Using Ipad As A Graphics Wacom Like Tablet?

Does any one know if there is any thing that could make a ipad into a graphics input device like the wacom tablet? Wacom make a lcd tablet input device that is staggeringly expensive in australia. I though such a use would be great for an ipad.

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Using The Ipad As A Graphics Tablet?

I am a college student, studying graphic design, i was contemplating buying one of these when they are released, buying a capacitive touch pen and being able to draw up work on the pad instead of using paper and a pen or using photoshop with a mouse, views?

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If One Has A Tablet, Do They Need A Desktop Ever Again?

Since, for a good few years now, laptops have had similar or same functionality to desktops, and now that the tablet market would take off (not just ipad, but the hp tablet, rim's playbook, acer's model, etc. ) Why does anybody need a desktop? As you have an ipad, would you ever go back to a desktop platform?

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Xoom Tablet Vs Ipad

Yes, i played with a xoom today, and it was fairly impressive for an android device. Yes, i noticed that, even though it's much more responsive to my touch than my previous experiences with android devices, it's still nowhere close to the responsiveness of my ipad. But that's not the point of the thread. There are two things that i think apple really should copy. The first is the scrolling background when you scroll through the home screen. That looks much better than i thought it would. It really gives the impression of movement and gives you a visual hint of where you are in the whole scheme of things (much better than squinting at the tiny dots on the bottom of the screen). Perfect for ios.

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Interesting Uses For The Ipad / Tablet?

Loving my new ipad 3, a lot faster for everyday use and web browsing than my original gen 1. One thing i've noticed about the ipad is that unless you put time and effort into researching uses for it you miss out on a lot of functionality that is available for it. So the purpose of this thread is to find some cool programs/uses for the ipad that myself or others haven't come across yet. Casual games would not fit this description). Jailbroken or not, all suggestions are welcome. So to start this off here are some of my fav uses for my ipad:

1) comic book reader - comic zeal - ipad makes a fantastic comic book reader, especially with the new screen.comic zeal also has fantastic syncing functionality

2) offline wikipedia reader - wiki offline - especially if you have a larger device (32 or 64gb) you can carry around the entire wikipedia database with you, of course this comes at a price, their isn't any tables or pictures but all the text is there, makes for a fantastic portable resource

3) video player - vlc - a gem some ppl don't know about, vlc made it through the appstore at one point in time before being pulled by apple. If you have a jailbroken ipad this is still available for you. No more having to convert videos to itunes format you can literally drag and drop and play all video files on your ipad.

4) remote control desktop - vnc - remote control your desktop computer from your ipad, great if your on the couch and wanna start a download or check the progress on something of your pc. (Haven't tried alot of these programs so if someone has experience with them and wants to share please feel free).

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Apple Tablet With Os X Operating System

What are the chances of seeing an os x tablet from apple? I have been reading these forums regarding the ipad for awhile, and read about the rumors of an apple tablet before the ipad keynote. I was one of the ones who was disappointed. I just wondered what the possibilities of seeing an apple tablet that ran a os x operating system, in the near future. I have read that tablets that just slap on a full os don't work. And now that the ipad has been released, i just can't see apple releasing another product. And i thought it would have to be a lot different than the ipad, intel processor, os x hybrid operating system, more expensive etc. And i thought they would have to spend some time getting the os right, like getting mac os x applications to run on a multi touch device. I just wondered what other people thought about this?

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Using Samsung Galaxy Tablet Instead Of Ipad 2?

After much deliberation i decided to purchase a samsung galaxy tablet instead of an ipad 2. The main reason is to try something different than an apple product as i already have an apple computer and iphone 4. The second reason is that they are offering a sale for $200 on april 4th. I'm looking forward to this as this will be my very first tablet product. I love the specs on this baby too such as the 1ghz hummingbird processor, 512mb of ram.

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Any Android Tablet Owners Waiting For The Ipad 3 Release?

Any android tablet owners on here waiting for the ipad 3 release? If so, what device do you have and what is it lacking that makes you want an ipad? I skipped the ipad2 and am now going to wait for the ipad 3 announcement to determin if next month i will be buying an 3rd generation ipad or an android tablet. I made the switch from iphone to android about 2 years ago and have had several android phones in this time without even thinking about switching back to an iphone.

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