How To Change Old Id/email For Updating Apps?

In trying to update aps on my ipad 2, the window asking for my apple id password pops up, but has an old id/ email address that i don't have access to. How do i change this to reflect my current apple id so i can update my aps?

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Issue: Ipad 3 Loses Internet When Downloading & Updating Apps

I have been updating and downloading apps tonight and several times the app has frozen in the loading or waiting process. At the same time safari no longer works as it says it cannot connect to the server. The only way to fix it is to delete the app and do a soft reset and try again. Anyone else had this and know of a fix? Fyi ive had the ipad for 1 day after having swapped 2 already due to screen and sync issues.

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App Store Asking For Previous Owners´account Only When Updating Apps?

I sold my uncle my ipad 1 and deleted everything manually, even the apps i downloaded for free or purchased.I even switched the app store account from mine to his.He can purchase apps with no problem using his account, but when he wants to update any app it asks for my account and password.Won´t accept his.Is there a simple solution to this other than having him restore the ipad as set up as new?

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App Starts At The Bottom - Change The Default Open Email Location

Anyone know how to change the default open email location for the mail app? On mine it starts at an email almost at the bottom, then i have to see like a mad man to scroll to the new mail at the top.

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When I Change Playlists Or Some Apps It Takes A Really Long Time To Sync?

I'm wondering why when i sync my ipad to my mbp it take so long? I find when i change out my playlists or change out some apps it takes a really long time to sync (45+ min) at first i used usb the switched to wireless but i find both are slow. Am i doing something wrong? I manage my playlist manually, which i sync two or three with average 100 songs. I also have 68 apps installed as well.

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Best Office Apps With Email And .docx And .xlsx Files

Is docs to go still the best office app out there? Looking for something so that i can email a .docx or . Xlsx file to my ipad and edit it and email it back.

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Updating From Jailbroken 4.3.3 To 5.0.1 Without Itunes

How i should go about updating my ipad 2 to 5. 0. 1. I'm in a bit of a pickle, in that i can't use itunes to update because the computer that originally synced with the devices crashed and i don't want to lose my media libraries. A couple questions:

How can i update from 4. 3. 3 (it is jailbroken with jailbreakme) to 5. 0. 1 safely and without losing my stuff? One of the limitations i have is that this bogus replacement computer has very limited data space and i'm working with a packed 64 gb wi-fi only model. Once i do update, can i just follow the guide to re-jailbreak, or do i have to do something else? On a related note, i have an iphone 4 that is also jailbroken at 4. 2. 6 (done with greenpois0n) for which i have the same problem.

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Reuters Galleries App Not Updating

I installed this app a few days ago and love it, but it seems to always display the same pictures. The app says it should show the best pictures from the last 24hrs but it does not on my ipad. Anything i need to activate?

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Ipad 3 Is Frozen While Updating Itunes

My ipad is frozen while updating itunes. Itunes does not recognize ipad. Normal resets do not work. Holding the combination of buttons down to reset the ipad does not work. How do i get past this? The ipad screen shows the connect to itunes icon. Have reloaded itunes and that did not work either.

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Random Crashes On Ipad 2 After Updating To Os 5.1.1 Using Safari

Is anyone else having problems with os 5. 1. 1 and random crashes, especially with safari? This is frustrating on multiple levels since iths ipad is less than a day old and is a replacement for an ipad that died after 6 weeks. Is there something wrong with the current update? I'm currently restoring my ipad and will set it up as new, instead of from a backup.

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Photo Stream Stopped Updating On Ipad 3?

My photo stream on the ipad 3 (5. 1. 1) stopped updating. It works fine on the mac and on the iphone but the ipad does not update the stream. I already did a soft reset on and rebooted several times but it still won't update. Any idea why?

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Sms Messages Receiving And Ios 5 Updating For Ipad 2?

