Ipad 2 - How To Close Email Message?

Sometimes i just want to close an email; not fwd it or reply right now. There doesn't seem to be a way to close the msg. Without a close option, that email msg is displayed whenever i subsequently open the mail app. Can you share a tip/ trick to close a msg?

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Email Message In Outbox Can't Be Deleted?

I copied all the photos in my ipad 2's photostream album and pasted the lot of 'em into an email.The email was rejected by the server and sits in the outbox.Any attempts to access the message crashes the mail app.I need to do some surgery to extricate that one message.Any suggestions?

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Issue: Can't Get Email Draft Message To Send Or Cancel

I'm working on a draft but i cant get the message to send or cancel, everything is grey. All i can do is edit the message. Help please. I know there is a simple solution, i just can't figure out what it is.

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Ipad 2 - Email Error: This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server

I am unable to view certain emails, this message has not been downloaded from the server, when i click on the tab at the bottom of the email, "download remaining bytes" it attempts to do so but then stops. Tried googling it, seems to maybe be an issue with the gfi? If it is a gfi problem is this something i can change in settings? I looked in settings but didn't see anything labeled as gfi

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Stop Including The Original Message When Replying To An Email?

I have a couple of questions about the email app.Number one, is there any way to have it not include the original message when replying to an email? This is probably my biggest annoyance so far with the ipad.And number two, is there any way to increase the frequency at which it checks for new mail beyond the options that are given in settings? I'd prefer to have it check my gmail every five minutes.Hopefully there is a way to accomplish these things.As long as clear instructions are given, i can do anything that is necessary.

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I Need App That Can Send A Text Message To A Mobile Phone Using Email

I use a facility on my laptop to send a text message to a mobile phone via my email, does anyone know an ipad app that will do the same or similar?

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Email Error: Sending The Message Content To The Server Failed

My mother has had her ipad2 for a few months now and everything has been fine until she went to send an email and got the following error message. A copy has been placed in your outbox. Sending the message content to the server failed. I have looked around google and seen others have had the same problem, but i have tried to delete the email account and then adding it again, but that has not worked, as i am still getting the same error message.

My mother can receive emails ok, but she is still unable to send them. She has a msn email account and the outgoing mail server is I hope there is a solution to this problem, as it is annoying that she cannot send email.

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Safari Crashing Then Close Automatically

Since this morning, safari on my ipad 1 (v. 4. 3) will open for a second then close automatically. I have tried to open it many many times and the same happens every time. All other apps were originally ok, but now some others are doing the same too. (Since restoring)

Here is what i have done so far to try and resolve the problem:-

1) deleted history & cookies.
2) powered off numerous times and left off for a while.
3) restored the ipad and reinstalled a back up. (See note below)
4) removed the apps that i installed over the last few days
5) soft reset (pressing home & power button at same time)

Unfortunately, i did a back up this morning so can only restore my ipad to the backup of this morning which seems to have have the same problems. Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? I thought possibly restoring to an earlier ipad back up but was unsure how to do that as i only have the option of restoring to this mornings back up.

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Issue: Ipad 1 - Can't Close The Apps

I am trying to close apps as i have been told this will help prolong battery life. I bring up the bottom bar by double clicking, hold down the app to make it wiggle, the minus sign appears to close the app but it won't close when i select the minus sign. I have powered on and off a few times but this doesn't fix it and still can't close the apps. A few have suggested to reset all settings but am unsure what else will be effected if i do this. I have recently updated to 5. 1. 1. Anyone know how to make the wiggle apps close please? I don't want to delete them, just close them. Thanks so much.

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How Can I Stop & Close Apps Or Processes Active In Background?

I find it generally great to have multitasking on the ipad since the update, however i noticed that now many processes or apps are due to the multitasking function always active and running which effects in my opinion the performance of the ipad negatively. How can i stop / close apps or processes if i don't want to them to be active in the background?

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Screen No Longer Clicks Off When I Close The Case Cover On The New Ipad?

