Ipad Won't Unlock Or Power Down - Touch Function Not Working

I had my ipad 1 for over a year and never had an issue until recently. The ipad wont let me swipe to unlock or to power down actually none of the touch function is working. I did the hard reset, i restored from backup and restored to original settings but still no go. It worked in the morning then my wife cleaned the screen with a solution she thought was windex but it was actually pinesol.

Could that damage the touch sensitivity of the screen? I have screen protection on it but i removed it, not fixed. I don't know what else to do, right now im waiting for the charge to die out hoping that it will reset something within the system. Any suggestions, besides sending it in to get repaired?

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Where Is The Option To Turn Off/on Sleep & Wake Function?

Where is the option to turn off/on the sleep/wake function? I don't see it in settings like i do on my ipad 2.

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Shake Function Simply Wonít Work On Ipad 2 Anymore

I was playing tristan pinball yesterday and suddenly noticed that shake function simply wonít work on my ipad 2 anymore. When iím trying to shake the device to nudge the virtual pinball machine nothing happens.

I did some tests in coin drop! Game (it requires a lot of shaking too) – again, nothing. In realracing hd accelerometer works absolutely fine. I can steer by tilting ipad. And ipad does recognize landscape and portrait mode. Tried to reset the device but problem is still there. Any tips?

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Sanctioned Unlock For Ipad 1

I have an at&t ipad 1. Now that they're offering authorized unlocks on iphone's, has anyone managed to get them to unlock an ipad 1?

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Unlock Facetime From Wifi Only?

Since my wifi connection is slower than my cellular lte connection available on my ipad, doesn't it seem silly that facetime is only allowed over wifi? Anyone found a way to unrestricted it?

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How To Sim Unlock Ipad 2?

I have got an orange ipad2 on 24 months contracts.I am going on holiday for a month soon, and been informed that my ipad and iphone are both locked to orange network (cant verify this).How can i unlock them both possibly before i fly away?

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Safari On Ipod Touch Keeps Crashing

I've got an ipod touch g4 and everytime i go to safari, it opens, shows my history for a fraction of a second then closes. It also won't open itunes and or youtube, but skype, spotify, and twitter are working (although certain links from twitter don't work). I've gone to settings and cleared history and cache. When i go to clear cookies, it closes and sends me back to the home screen. I updated the software and restored factory settings. Does anyone have any ideas please?

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Syncing Ipod Touch With Pocket Pc?

Where can i get help transferring my calendar/contacts from my pocketpc (which i have used forever) to my new ipod touch? I have no idea how to do this. It seems daunting.

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Ipad 2 Keyboard Doesn't Appear Unless Power Off And On?

I have a continuing issue where my keyboard doesn't appear on my ipad (2nd gen).I often have to power off completely, then it comes up, but sometimes if i switch between mail and safari, it disappears again.Is anyone else experiencing this? (I'm currently typing on my wireless keyboard)

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Dual Ports Charger / Power Accessories

I have both and iphone 4 and an ipad 2. Is there a wall-wart and/or car charger with dual ports that will charge them both at the same time? I have looked at the ones but they don't mention the ipad. Obviously the power draw of them both at the same time from the same power source is somewhat of an issue, but nothing that cant be solved with any sort of "smart" charger. I have been googling and have not come up with anything. Has anyone tried the radtech ones with iphone and ipad? If so, how does it work?

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Ipad Comes Less Number Of Apps Than Ipod Touch Does?

Isn't it odd that ipad comes less number of apps than ipod touch does? Not even the calculator or the stock tracker is not included. Do you think that it is because ipad os 3. 2 is a stop gap until 4. 0 comes out?

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Error: Connected Usb Device Uses Too Much Power

I jailbroke using redsnow to 4. 3. 1. I tried connecting my compact flash reader with the usb camera kit. I got an error "connected usb device uses too much power". I did not have this problem with 3. 2. 1. Has anyone else had this issue?

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16 Gb Ipad Or 64 Gb Ipod Touch For 10 Year Old Kid?