I can use my ipad2 to send sms messages, but i cant receive them. Any suggestions? And i just downloaded ios 5 system from apple. And it can work with my iphone4. But it cant work with my ipad2. What is the problem?

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No Sim Installed Error On Your Ipad 2 After Updating To Ios5?

Anyone else has the no sim installed error on your ipad2 after updating to ios5? I had this issue immediately after updating to ios5 but it was still recoverable with some switching on & off the airplane mode. Yesterday was the last straw. It totally could not be turned back on again. Even with another sim card. I backed up my ipad and erased everything. Still nothing. Restored it back from my mac. Still nothing. Now it's at the service centre. Hope i can get a new one soon.

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Apple Wireless Keyboard Can Be Used With Ipad 1 Without Updating To Ios 5?

I have an ipad 1, with ios 4.2.1.Anybody know if the apple wireless keyboard can be used with it? Particularly without updating to ios 5.The reason i say that, is the last two upgrade attempts that i saw with the version 1 hardware got bricked.Really hard - that is, dead and buried.And the apple store is a long way down the road.

The reason for the above is that i have a customer who does not allow any portable machines on the premises that have working usb ports (dumb, i know, but the customer is always right - especially on payday), so my macbook air is out.My ipad would work to take notes in a conference, but not with me pecking out one letter at a time on a capacitive screen.Anybody got an ipad 1 with keyboard?

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Ios 5.1 File Size Difference - Updating Via Itunes / Wirelessly Via Device

Why is there a dramatic size difference in the actual file size of the new ios 5.1 when updating it via itunes account vs updating via the actual device wirelessly? What i mean is this: to update via itunes - the file size is showing as 803mb.To update via the device (iphone or ipad) wirelessly w/o logging into itunes - the file size is showing as 189mb? Anyone know the answer? The above is definitely the file sizes i am seeing as noted for only the 5.1 ios update d/l.

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How To Change The Facetime Icon?

Can anyone help me on how to change the facetime icon? I know it goes under bundles.

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Change Shipping Address After Order Was Placed

So, i placed my order on the 7th and on the 8th at night, i called them while it was still "processing" and changed my shipping address. My husband and i aren't going to be home tomorrow so i figured i'd have it sent to my parent's house, where they will be home all day. That was thursday. My order was in "processing" until sunday, then did not come out of "preparing for shipment" until yesterday. Well, today i get this email that says that they have "submitted my address change request to the carrier.

Once we receive a response from the carrier, we will notify you by email. " Needless to say, i haven't heard anything back after that. (Although i did get an email from a customer service management representative saying that he will be my contact at apple and if i need any further assistance, to contact him-not sure why exactly i got this email. I did email him back right after receiving it but never heard back. )

My question is, do you think my ipad will still be at delivered at my parent's house tomorrow (even though they are literally 5 minutes away from my house)? Has any one else ever had to change a shipping address and had any issues? I'm not sure why this address change is such a big deal since i changed it last thursday and it did not get sent out until yesterday. Plus, when i called that day to change it, they never said anything to me about it being an issue. They said it was all changed. Anyway, thanks for your help!

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How To Change The Order Of Bookmarks In The List?

The ipad puts recent bookmarks all the way down at the bottom of the bookmark list, which is impractical. A new bookmark should appear at the top, not at the bottom of the list. Is there a way i can change the bookmark order, placing a new bookmark that appears at the very bottom, up at the top of the bookmark list?

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Possible To Change Keyboard Layout, If I Jailbreak?

I'm really annoyed at the choices of what keys are available on the keyboard - i need access to certain common keys without having to switch to the other keyboard. If i jailbreak, is this something that can be changed?

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Having The Wallpaper Keep Its Orientation Or To Change To A Different Image?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to have the wallpaper keep its orientation or to change to a different image depending on the orientation of the ipad? I’m using this image of the inside of the ipad (ipad wi-fi wallpaper) as my wallpaper.But, when i rotate my ipad to be horizontal the image doesn't look right.I’d like to be able to either: lock the wallpaper orientation so while the screen content rotates the wallpaper doesn’t.When i rotate the ipad from horizontal to vertical (or back) the wall paper automatically switches from one image to the other.Yea, i know this is really a nitpick but it’s at least worth asking.

