are close to 6500k because apple products are used by many graphics artists.

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Using An Ipad 2 3g And Appletv To Mirror The Screen?

I'm trying to find a way to use an ipad and appletv to mirror the screen (for a demonstration that requires an internet connection) without access a dedicated wifi/internet connection. If i bring a small wireless access point to connect the atv and ipad to, and use a 3g/4g ipad, will the ipad still be able to mirror the screen through the ap while connecting to the internet via 3g? Or will it try to connect to the net through wifi and never connect (since the ap isn't connected to the internet?) Can the ipad enable tethering and allow the atv to connect to it? If so, can the ipad airplay this way? Or should i just simply consider picking up a mifi and using a wifi only ipad?

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Setup Goes Back To Startup Screen?

I purchased a used ipad on here. It already had ios5 installed. It has worked ok until now. It is back at the original setup screen. Ive tried to go through the setup but it goes right back to the setup screen when finished.

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Using The Full Screen In Landscape Mode?

In an handful of apps (dropbox, email client, pdf reader), i can't seem to find a way to use the full screen with the open document in landscape mode - the file browser/inbox/whatever is also taking up 1/3 of the screen.Only in portrait mode does it disappear.Is there a way to do this in landscape mode?

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