My wife and i are debating on two things.

1. ) Is a 10 year old too young to "own" an ipad?
2. ) Should we get him a 16gb ipad or the 64gb ipod touch?

What are all of your thoughts on this subject?

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Recommendations For A Cheap Backup Power Source

I'm hoping for recommendations for a (cheap) backup power source that can be used on iphone and ipad, got a flight to oz coming up.

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Multi-touch Gestures, Turn On And Off Via Settings?

I've enabled the multitouch gestures on my ipad 2 4. 3. 3 by adding the code to the springboard plist, but how can i get the option to turn it on and off via the settings because i don't to use it when making notes. I can turn it through ifile but that's annoying, even after making a shortcut to it.

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Battle Device That Allows You To Power The Ipad For A Very Long Time

My son who is afghanistan asked my a question about a battle device that allows you to power the ipad for a very long time. He been seeing a lot of them lately over there being used by personal to power the personal electronic devices that they carry with them.

Does anyone knows what type of power pack that he is talking about? Any help here on the idea he says flat squared unit that is about 6. Inches long -x-4. Inches wide-x-1. Inch thick and it will power the ipad for a week of heavy use. He is wanting to get one to give it to a friend as a gift who lost his when it was destroyed.

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Usb Camera Connection Kit Power Issue

My usb camera connection does not work. I get a message that the accessory uses to much power. Do i need to change a setting. I have a ipad 2 16. My understanding is that they all have the same processor so i am at a lose why.

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Longer Usb Power Cable For Ipad 3 That Works

I have bought a few longer cables off ebay and so far none work - so i googled why and found out that the ipad 3 takes more power etc and cheaper cables don't work . So can someone recommend a charging cable that does charge the ipad 3 (fully to 100%) thats longer than the original 2-3 meters , i don't want to use a longer extension cable, i just want a longer usb cable that i can plug in the oem charger (powerblock). At the moment i have pinched my macbook pro cable to make it longer but really like that back for my computer and it's a heavy power cable.

So if anyone has tried and tested any cables that work properly and can recommend one that would be great. I have seen the griffen gc17120 advertised ? Has anyone tried this on the ipad 3? Any suggestions or recommendations and links are appreciated.

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Ipad 2 - Replacement Board For Power Flex Cable

What is the name of the board that the power flex cable plugs into and can it be replaced? I think i broke the socket on this board trying to remove the old flex cable with all that tape around it. The copper that makes a rectangle around the socket has a small gap in the copper. I have ordered a new power flex cable and wont be able to test it until it arrives, but i have a feeling i'm going to need to replace that board.

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Transfer Notes, Calendars, Contacts From Ipod Touch?

I recently purchased an ipad wifi 3g unit. I've been using an ipod touch for my calendars, notes, and contacts, and i want to have all that information also on my ipad (either sync or transfer). I might be missing something really obvious, but can someone tell me the best way to do this?

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Us Ipad 2 In Spain, Power Converter 100 - 240v?

Got to spain with ipad2, and the power converter i brought along isn't working.Went to a store today, salesperson insisted this "adapter" would work, because it is listed as rated "100-240v".It is a belkin universal usb wall charger.I still insist i need a power converter, because 240v are going to come out of the wall into my ipad, not 120.Will this work, or fry my ipad? Other than this, i've found nothing else to help, and i'm running out of power.Advice?

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Stanza Issue - Transferring My Books From Ipod Touch To Ipad

I recently bought an ipad but before that i already own an ipod touch. I have books on stanza but i have this difficulty in transferring my books from ipod touch to ipad? Any suggestion please?

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Want To Migrate My Itunes And Ipad, Ipod Touch And Iphone To The New Computer?

I have purchased a new windows pc and want to migrate my itunes and three devices (ipad, ipod touch and iphone) to the new computer. I know if you connect your idevice to another computer a message pops up stating the device is linked to another computer and everything on the device will be erased. What is the correct procedure to migrate my itunes library and all my devices? Do i really have to erase my devices and sync them up with the new computer?