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Ipad 3 - Change The Pitch Of A Song?

Does anyone know of a free app that allows you to change the pitch of a song on your ipad?

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Tripit App - How Do I Change The Order Of Downloads?

I am on vacation and have all my plans in the tripitapp, but when i tried to download an update for it, it got in line behind the 30 gigs of tv shows in itunes that is downloading. Now i can't open the app until it finishes downloading and applying the update, but with the connection speeds in patagonia it will be sometime next year. Is there any way for me to move the app download so that it downloads first and doesn't wait for itunes to finish?

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How To Update Or Change Auto-fill Information?

How do i update or change my autofill information?

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Ipad Is Stuck In Potrait View And Will Not Change?

My ipad is stuck in potrait view and will not change.Is it broken? I moved the slide switch and unmarked "lock screen rotation" in settings, but, it still does not slide to landscape.

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Youtube Locked In Portrait, Unable To Change?

Not sure if anyone can help but youtube is locked in portrait and i am unable to change to landscape.Have checked the ipad settings and no lock is on.

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Google Earth - Change The Gesture For Rotate To Three Fingers

Is there any way to change the gesture for rotate to three fingers? Does anyone else find it annoying that every time you change the zoom, you end up rotating a bit because your two fingers don't go in and out in a perfectly straight line?

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Itunes Country Change Not Showing On App Store

Yesterday i have updated my itunes country from switzerland to uk. The change has been confirmed successful, however, when i view app store or ibooks i am still seeing the german featured items. Any ideas?

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Change Video Format From Dvd To Watch On Ipad 2?

I have hundreds of movies on dvd and would like to transfer a couple of movies when i take the ipad with me on my travels.What format does the ipad accept and can i sync them via itunes.If i need to change the video format can you give the name of the app to do this.

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Does Magnetic Strip Case Change Ipad Experience Significantly?

What i was wondering was if the higher price is really worth it to have a magnetic strip that holds back the smart cover when it is unfolded? Does the magnetic strip change the ipad experience significantly, or a snap case without magnet is fine?

Is the smart cover dangling around get really annoying? These questions are more directed towards ipad users who have used both type of cases. The case with the magnetic strips that i was thinking of getting is the incase magnetic snap case and the normal snap case i was also considering is the switcheasy coverbuddy. For those who have used those cases, do the corners crack really easily? Is there a better case you would recommend? Thank you so much for reading. Any advice and response would be greatly appreciated.

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Ipad 3 - Winterboard Issue Getting Any Icon To Change To Purchased Theme

I seem to be having trouble getting any icon to change to any purchased theme for my ipad 3. I load it winterboard say like any of haz3's themes get the weather widget but maybe ony one or 2 skinned icons all the others are the defaults. Any ideas as to why this is happening or a fix for me?

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How Can I Change Airplane And Battery Icon In Status Bar Ios 4.3.3?

I am using ipad 2 os 4.3.3, i want to change the plane and battery icon in statusbar in airplane mod but when i go to the link applications\preferences.App or system \ library \ coreservices \ springboard.App, i can not find any image for these icons.Please help me know where are these icons in ipad or help me change it.

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Will I Just Download Ipad Apps, Will Iphone Apps Run?

So there are different apps for ipad? I have ipt, and was wondering, on the ipad 3, will i just download ipad apps, will iphone apps run? Are the apps limited? I know that facebook for ipad was a big deal( ligas) for some people, so what's the deal with the apps?

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"verifying Ipad Restore With Apple" Fails When Updating To 4.2

Anyone else getting a failure here? Just sits forever in itunes then gives error "the ipad "ipad" cannot be restored at this time because the ipad software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable. "

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