When i had my ipad 2 i was using a lovely leather case that has magnets built in so when you close the cover the screen turns off. My new ipad fits perfectly into the case but the screen no longer clicks off when i close the cover. I know there is a setting for this and it's on. My question is did apple change the design slightly so this will not work with the new ipad?

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Ipad 2 - How To Use Imessage To Sent Message?

I still confuse how to use imessage? When i try to sent message from imessage to my friend phone number, imessage gave me alert: that number is not registered in imessage, when i try to find how to register, imessage i can't find it.

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Iphone Tethering To Ipad 2 Error Message

I was helped earlier on another thread to enable the personal hotspot on my iphone. I have since managed to tether my iphone 3g connection to my macbook pro but every time i try to do it with my wifi only ipad 2, a t-mobile (my iphone carrier) message comes up saying: 'sorry but we can't give you the details of available or current boosters at the moment'. I am on the top web n walk plan with them and i spoke to them on the phone and they couldn't understand why it wasn't working. Does anyone know how this issue can be resolved? I would really like to make use of this feature.

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Backup Message: Your Ipad Disk May Be Full

I have been using my ipad 2 for over 6 months, and one of the first apps i purchased was penultimate. I have synced penultimate with evernote and dropbox because i also have a work ipad 2, and i wanted to be able to share the notebooks with both ipads. Everything has been working well, until just this week. When i ask it to back up my notebooks to dropbox, i receive this message "this operation could not be completed. Your ipad disk may be full. " I don't even know where to check into this. I have looked at my storage, and i am just at 50% space on my ipad, and only 5% on my dropbox, so i am thinking it is referring to something else. What could this be?

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Ipad 3 - Message: Apps Cannot Be Downloaded At This Time

For the past three days i have been trying to download about 20 updates from the app store, but. I keep getting the message that the apps cannot be downloaded at this time. My internet connection is fine, and i downloaded a book from ibooks with no problem. What do you think is going on.

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Ipad 2 - App Store Unknown Error Message

I am using ipad2 with version 5. 1. Whenever i try to use the app store either to update an app or to get a new app i get the message "an unknown error has occurred. " There is no error number. This started yesterday i believe. I know there are many similar questions on this site, but i haven't found a solution that works for me. I have tried powering off and back on again. My wifi connection is good. I also have an ipod (2nd generation), and i am not having a problem with that. Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

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Cannot Play Youtube On New Ipad 3 - Message: Operation Can Not Be Completed

I have problem with playing youtube on new ipad. Message "operation can not be completed" is coming on every time i try to play video. What to do?

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Error: Sending The Message Content To Server Failed

My wife's new ipad2 receives emails (yahoo) but can't forward them.Says "a copy has been placed in your outbox.Sending the message content to server failed" help?

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Ipad 2 Keyboard Not Working In Forum App To Type The Message

For some reason, i can't get the keyboard to type in the "message" field using the app for this forum. Anything i need to "enable" to get this to work? I can only post using the web-based site for this forum.

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Ipad 3 - How To Stopy Wifi Pop-up Message For Network Connection?

I must have done something. All of a sudden now, my wifi gets turned off and i get the message that no cellular network can be found. I bet that i clicked the wrong thing on a pop up from verizon asking me to sign up. The top left corner of the screen looks different also. It used to say verizon and it's gone now. I just want it to stop! I'm not ready to sign up now. What can i do?

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Ipad 3 Facetime Cannot Receive Any Calls, Imessage Cannot Send Out Message

Issue(1) imessage cannot send out my message and also receive message, i did connect my ipad3 to the internet by using wifi and i already check my connection, everything works well. But why imessage cannot send out?

Issue( 2) facetime , i cannot receive any calls although my friends is calling me and they actually scolding me for did not answer their calls. When i call my friends by using facetime, they actually cannot received my call as well. What is going on?