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Unlock The Ipad 1 & Ipad 2 On Vodafone Uk

If anyone requires a factory unlock for the ipad 1 or ipad 2 locked on vodafone uk please pm for prices.

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How To Find Out What Is Causing The "giant Ipod Touch" On Reboot?

Okay, i was going to reply to a thread with this, but thought it may be more useful if i make a new thread. A bit of background info: what causes the "giant ipod touch" mode is a mobilesubstrate extension. Which one? Well, that is hard to say exactly. But we can find out, and contact the dev, or devs, so they can fix it. Below is how to determine which extension is causing it on your device.

Note: turning off extensions via sbsettings can be potentially dangerous for your device. Heed this warning. I have never had to restore because of it, but it is possible that it could happen. You have been warned!

To check which ms extension is causing this, on your device, pull up the more app in sb-settings and then tap on mobile substrate addons. Turn off one extension, hit the home button. The device will respring so it can disable the extension you just turned off. After the respiring turn your device off properly, and then turn it on. If the giant iphone mode still occurs, repeat the process, but turn back on the extension you had previously turned off, so that only one extension is off at a time. If it is fixed, contact the developer of the extension, letting them know what is happening, please provide as much info as possible. Take a screen-shots of the lock-screen and home screen if they don't know what you are talking about. This is how i found out that scrolling-board was causing the issue on my ipad. I have since contacted limneos via twitter about the issue. Hopefully, he will fix it and push out an update soon. Does this help? Please provide feedback!

Also, it may be more than one extension that is causing the problem. If people that find out a specific extension is causing it on their device, please post it, so others can test to see if it is causing it on their device too. Does that make sense? Sorry, i'm a bit sleepy right now. I can haz sleep now.

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Steps: Enable Multi-touch Gestures On Windows, With No Jailbreak Using "ibackupbot"

Just done it. Works a treat: download "ibackupbot":

1. Run itunes, connect your ipad to computer, right click your ipad name in left window of itunes and select back up.

2. After the backup process done, exit itunes, run ibackupbot, select the newest backup of your ipad in left window of ibackupbot.

3. Double click library/preferences/com. Apple. Springboard. Plist in right window of ibackupbot, it will pop up a plist editor window.

4. Add below two line under line:


5. Click the disk button to save changes then close the plist editor window.

Notice: when saving changes, the program will re-sort the contents of plist file by key, so the 2 lines you just added may been moved to other place, you can press ctrl+f and enter sbusesystemgestures to find it.

6. Press ctrl+t, the program will prompt "do you really want restore this backup to your device?", Just click yes button.

7. After the restore process done, your ipad will restart automatically, then you can enjoy the multi-touch gestures feature.

Btw: this method will not show the multi-touch gestures switch in option window of ipad, so if you want disable multi-touch gestures feature, you can find and delete the two line that you added in library/preferences/com. Apple. Springboard. Plist then restore to ipad using ibackupbot. I try it on windows 7 and successes enable gestures of my ipad (ios 4. 3 8f190). The method request a shareware named ibackupbot, but you no need buy it, just click cancel button when it prompt you to register it.

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Ipad 3 - Ordering An Ipad 3 In The Usa With European Power Adapter

I'm living in the netherlands and i'm visiting the usa next week. I'm thinking about buying an ipad 3, because it's a lot cheaper in the us, but i still have a few questions.

1. If i order an ipad 3 in the usa, is there an option to get the european power adapter with it in stead of the us adapter? I don't need the us adapter at all, and if i need to spend 30 on a new adapter it's not as profitable as i thought.

2. Does the ipad 3 come with international warranty? Can i use it if i'm back in nl? How long does the apple standard warranty last? 3. If i want to import the ipad to europe, can i do that without paying much taxes when i come back? 4. Can i expect to have any problems with firmware due to international incapability? 5. Did i understand right that the ipad 3 doesn't have siri?

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