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Ipad 3 - - Message Keeps Popping Up And Shuts Down Web Page

This message keeps popping up when i am on the internet (via google or safari) and shuts down my web page.This happens a lot and i don't know how to fix it.It is annoying because i can't really browse a web page since it keeps shutting me down.This is my first apple product so not sure what to do? I tried looking to purchase a virus scan or malware scanner but can't seem to find anything available for ipad.I don't have this problem on my computer which is windows or my cellphone which is android.

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Setting Or Shortcut To "send" A Text Message From The Bluetooth Keyboard?

So, santa left me an ipad and a bluetooth keyboard under the tree this year.Does anyone know a setting or shortcut to "send" a text message from the bluetooth keyboard? I thought for sure i could just hit "enter", but that seems to be a line break.At work, my ipad sits about 3-4 feet away.Having to reach over to hit "send" everytime will defeat the purpose of the keyboard.

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Ipad 2 "unable To Update Apps" Message

Hit the update button to update a number of apps on the ipad 2 and i get a message stating "unable to update apps" with an option to "retry" or "done". I've tried a bunch of times and once in a while one of the apps will load very slowly but on the whole nothing is happening. The wifi connection seems fine and other apps work. Anyone have an answer as to how to fix this.

Plus - hbo go will be running great and then suddenly freeze telling me i need to "sign in" or need to reconnect to the internet when the connection is active. I deleted and reloaded this app but it keeps happening.

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Imessage - Send A Message Using Apple Wireless Keyboard Without Having To Tap "send" On Ipad Itself?

Does anybody know if there's a way to send a message using the apple wireless keyboard without having to tap "send" on the ipad itself? The keyboard was listed in the ipad accessories section of the apple website but appears to be a mac keyboard.

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Can I Access The Email Account I Use On My Pc?

Well my new ipad arrived yesterday, tuesday, and i have set it up and it works fine. My question is, can i access the email account i use on my pc, without having to go through the o2 website? Most important, if so , how do i do it?

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How To Block Sender In Email?

Mail is working great for me, but was always able to "block sender" on my pc to filter out the junk emails. When downloading my mail from the server onto my ipad all that junk mail comes through. Is there a way to "block sender" on the ipad mail system?

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Email Deleted On Pc But Still On Ipad 2

I have a little problem on my ipad email system:: i use icloud to connect my ipad with my mac pc
But when i read my mails on my pc and then delete them they will be deleted on my pc but still on my ipad. How can this be possible? I need it like : delete mails on my pc = deleted on ipad.

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Turn Off Email Notifications?

Can i turn off the email notifications that appear on the desktop? If i have many emails it gets tiresome to have to select "read" or "dismiss" for each new mail.

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Why Can't A Photo Be Attaced Using Email?

I was all ready to buy the new ipad on sunday. Then i remembered why i returned v. 2. The file management system seems to be limited. For example, i know i can email a photo from "photos" but i want to be able to attach a file from email. What bugs me the mos is that i spend a lot of time on forums. Like this forum you can manage attachments. I can't figure out how to do this on the new ipad. Am i missing something or is that just the way it is? And if that is the way it is. Why?

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Creating Email Folders?

How do i create new folders in my email on the ipad.I have inbox, sent and trash.I can not find how to create extra folders.

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Making New Folders In Email?

Is there a way to make new folders in the ipad email so i can save emails in different folders? I would like manage and save emails in different folders.If anyone knows how to make folders i would like to know how to do it.

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Vulnerable Email Through Jailbreak?

Does anyone know whether any app in cydia leaves your email vulnerable to hacking into the account?(Via mail) does anyone know if any basic apple apps are left vulnerable through jailbreaking? A friend of mine who has recently jailbroken his i-pad 3g claims that someone wrote an email using his account through his ipad without touching the ipad.Is that possible?

The apps he has are the basics (activator, backgrounder, fullforce, sb settings and the toggles; springboard access and winter board) anyone heard of this? (Also note: his 3g antenna was left on, even though he has no 3g service.)

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